Chiropractic Coaching: Waking Up And Adapting To The Neurologic Epidemic

Chiropractic Coaching: Waking Up And Adapting To The Neurologic Epidemic

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Chiropractic Coaching: Waking Up And Adapting To The Neurologic Epidemic

Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global, where legends are made, and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. Today. We’ll discuss, waking up and adapting to the neurological epidemic. I’ve been a Dr. Chiropractic for over 40 years, and I’m beyond blessed to have become an opinion leader and an innovator within our profession. And as an activist, I’ve observed so many changes, refinements, and areas of substantial progress in our profession. Over these last four decades, I’ve witnessed firsthand how our profession has adapted to the changing times to new technology and new research. Let me put it this way. I am beyond proud to be a chiropractor and a healer doing God’s work to help others live their best life. 15 years ago, I wrote a bestselling book entitled discover wellness, how staying healthy can make you rich.

A dear friend and colleague Dr. Jason D co-author the 380 page book with me and we covered America’s healthcare crisis. In great detail. We offered a step by step guide to understanding what is needed to make healthier choices. Part of our normal and daily lifestyle. We documented and shared startling statistics on cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, stress, obesity, and how to adapt our thinking and daily habits to exercise more, to improve our nutrition, think healthier thoughts and improve our posture and body alignment to discover a state of wellness far above just feeling okay. We shared the huge gap that exists between feeling better and functioning better symptoms are the last thing that shows up in the disease process. And the first thing that goes away during the healing process, trying to manage one’s health by just measuring how you feel is both ineffective and dangerous.

Healthy people always feel great, but feeling great is not a good indicator to how healthy you may be. As proud as I am for writing this amazing book and for its best seller status. I have to admit that I never mentioned the word brain anywhere in the book. Somehow I left out the essential role of the brain in everything we do and everything we are because I personally had not yet evolved in my understanding regarding the massive impact the brain has and why this amazing organ is so pivotal to health life and longevity. A few years after the release of discover wellness, my understanding expanded. And once again, I adapted, as I realized that as a society, we’re now in the early stages of the worst epidemic in human history, the neurological epidemic, something had to change. And I was determined to spread the word about the enormous role we doctors of chiropractic can and should play in alleviating this immense challenge and problem.

That was a true wake up call for me. We have learned more about the brain in the last decade than we knew since the beginning of mankind. We know so much more now than ever before, due to better technology, more research, and more focus on the brain and the devastating impact of constant chronic low levels of physical, chemical, emotional, and electromagnetic stress. As our knowledge and understanding continues to evolve and expand. It should force us to adapt as well. A philosophical fundamental of chiropractic tells us that we adapt to the changes in our internal and external environment. We’re in a state of ease. When we fail to properly adapt, we shift to a state of DISE. And if we continue to fail to adapt, we become diseased. This truth is as important to your health as it is to your business, or even your relationships.

A key neurological concept reminds us that life is a stress response. We will always have stress, but being healthy or becoming sick is determined by your response. Clearly, some people thrive under stress while others literally die from the same stress. So let us remember that at the core, a subluxation consists of a bone out of alignment causing a neurological disturbance for 125 years. We put way too much focus on the bone out of alignment. And now is the time for us to adapt and shift our focus to the neurological disturbance. So I ask you, are you adapting? And will you join forces with us to assume a better leadership position to rebrand ongoing chiropractic care as a significant solution to the neurological epidemic on your screen, you will find a QR code. Please take out your cell phone and go to that QR code, put the camera on it. It will take you to our practice growth calculator. We’ve been using the practice growth calculator to lift up our profession for a few years now with amazing results. It is a simple four question test that will literally take you less than a minute to answer, but it will give you a detailed, specific and customized report to tell you where

You’re at and what you could do to grow your practice afterwards. Schedule yourself for a free consultation, no cost, no obligation where we’ll even make it more specific and mu more customizable for you. I hope you have yourself an awesome day and we’ll see you again next week with another Thrive in Five.

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