DNA Vibe's Regenerative Light Therapy Has The Fastest Healing Results You Can Imagine

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DNA Vibe’s Regenerative Light Therapy Has The Fastest Healing Results You Can Imagine

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DNA Vibe’s Regenerative Light Therapy Has The Fastest Healing Results You Can Imagine

Hello, everybody. This is Dr. Bob Hoffman from The Masters Circle Global, and today I want to introduce you to a new piece of, um, therapeutics, a new piece of equipment that I have to tell you many of my members are using, loving, and getting amazing results with. If you’re smart, you’re going to pay attention to this, and in the next few minutes, you’re going to learn some really amazing stuff.

Our guest today is Perry Kamel from DNA Vibe. Again, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that company, DNA Vibe, or not. But I can assure you, you’re going to want to know a lot more about them, and hopefully we’ll be working with them for quite a long time. Hey, welcome on to the call, Perry. Great to be here, Bob.

Thank you. So Perry, I know that there’s only a few gateways into the nervous system. You know, there’s touch, there’s light, there’s vibration, there’s sound. And a lot of chiropractors are aware of this, but they only use one or two of the gateways. Light therapy has been around for over 60 years.

Therapeutic light devices have been approved for almost 60 years. Tell us how DNA vibe is new and different and how it utilizes light therapy. So yeah, thank you, Bob. It’s actually quite different. I have to say back in the 60s when light therapy was originally invented, the first laser was invented. It was shown to have therapeutic effect and humans made the classic error.

You know, if red light is good, more red light must be better. Um, it turns out based on the science of molecular biology and particle physics, that’s kind of the intersection point that the opposite is true. And so our technology is the first ever. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That is focused exclusively on molecular excitation of our DNA molecule to help stimulate expression.

Um, it’s very simple. If we can stimulate it at a very, very low intensity, at just the right frequency, it switches on and it does its job. So when our body is injured, naturally the body immediately stimulates DNA expression to help rebuild healthy tissue to replace damaged tissue. And our technology is designed to help boost that process.

That’s great. And, and that’s, that’s a very important point. It’s just a way of really kick starting or flipping on the switch to allow the body to self correct and self heal even faster. Yeah, that’s true. And I think, you know, Bob, one thing that we’ve noted, um, if you picture in your mind the well known DNA double helix, everybody knows what it looks like.

Yes. As it turns out, it’s two spatially volumized sinusoids wrapping around each other. I mean, everybody knows that, but nobody really stops and says, wait a minute, what does that mean? When matter adopts a sinusoidal structure, That means in the world of particle quantum and optical physics that it is susceptible to excitation and excitation triggers a state change and therefore we can literally flip it on, you know, yeah.

So, so I’m sure the people watching this want to know, like, what are some of the benefits from a regenerative life, life therapy, and what kind of conditions that show up in chiropractic offices would it be most helpful with. Well, you know, that’s a that’s a great question. When we started some seven, eight years ago, we would have told you probably soft tissues, muscles, things like that.

We now have 5,000 clinical partners around the country, and they continue to send us their experiences, their evaluations. We’ve concluded that we’re helping the body with anything the body can help itself with. Now, from a rigorous scientific perspective, right? Our body is constantly healing itself, and it does that through the natural regenerative process.

When we’re injured, whether we’re cut, whether we pull a muscle, we burn, or we have a severe chronic issue, the body’s natural response is to stimulate DNA upregulation or expression, and we’re simply boosting that. Um, oftentimes when the body’s healing itself, let’s say I’ve got some arthritic knees or some low back pain, the body’s fighting to heal that naturally through the regenerative process, but it’s fighting uphill and into the wind, because guess what?

As my knees are healing, I gotta get up and walk to the bathroom. So I’m constantly setting it back. With our technology, we’re able to give the body that little boost it needs to give it the advantage and help it fight downhill with the wind at its back. Now, I know so many of my doctors who are raving about DNA Vibe.

They’re actually selling the units to their patients so that they can use them at home. Um, I think you guys have done a great job keeping your price point relatively low and affordable. Um, I guess it’s a better protocol not only to use it in the office to make sure that the patient responds, but to actually have them use the unit at home, you know, teaching the patient easy, easy application, how to use that.

So could you just kind of summarize some of the key protocols or the application of this either for the doctor in the office or for the doctor to help the patient do it at home? Absolutely. And first I want to touch on that price point. You talked about yesterday. I had a doctor try to urge us to increase our pricing to over 40, 000.

I mean, I’ve heard everything. He said, no, I’ve spent 40,000 on stuff that doesn’t work this well. But we will never seek to increase our price. We want to make sure everyone who can benefit has access to this technology Um, so yeah, we we actually like to thrive with our partners We try to be very generous in that process But it’s about helping more people at the at the end of the day not making this available only to elites Um as far as protocols, so our doctors typically will put a few units in the practice You know chiropractors are unique in that they actually came up with this brilliant idea If you put a couple units in the lobby, then tell people come 15 minutes before your appointment and pre treat.

