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SeminarsCan I preview a seminar?

Can I preview a seminar? 

Some people know immediately that The Masters Circle Identity Based Coaching and Seminar Program is for them. Others feel better attending a seminar first to reassure themselves that this program is really what we say it is — the most exciting, most empowering, most effective Chiropractic Practice Improvement System™ in existence!


Guests may attend one of our regularly scheduled seminars:

  • Our 2 day seminar is $449 for the Owner/Doctor and $349 for each additional staff member.
  • Our 2-1/2 day seminar is $499 for the Owner/Doctor and $399 for each additional staff member.  

Your registration entitles you to attend all seminar classes, and a scheduled individual 15 minute consultation with Dr. Bob Hoffman. Rub shoulders with our outstanding membership and experience a small taste of what The Masters Circle is all about.


Please call Stephanie at (800) 451-4514 ext. 148 to answer any of your questions or register for one of our upcoming exciting seminars.






“I just wanted to tell you that I love you and appreciate everything that you do for this profession that I care so deeply about. You are a hero to me. I serve better because you are in my life and because you coach me so well. Your generous support and belief in me, sometimes when I didn’t believe in myself, has been a huge factor in my success. You don’t mind following the leader when you know the direction will lead to the best views in life.”
Dane Donohue, D.C.



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