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The Masters Circle presents powerful, highly impactful, seminars with one annual SuperConference each year where all members gather together to explore every aspect of practice growth and personal empowerment.


Seminar features nationally renowned Chiropractic superstars who are guaranteed to motivate, stimulate, inform and inspire you toward peak performance.


Seminar also provides separate sessions for the Doctors of Chiropractic and individual training for the Chiropractic Assistants. Topics range from procedural efficiency to business acumen to prosperity consciousness.





“My office is now seeing over 500 patient visits a week, and averaging over 60 new patients a month. The office is more fun than ever! We are continuing our professional growth to develop bigger visions to best serve more patients more effectively. My office is now much more procedurally sound than it has ever been. The Masters Circle has helped me create a lifestyle filled with happiness and abundance. Everyone should have a coach. I have been able to find a family who treats me with respect, empowers me to make the right decision in practice and in life, and supports my vision. I would strongly recommend coaching to all Chiropractors and The Masters Circle has delivered on its promises to me.
Craig G. Fisher, DC



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