Billing Challenges Resolved-Discover The Top Billing Challenges Practitioners Face And How To Fix Them

Billing Challenges Resolved-Discover The Top Billing Challenges Practitioners Face And How To Fix Them

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Billing Challenges Resolved-Discover The Top Billing Challenges Practitioners Face And How To Fix Them

Hello everybody, this is Dr. Bob Hoffman from The Masters Circle Global and we have a really important interview that you are gonna want to pay attention to. You know, every doctor of chiropractic I have ever spoken to and there are thousands just like you, they want to get paid, they deserve to get paid, they want to maximize how much they get paid. They want to do it legally and ethically, and they want it to be efficient and they want to get paid quickly. Well, if you want any of that, you wanna listen to this interview. Right now we’re gonna be interviewing the owner and the president of an amazing company that The Masters Circle Global has been utilizing and recommending with great success, a company called ProMED. And today the president is gonna be addressing some crazy important issues that you’re gonna want to take some notes on. Jeff welcomes to this interview and welcome to today’s conversation.

Thank you Doctor.

So Jeff, you’ve been doing billing, professional billing, successful billing, maximizing billing, ethical billing for a long time, haven’t you?

Yes sir. Permit has been in business for over 20 years

And working with lots of doctors of chiropractic. Some of them, uh, do some cash and do some insurance. Some are selling products, some are interdisciplinary, some are integrative. There’s a wide spectrum of chiropractors out there, but what you offer is your experience in dealing with every single one of them. Is that correct?

That’s correct.

Great. So I’m curious, what are some of the top challenges that the doctors you work with face when it comes to billing and credentialing?

Well, when it comes to billing, it’s kind of a two-part question. So when it comes to billing, um, the biggest issues that I’m seeing is one, after Covid keeping staff, you know, no, nobody wants to work anymore. So ProMED doesn’t quit. When you hire us as a biller, we are literally a virtual biller that’s just not in your office. And we don’t quit. If we have a biller that can’t do the work, we go right to the next biller and we don’t skip a beat. Um, so another challenge would be not being, not recognizing issues with claims when they go out. So let’s keep it simple with chiropractic billing. Say manual therapy with manipulation, 99.9% time percent of the time the staff just doesn’t know to tell the doctor, Hey, you might have to diagnose this point. Manual therapy for example, or proper use of the Medicare ABN form or Medicare diagnosing.
Um, those are, those are big issues that I’ve come across in the past few months where I actually teach the practice how to do the correct way. So that way I empower them to do the right thing. And it makes my job a little bit easier too. But in the end, the doctor ends up making more money with a collection boost. Um, a couple other issues is just software, not having the right software, clearing houses or the together. Um, you know, I always make recommendations to different software if a doctor wants to move it or follow up. Follow up is another big key is, you know, the staff typically in the office does not have time to make those phone calls to every insurance for every single open charge that’s out there. And that’s where ProMED comes in. We have a much quick, quicker way than most practices to do that and get the job done.

So it’s been my experience that a lot of chiropractors don’t keep on top of what the codes are cuz the codes keep changing. Yes, they don’t know some of the finer details, but I think you hit it on the head. One of the biggest problems, even when claims go out is follow up. Follow up is what separates good response from great response, timely response versus untimely response. So I love the fact that your team and you have a very large team, is really committed to this process of follow up. And Jeff, you know better than I, that doctors who are watching this, there are a lot of choices out there, but the reality is no different than anything else in life. 80% of all people do a good job. 10% do a terrible job. 10% are superstars. And one of the keys to success in life is to keep finding and hanging out with the superstars.
ProMED is a superstar. You guys have great experience, you’ve made amazing distinctions. You’ve worked with all different kinds of practitioners. Tell me a little bit more about another key thing. You spoke about training because so many doctor offices, when they finally wanna hire a billing company, which I advocate for, is what they do is they kind of just drop the ball and turn it over to you thinking that it’s fixed. No, there has to be a training and a, a partnership between the practice and ProMED there. We have to be on the same teams. ProMED has to start looking for distinctions on what services are being paid properly, which ones are necessitating more information and reports. And there has to be a two-way communication. And I’m sure you’d agree with that.

