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Whether you are a Masters Circle member, a Chiropractic Assistant, a student, an alumnus of The Masters Circle, or just visiting our site, you’ll find a wealth of resources in this section. We will continue to add the latest research, related articles, audio clips, and links to this section. This will be THE PLACE to find the best information about our profession today, so check back often.


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Having practiced for almost a quarter century, I've experienced many consulting programs. The Masters Circle takes a particular interest in each client, and as I interact with different coaches in their system, they all keep close tabs on who I am, and what I'm up to.  They continually strive to bring the most up to date perspectives, and are definitely tapped in to the 21st century, as they masterfully use technology, and somehow distill the very best of what's what in the industry.  They routinely reach outside of our field to draw out the most useful concepts, making them practical and meaningful for the practicing chiropractor.  Thank God for TMC coaches, and the rest of their fabulous team.  I appreciate you all!
Dwaine Allison, DC




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