That 15 minutes will improve range of motion, flexibility, and reduce pain sensitivity. Um, but they also learned that it gets them to their appointment on time. So, I have to give it to the chiropractors for a very crafty way of helping schedule adherence. Um, but that kind of pretreatment or if a chiropractor is doing traction or flexion, they’ll put the device and, you know, slip it under the back during that all kinds of ways to incorporate it in on site, um, application, but you’re right, uh, because DNA expression is inertial, it goes up, it comes down, whoop, pardon me.

We’ll turn that off. DNA expression builds up on an S curve, flattens out, and when you take the device off it comes back down. So to maintain above average expression and really get the full benefit, it ought to be used daily and ideally twice a day. Once in the early part of the day, once in the evening.

20 to 30 minutes each time for recovery, and you’ll notice some pretty significant results at that rate. Um, so our doctors are in the habit of using them in practice, introducing them to the patients, making sure they understand it, um, and then take it home and use it daily in between. I, I will say one very important point.

With 5, 000 partners in chiropractic and physical therapy, we’ve never had a single partner. Complain that the jazz band is reducing their visits to the office. It’s it doesn’t work that way They come in they get their treatment. They go home. They use daily self care. They have overall improved outcomes and experiences Beautiful beautiful now.

I know a lot of the docs listening and watching this They have lasers. There’s all kinds of lasers and lasers have been around in chiropractic a long time Some have light panels some even have light beds Does DNA Vibe replace any of that? Um, fantastic and common question. Um, absolutely not. And I want to be very clear.

Every light therapy that there has been since 1962 is primarily a thermal appliance. Um, we are the first that is non thermal. Specifically regenerative. Now, people sometimes take that and get defensive about it and I say, Wait, there’s nothing wrong with thermal. Thermal actually has very good properties.

If you think about it, law of thermodynamics, um, heat expands tissue. When you cause expansion, you expand vessels and capillaries. You bring more blood, you bring more oxygen, you bring more platelets, more growth hormone. All of that can have a very positive effect in improving the health and vitality of tissues.

It’s restorative in our lingo. It’s restorative. It helps improve the health and vitality of existing tissue, but it’s non regenerative. It doesn’t trigger or amplify the production of healthy new tissue. That’s regenerative, and that’s where you really need to be in the molecular excitation domain. Um, now, most of our partners who have lasers and other types of appliances you talked about, will use them in a very complementary way.

If you want 1 plus 1 is 3, get the regenerative effect. with the DNA vibe and get the benefits of thermal restorative effects. So now you’re creating or helping the body stimulate the production of healthy new tissue and you’re helping to increase the vitality and health of existing tissue and now you’ve got that one plus one is three.

Bring them in, give them the laser treatment, send them home with a jazz band. And last comment, laser treatment is really special because you’re delivering the benefit, that restorative benefit of the thermal effect, deeper into the body, into the joint where it can be most helpful. Beautiful. I love that.

How easy, Perry, is it for a doctor to learn how to use it, how to set it up, where to place it? How easy is it for the doctor to teach the patient how to do it at home? Oh, it’s crazy easy. And I have to tell you, we know doctors are in the business of treating their patients and not educating about or promoting our product.

So what we’ve done, and I think one of the reasons the program is so popular is every doctor, you know, the device flips, it slips into a pouch. Every doctor has a QR code with their, their, uh, brand, their logo, um, and so when the patient comes in and they see a Jasmine in the lobby or in a pre treatment station or they see it, they’re introduced to it through their experience, they can just scan the QR code, learn about the science and the technology, learn about the product, and even place an order.

At the doctor’s private microsite that we build at no cost. So the, the product kind of educates itself or promotes itself. Um, and then when somebody chooses to buy one and use it at home, it comes with the QR logo. So friends, family and neighbors are introduced not only to the jazz band, but also to the practice and to the logo.

That gets the brand out there. So we try to make it as easy and self fulfilling as possible. We win the doctors win and their patients when you remove the points of friction made it. Absolutely. Yeah. Now, I’ve heard great things about your infinity partner program. I know our current chiropractor of the year, Dr.

Brian Natush is a great supporter of that program. Could you tell us a bit about how this program works and why the people watching this should be considering it? Well, first of all, Brian, thank you. If you’re listening to this, you really have been a wonderful partner. Um, and together, it’s, it’s a great feeling to know that we’re helping so many patients.

Um, the Infinity Program, we, that’s kind of our fun name for it. It started out as Affinity and became Infinity. So, uh, it’s, it’s incredibly easy to get started. Um, this is one of those things, most people slap their forehead and like, I can’t believe it was that easy. When we have a new partner, um, we get them up and running.

