Friday, January 19, 2018
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The Ultimate Chiropractic Transformation Program
A Revolutionary 12 hour boot camp for those who really want to master chiropractic success.
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This 12 hour program will rapidly take you from survival to success to significance. It is designed to dramatically help the new or struggling practitioner as well as the high volume star that has come to realize that they don’t own their practice; their practice now owns them. This program will transform your life!


This is the most intense boot camp for running a successful and profitable wellness based chiropractic practice ever created. You will get the full operational model for getting paid to correct and prevent vertebral subluxations once and for all.

The 12 Modules are:

  1. The True Identity of a Wellness Doctor
  2. Connect, Discover and Respond to Your New Patients
  3. Running a Smart and Profitable Business with Proven Systems
  4. Office Strategies and Procedures for Creating Your World Class PVA
  5. Clinical Certainty and Procedures That Lead to Outstanding Patient Outcomes
  6. Establishing Your All Star Team That Gets The Job Done Every Time
  7. The Secrets To Exceptional Compliance (How to Influence How Your Patients Think and Behave)
  8. Highly Effective Patient Education That Educates and Empowers Your Patients
  9. Attracting Endless Streams of Your Ideal New Patients
  10. The New Patient Advocate and Bringing Your Message to the Market
  11. The Rules to Successful Marketing and Branding that You Must Know
  12. Managing Capacity and Attraction for Maximum Growth


 Bob and Dane will focus on the following topics as they guide you to success and fulfillment:

  • How to learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable because that is where growth happens
  • How to solve the problems in your practice that most haven’t even predicted yet
  • How to creatively solve the problems that hold you back from clinical and financial success
  • How to create reproducible systems where YOU alone are not responsible for the success of everything in your practice
  • How to hire and attract the right team that will help you build the wellness practice of today and of the future
  • How to convert and attract patients who want and need the wellness care that you provide
  • How to keep patients in a model where they WANT to come back again and again
  • How to develop the confidence and leadership qualities that are a must in today’s economic and practice environment
  • How to think and act like a master healer and successful chiropractor



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