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The Winners Circle is a small and powerful group of fully engaged chiropractors who are truly committed to personal growth, and who have come together to form one of the profession’s most effective masterminds. It is a human laboratory designed to help each individual express greater levels of happiness, success and fulfillment. 



Winners Circle is the perfect environment to create and crystallize the next group of leaders and advanced citizens in the chiropractic profession. It’s an ongoing program in identity expansion and peak living…a chance for a small band of big thinkers to pool their resources and co-create a forum for explosive growth, both personally and professionally.


For more information on our Winners Circle program, please contact Dr. Bob Hoffman or Dr. Dennis Perman





"Thanks to The Masters Circle, I have become a better person from the inside out on the BE level; which in turn has allowed greater flow of love and prosperity to all around me in my life."

Jared Leon, DC
New York



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