Absolutely. And that’s where, uh, free evaluations come in. So a any, especially for Masters Circle clients, anybody that contacts me, I highly recommend either way that I do a free evaluation for one, it’s not gonna cost any money. And then I can go into the software and identify all the issues that you’re currently having. So I, and I do this pretty much on the daily. I always go into software. I, 99% of the time I’m gonna find issues. And what I do is I make a list of like my evaluation findings. I tell you what the issue is, but I also give you a fix for, and then I might recommend some training. So, and, and I, and I start hitting on the, on the doctor, Hey are you start based on what I find from the software. I hit on questions. And then I’ll ask, okay, are you doing this, this or that?
And if they’re not doing it, I’m gonna recommend some type of training either with me or even a site visit. I have some doctors that will fly me out to their practice or if they’re close to me, I drive out to the practice and I teach the staff for a whole day how to do insurance verifications properly, how to do, uh, enter the charges improperly to use their software properly. Because in the end it’s the staff that has to do their job correctly, right? So we could do our job as the biller. So, and like you were saying, it’s a team effort. So we have to be a team and work together to make more money. And you can do that if you do things the right way, that I identify that where the issues are at, right? So, and typically after I train a provider, their collections will definitely take a boost.

Beautiful. And it’s been your experience that when we do proper verification and use the right codes and have the right follow up and we’re working as a team mm-hmm. <affirmative> collection percentages go up and up. We should be collecting the highest possible amount and be billing properly again, ethically, but properly so that we’re maximizing our collection. And you know, the way I look at it, when you’re working with, with a master like you, this doesn’t cost the doctor because whatever they’re having to pay you in a percentage for the month of collection, which is how all companies work, you’re earning them so much more money that it pays for itself and then some. So I love that you’re doing free evaluations for Master circle, um, clients. I thank you for that and for friends of the master circle, but how does a doctor get in touch with you? Because I’m recommending to everybody watching this, please reach out. You have nothing to lose. You have no obligation, but you are gonna be blown away when Jeff does an evaluation for you.

Absolutely. And you could contact me at [email protected]. I’ll spell it [email protected]. Or you can call my cell phone number directly at (727) 967-0501. And, and let me add in there, when, when a doctor comes on for a free evaluation, a lot of the ti a lot of the issues that that, that I’m pinging on with chiropractors specifically is their diagnosis point. Uh, I’ve had five clients come on in the past couple months and none of them were pointing manual therapy and wondering why they’re bundling with manipulation. Hmm. So since I’m seeing this as a trend, um, I’m bringing it up now. So any of you that do have those kind of issues with bundling codes, definitely get in contact with me and we can have a discussion.

Beautiful. And Jeff also, um, first I recommend to everybody watching this, if you do any billing, collecting money you want to improve your collections, please reach out to Jeff again. To me it’s a complete no-brainer. But also, Jeff, you’re gonna be at our seminar live in Chicago, May 19th and 20th and you’ll be at Super conference October five, six, and seven in outside of Atlanta, Georgia. And you get to meet Jeff. You can hang out with him, you can ask him questions, go over some of your, your issues and challenges cuz he is a solution expert. Jeff, any parting words,

Any parting words? And you guys can also talk to me about credentialing too. I’m very well versed in the credentialing process, so anybody that needs to add a provider, create a new group, go multidisciplinary. And that’s another free evaluation. That’s something that we discussed and I can help you structure the correct way to, uh, per se structure your in new business. If you’re gonna go multidisciplinary, definitely talk to me. I know all the ins and outs.

Beautiful. Jeff, thank you so much for your time, your wisdom, and your generous offer. Again, please reach out to Jeff, get that free evaluation. You may decide not to go forward, you may decide you don’t need it. You may decide you need therapy. So have a great to hear everybody.

Either way, it’s free.

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