Chiropractic Practice: "The Dilemma of Selling Health”

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Chiropractic Practice: “The Dilemma of Selling Health”

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Chiropractic Practice: “The Dilemma of Selling Health”

Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global, where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. And today I wanted to discuss the dilemma of selling health. We’ve all become experts at selling pain and pain relief. Millions of dollars have been spent promoting chiropractic as a drug free alternative to pain.

And like it or not, we have to recognize and understand that. As I hope you’ve come to realize, is that nothing you show or tell your new patient who is in pain has any importance past the pain. Because patients will tell you anything to get out of pain, and that is all they hear or all they will remember.

The challenge for you is to find ways to convince the patient that you can get them out of pain faster than anyone else. And there are reasons why they should come to you instead of taking a drug or going to a franchise for a 17 adjustment. How do you sell health to a lay person when they’ve been brainwashed to believe that health is just feeling good, or having no pain.

Remember that healthy people always feel good, but feeling good is no indication that you’re healthy. We’ve all heard way too many examples of people feeling good and suddenly dying from a heart attack or stroke or discovering that they have cancer. And now that the patient, your patient is out of pain and unfortunately also out of the motivation because you made the only thing that was visible.

their pain invisible. What are you selling and how would you sell it effectively? If you’re selling a healthier lifestyle or what many of us refer to as a chiropractic lifestyle, What do you see when you look in the mirror yourself? And what do you see when you look at your staff? I’ve been begging colleagues for years to take better care of themselves.

So stop trading the patient’s subluxation for their own subluxation to lead by example, to exercise more, take more supplements, get better and longer restorative sleep to lower their stress load, to improve their brain function. function. And of course to get adjusted far more specifically and far more often.

Healing takes place from above down and from inside out. And we’re the conduit for that to occur. Way too many of our colleagues are not very healthy. And as a consequence, they muddy that message from above down. But fortunately, some of us are very healthy and we magnify and multiply that message message from above down, which is why we get more miracles in our practices.

Do you occasionally offer unhealthy treats to your patients? Do you have magazines in your office with drug ad after drug ad inside of them? Does anyone from your office, including golf a bit, you going outside the clinic to take a cigarette break during the day? None of these examples and more of these examples that I could share with you will get patients to believe you about health.

We must lead by our own example. Does your staff get adjusted? Do they get adjusted regularly? Are they fit and energized? Are they models of health that your patients respect and admire? Remember, that people and patients only see what’s visible to them. Hopefully, and ideally, you and your team have amazing energy, great endurance, you eat healthy and clean, you take your top of the line healing supplements, you exercise regularly, you get hours and hours of restorative sleep each and every night, you find effective ways to neutralize your stress, including, of course, getting adjusted.

It’s so important to realize that your patients are only willing to do what they see, and if they don’t see consistent and congruent signs of health and vitality in your office, you could tell them every day what the marvels of chiropractic are, but ultimately, yes, you are will not get them to believe a word you have to say for this is a way too common, serious friction, sabotaging your ability to grow your practice and grow your impact.

Many of my clients have million dollar practices and I’ve had them for years because they fully understand this. important fact and are, in fact, role models of health excellence inside their practice, and they hire and maintain staff that also take their health very seriously. In fact, a common question my clients ask when interviewing for a new staff person is, Hey, please give me three ways you’ve improved your health in the last 12 months.

Not to judge what they do, but to find out, are they actually committed to their own health in the first place? If they’re engaged with being healthy, being well and being vibrant or not. They follow a formula of functional chiropractic care, plus functional lifestyle intervention, plus functional modalities or technologies for healing for themselves, for their team and for their patients.

For most. Functional chiropractic is some form or variation of brain based chiropractic, which we’ve been teaching for 15 years. Functional lifestyle intervention is stress management, dietary and nutritional recommendations, achieving restorative sleep, customized, exercising, brain balancing interventions, and functional technology is accomplished.

with amazing technology, like specific lasers, frequent, frequent, specific microcurrent, post electromagnetic frequency, heart rate, variability, ng three, D. N. A. Vibe, Resi Max. And the list goes on and on. They’ve all trained themselves to become master communicators to consistently influence how others think and behave.

And they do not have a dilemma in selling health. They’re committed to constant, never ending improvement personally and professionally. They engage, they read, they mastermind, they attend live seminars, they participate in zoom masterminds, and they get that the status quo. is their greatest competition and their greatest enemy.

They understand that the patient won’t allow the doctor to make a correction if the doctor doesn’t make the connection with the patient. And it’s hard to grow or have a million dollar plus practice by just doing the same things over and over again without thinking, without adapting, without refining or without improving.

And they know that selling health is hard enough. But it’s close to impossible if they and their team are not models of health excellence themselves. People look to see how you live your life. If you’re aging gracefully or you’re growing old, they look to see how you run your business. If it’s successful and well run or it isn’t.

Remember, If you want to have what only 5 percent of the people have, you got to be willing to do what 95 percent are not willing to do. And quite frankly, there are topics like this, the dilemma of selling health and the six essentials that should always be part of your daily and weekly training. If you’re really serious about making an impact and moving in the direction of becoming best in class yourself.

The six essentials are a critical piece of the future of your practice, especially if you aspire to a million dollar plus practice. And that is why we’re inviting you to complete our online discovery form, which is a series of simple yes or no responses to each of the six essentials to see where you may have strongest skills and where you may have weaker areas.

That in that need improving by completing this simple but significant online evaluation that should take you three minutes or less. It will make the invisible blind spots blocking your practice visible. So you know what to work on on your screen right now is a QR code. Please take a moment. Pull out your cell phone.

I know you have it with you. Open up your camera and aim it at that code because once you do, it’ll take you right to that discovery form that you need to answer those questions. And if you need an expert to help you see the blind spots or to show you how to rapidly improve and what to focus on after that, just let us know.

We’ll be happy to schedule a no cost and no obligation consultation with you. I want you to get this. The fundamentals have changed. Your focus has to change. The business model has changed and the ability to influence your staff and your patients have changed. And you need to know what these refinements and changes and improvements are if you expect to grow and get to the next level.

So please take action, my friend, not for me, but for yourself and for the people you serve. Take out your camera. Go ahead. Aim it at that QR code. Complete that simple but essential questionnaire today. You’ll be so happy that you did have a great day and we’ll have another Thrive in Five for you again next week

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