We create the custom. QR logo, their custom pouches. We create the custom microsite. It’s a simple one page website with their logo. It reinforces their practice, provides their own unique product SKU. So their patients can come and learn about it. They can, um, find information that they’re curious about.

They can buy the product. Everything is turnkey. Everything is automatic. Patient buys the product, practice gets paid, product ships with the logo. Um, most of our successful partners will also keep four, five, 10 units on site for immediate gratification. Um, usually, uh, every, every partner also gets all of this as complimentary.

They get. A tabletop display. They get a wall frame if they’d like and they get some four by six cards, right? So if you can teach your desk staff to hand out a card that makes a huge difference We’re seeing partners who do that get about maybe 30 sales 30 units a month Now we like to think that’s 30 people who are going to have a life changing experience Those 30 people are also going to bring back about another 20 people when they start looking at spouses, family, and visitors, and friends, and neighbors.

So the process is very easy to get up and running. Um, we love the idea that we’re helping people together, but I have to tell you, for the, uh, for the doctors we partner with, On the low end, if they do absolutely nothing, they should be moving four to five products a month for doing nothing. If they have a tabletop display and they hand out the 4×6 card, we’re seeing 25 to 30 units a month.

So we like to call that a car payment for doing nothing and a complimentary trip to Europe every month if you’re handing out a card. It’s pretty straightforward. Beautiful. Now, I’ve heard through the grapevines that DNA Vibe has been making some crazy inroads with some big names out there. Any chance you could tell us a bit about that?

Wow, I don’t know exactly what big names we’re talking about, but let me just kind of cover a few bases. Number one, huge involvement with professional sports, Major League Baseball. I mean, pitchers from the Rockies, the Mariners, the Yankees, the Braves, are using our technology and reporting back that shoulders and elbows aren’t as achy after pitching when they pre treat before throwing the ball, and they’re recovering faster after.

We just won USA Today’s best gift of 2023 for this holiday season. So that’s, you know, the world’s largest news publication. It’s sometimes we have to pinch ourselves and say, wow, how did we get here? Um, that’s a pretty big thing going on. The world’s largest regenerative orthopedics, um, group, uh, Regenexx, Centeno Schultz, really the pioneers of regenerative orthopedics and sports medicine have embraced us after a pretty extensive evaluation.

So there’s just a lot going on. I think we knew that if our product, if our technology delivers and it helps people improve the quality of their life, you know, it’s just a matter of time before people discover us. So we’re pretty excited about that. Great results sell themselves, don’t they? That’s right.

That’s right. All right. Well, listen, in our short time together today, because I know how busy you are, um, I think this has been a terrific interview with the doctors watching this and listening to this. This is a no brainer. It’s a very inexpensive piece of equipment that does very amazing work in healing and regenerating people and helping your patients live a better life, get, get faster results.

Um, obviously we didn’t even talk about the finances of it yet, but it is a profit making. Um, entity for the doctor, um, in office, as well as selling the units to patients. We talked about the infinity partner program. How do the people watching this find out more on becoming a member or ordering or getting in touch with the company?

Yeah, the best thing to do is to email at infinity@dnavibe. com. Very simple. Infinity at dnavibe. com. We have a great team. We’re U. S. based, by the way. We’re the only U. S. based light technology that’s manufactured in the U. S. Our team is here. They’ll, uh, take great care of you. They’ll show you how easy it is to get up and running.

Infinity at dnavibe. com. You can also go to the website dnavibe. com and look at the partners section and fill in a contact form if you prefer. Uh, but yeah, it’s very easy to, to get in touch with us and we’d love to see you. Very, very good. Any parting words, Perry, before we end this today, today’s conversation?

You know, I could go on and on. I’m so excited to partner with you guys. I’ve got, you know, so much belief in non traditional medicine and the power of helping people. I get emails every day from people whose lives have been changed. It is the most rewarding experience. So we love partnering. We love to help people and we look forward to hearing from you.

Well, I greatly appreciate you and what you’ve brought to the marketplace. Again, I do a lot of research of the technology that’s out there. Some of it is amazing. Some of it is not. Some of it is outrageously expensive. Some of it is not. Some has great customer service. Some doesn’t. I have a responsibility to my members to bring to market the things that I recommend, that I endorse, that have passed my standards and my, my tests.

And um, DNA Vibe is definitely in that category. Uh, we love having you as a sponsor and a dear friend. Uh, you were at our SuperConference last year. You’ll be at our seminars this year, um, in the spring and back at super conference again. And I hope the people watching this contact you, get in touch, order one, test it out yourself if you don’t believe us, because I know you’ll be ordering a lot of these and helping a lot of patients with it.

Have a great day, everybody. Thank you.

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