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MembershipBenefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

The Masters Circle surrounds you with a full complement of
 expert resources so you can master your practice

1.      World Class Coaching: The Masters Circle is known for its expert “Identity-Based” coaching system. We know for certain that “Who you are determines how well what you do works” and that our unique blend of coaching and consulting has consistently produced excellent results.Our coaching is custom tailored to your individual needs. Our coaches engage our members in an open dialogue to establish a trusting relationship and ask great questions of you. Our coaching will help you to better understand yourself - your strengths, your weaker areas, your goals and your ambitions.


The Masters Circle offers five different forms of coaching to all of our members:


A.      Personal one on one coaching
B.      Group coaching
C.      Life coaching


2.       Seminars: We offer sensational, information rich seminars. Our members that attend our seminars with their significant other and/or support team clearly grow at a faster rate, become more engaged, learn the latest cutting edge information, network and rub shoulders with hundreds of their most successful colleagues and bathe in an energy field guaranteed to inspire you and make you proud.
3.       TMCtv: 24/7/365 on demand online access to a library of great seminar speakers and practical information to help you grow personally and professionally without leaving home.
4.       Podcasts: The purpose and intent of our podcasts are to educate, empower and engage doctors of chiropractic, chiropractic assistants and students of chiropractic. Each week, you can expect a new, fresh and practical podcast every Tuesday and Thursday. Please feel free to share this information with your staff, your friends, colleagues and classmates.
5.       CA Training: We developed a training system for your CA’s. Allow us to transition their CA position from a job into a career.
6.       Chiropractic Miracles Newsletter: Every month you will receive a customizable new patient newsletter that will not only motivate and educate your patients, but will inspire them to take action.
7.       The Masters Circle Store: This is your source for the most practical and effective product line and practice building tools in the industry.
8.       Unsurpassed Customer Service: We offer concierge service to help you with every aspect of your membership.


Your practice is your business … helping you build it is ours!

Thank you for being an important part of a world class professional, ethical and innovative community that respects the timeless principles and philosophy that distinguishes Doctors of Chiropractic and wellness doctors from all others. 





"Working with The Masters Circle makes me feel part of a chiropractic community and family. I have gotten so much support and encouragement as a member. I am proud of myself for my continuous commitment to my office and my patients and for showing up and doing best."



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