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The Masters Circle Members receive an Enrollment Package, which consists of our 340 page “Masters Guide for the 21st Century Chiropractor”, a comprehensive textbook covering all aspects of success and personal growth, Chiropractic philosophy, procedural efficiency and business acumen, prosperity consciousness, patient education and compliance, and of course new patient acquisition.


To custom-tailor your Masters Circle experience to your individual needs, you will be asked to complete a detailed Practice Evaluation (PE), giving us all pertinent information about your present situation. And, since one of our primary concerns is helping you develop yourself into the kind of person and Chiropractor who could and would make your dreams come true, we also ask you to fill out an Identity-Based Questionnaire (IBQ). This procedure helps us learn who you are, your strengths and weaker areas, your dreams and goals, and what you think has prevented you from achieving them. Then, our team of experts can roll up their sleeves and get to work helping you build your ideal practice.






I would like to thank TMC for all the support and advice you have been giving us over the last few months. I am most impressed with everyone at the Masters Circle for their enthusiasm and passion!  I am feeling much happier in myself as a professional and thoroughly enjoying helping my patients. My practice is building significantly faster and I am achieving the goals I have set. Having mentors with your level of experience has been an amazing inspiration and opened my mind to the potential of chiropractic. The buzz at the seminars is a real privilege I regularly turn up expecting to have a great day and have always had my expectations exceeded!
Thank you! Best Wishes
Jason Gould, DC
United Kingdom



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