Chiropractic Practice: Practice Rescue, Volume 1: New Patients

Chiropractic Practice: Practice Rescue, Volume 1: New Patients

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Chiropractic Practice: Practice Rescue, Volume 1: New Patients

Hello everybody. And welcome to Thrive in Five I’m Dr. Dennis Perman, and I’ll be your chiropractic coach for today. You know, this post COVID era has been an opportunity for everybody to step up to the plate and show what they’re made of. I did some analysis of our members and I discovered that 86% of our members did better in 2021 than they did in 2020. Now it’s premature to do 2022 numbers. I’ll do those soon enough, but I thought that was pretty good, but it begs the question for those who either were only up a little bit, or those who actually weren’t up at all. What’s up with that. And I designed a thrive in five today called practice rescue volume, one new patients. And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go through, for those of you who are having challenges, attracting enough of the right kind of new patients.

Let’s talk about that so that you have the tools that you need to help as many people as you need. And to be able to build the practice that you want to help as many people and make the money that you want as well. So there’s a very simple process, which for those of you who are members, you would find it on page 2 97 to 3 0 4. And in your master’s guide, it’s called how to target your ideal patient. And there’s five very simple steps. The first thing you do is you identify what kind of new patient you want. Now, many of you will say, oh, I just like everybody. Well, no, you don’t. You like certain people more than others. It doesn’t mean you’re gonna turn anybody away, but if you’re going to choose, why not choose something direct your intentionality towards somebody. You really like, do you like young families?

Do you like athletes? Do you like seniors? Do you like families? Do you like, what do you like? It’s, there’s more than enough new patients, uh, of every imaginable configuration. So identify the kind of people you’re looking for. I assure you, it won’t keep anybody out, but it will direct your marketing towards the people that you prefer. The second of the five steps is to locate these people where they’re likely to be found. If you like athletes, look in a gym, they’re probably not gonna be founded as seniors home. You want a fish and efficient hole that has the kind of fish you’re fishing for. So identify the kind of person you’re looking for and then locate them where they’re likely to be found. Now the third step is to increase your visibility at those locations. Now you can join them yourself. You can refer people to them.

You can put up ads, you can put up posters, you can mix it up with the middle management. There’s lots of ways to increase your visibility. So do that at the locations that have the high concentrations of the kind of people you’re looking for. The fourth step is to learn to close effectively. In other words, you’ve gotta persuade the person. Once you identify that person, once you locate them, once you get their retention by increasing your visibility, the next thing you need to do is get to yes, persuade them that they need to be in your office. Now, generally speaking, this kind of closing takes the format of a four part closing first you’ve summarized the key information that you’ve presented to the person, then your motivational parts, where you move the person toward the benefits of saying yes and away from the consequences of saying no.

And then you ask a binding question, a choice between yes and yes. Now the reason why I’m racing through this is because I’ve covered this many times in these classes, and I know you’ll be able to find it on pages 3 0 2 and 3 0 3 in your master’s guide. If you have one. Now the fifth step of the targeting ideal patient process, of course, is simply for you to tune your office procedure to that kind of patient. If you’re catering to seniors, don’t plan for a 92nd office visit, they don’t get on or off the table quite that quickly. If you like kids, that’s great, but don’t have lots of breakable glass knickknacks on low services because they’re gonna get eaten or, or broken or thrown around. You want to tune your office procedure to the kind of patient that you’re especially looking for. If you want high pace business people plan for a short adjustment.

If you enjoy advanced technique in more complicated cases, then you organize your, your, your schedule so that you have enough time to take proper care of each person and charge accordingly. Now, these ideas are designed to help you rescue your practice. If it turns out that you’re not attracting enough new patients, there are only six ways of getting new patients. You can ask for referrals, you can network with professionals, you can do speaking engagements. You can run promotions, you can use the internet, or you can push your backend up front. In other words, if you use brain tap or nutrition, orthotics, then you can do promotions based on those things that attract, attract people who will come in, not necessarily realizing that they’re coming in for chiropractic care, they may not be, but you have other things that you offer and you can choose to show those things.

And then you can help them understand how chiropractic care is an outgrowth of those. If they want to experience as much wellness as possible. Now, this idea of practice rescue is not only for the people who are having trouble, because you may wanna just go to the next level. And so far, you haven’t had a chance to do that. Now, each of us has an opportunity to discover what the right levels of practice are. So that’s why we have our practice growth calculator up for doctors like you, to be able to simply pass your, um, scanner or your, um, phone camera over this QR code. And it will take you to the practice growth calculator, which in a matter of moments, you can input very simple data that you already know, like how many, like how many days a week do you work and how many new patients do you start each month?

I mean, easy stuff. You can go ahead and hit that QR code. It will take you right to the practice growth calculator. And in fact, if you go to the practice growth calculator and you, um, put in your statistics, you’re gonna get a copy of our practice on masking journal. That was so incredibly, highly regarded at our last super conference. It’s got articles in there that will help you run your practice. It’s got ads for really great vendors who have supported us for years. So please engage, run your, run your phone over this QR code scan, put in the numbers, get an idea where you are and where you need to be in order to make your practice, what you really want. And you’ll be astounded at how simple it is to get there. For those of you who are motivated, you can go ahead, fill out the practice growth calculator. And you’re entitled to call Bob or myself to have a brief conversation with us about what the findings are and about how you can parlay that into helping more people practice rescue. Indeed. This is a way to help more people and make more money. It’s my pleasure to share it with you. So thanks for watching. It’s Dr. Dennis Perman signing off for The Masters Circle Global and Thrive in Five.


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