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The Ultimate Jumpstart
We've taken the absolute best knowledge and products assembled over the years and created this collection of 8 segments, 4 audio and 4 video, each of which focus on a specific area of development for your practice.
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Whether your practice is at its all-time high or all-time low, there are tools that we've found WORK on a foundational level. These are techniques and practices that you can implement today in your practice. And when you implement them, you'll see results, period. 

How do we know this?

As the leading chiropractic coaching organization, The Masters Circle has created and refined countless office practices, systems, and managerial techniques over the years. The product of this creation and exposure to so many offices has given us insight into what works and what doesn't. So we have the unique opportunity to offer YOU these tools in a content-rich environment. That's what the The Ultimate Jumpstart is all about.

Our team has curated the absolute best knowledge and products that we've assembled over the years, and the product of their efforts is a collection of 8 segments, 4 audio(MP3) and 4 video(MP4), each of which focus on a specific area of development for your practice... 

Profitability Principles

MP4 Video

Profitability is applied prosperity, and these guidelines show you how to maximize your abundance in practice & life

The Business of Chiropractic

MP3 Audio

Learn and benefit from these shared insights on being a chiropractic entrepreneur, with specific guidance on running an effective business and increasing your income by learning to provide additional "back end" services and products that you believe in (and that people want and need).

The Philosophy & Purpose of Profitability

MP4 Video

Optimize the return on your invested time, energy & capital by harnessing your resources.

Creating Multiple Streams of New Patients

MP4 Video

Opportunities for attracting new patients are all around you, if you know what you're looking for and how to respond.

30-Minute Master-New Patient Attraction

MP3 Audio

These detailed secrets of new patient acquisition will help you become more attractive to new patients, find them more efficiently, impress them to the fullest and help them make a good decision about becoming your patient or practice member.

The 3 Steps to Unlimited Referrals

MP4 Video

This video will break down the referral process into 3 simple steps to grow your practice from the inside-out, creating the most ideal new patients.

30 Minute Master-The Report of Findings

MP3 Audio

In 30 minutes, you will learn to deliver an outstanding experience for your new health care customer and how critical it is if you want good patient compliance and the best results possible.

The Best Way To Educate Your Patients

MP3 Audio

People can grasp your concepts better if you choose simple language and give them a bit of information at a time. This system will streamline and simplify the process so your patients can fully understand what you have to offer.


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