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Video is the only way to get new patients from Social Media, your website and Google search.

The problem is that most Docs don't have the time or know-how to make videos that engage patients to come into your office or brand you as the go-to Doc in your town.

We'll make you all the videos you need and teach you and
your staff how to turn them into your own
New Patient Generating Machine.

New Videos Redesigned for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Stories and Reels, Facebook Stories, and TikTok

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You get Chiropractic Research videos and all the trending health topics patients are looking for. Plus, now if you use BrainTap in your office we can even brand your videos to help you generate more income from being a BrainTapper.

Brain Tap

Check out this Chiropractic branded video.

Check out this BrainTap branded video.

Builds Your Practice from the Inside.

  • Engages Patients and Gets Them to Refer.
  • Builds Your Practice from the Inside.
  • Ready for Facebook, YouTube, Your Website and Blog.
  • Brands You as the Health Authority in Your Community.
  • All FHM Videos are the Highest Quality High Definition.
  • A Continuous Source of Eye-Catching Educational Content Done for You.
  • The Latest Trending Health Topics Branding You and Chiropractic Delivered to You Every Week.
Family Health Minute

So why do they work so well?

1. Watch this video and find out why patients have such a difficult time understanding what you do. 

2. Watch this video below and find out the simple solution, and the best part is we do it all for you. 

Here are actual samples of the Family Health Minute videos you can pick and choose each week.

And these are just the beginning!

Click Here and Get All the Videos You Need 
Special Bonus

We'll build custom thumbnail images for you to help brand you in Social Media

Instagram Custom Image

Custom Facebook/Instagram Ad Image

YouTube Thumbnail

Custom YouTube Video Thumbnail Image

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Custom Facebook Post Thumbnail Image

We've even hired one of the top certified AgoraPulse Social Media experts to help you succeed and it doesn't cost you a penny extra.


Specializing in Brain Based Marketing -- a neurological approach to building your brand and getting you "Above the Noise" of email and Social Media to reach your target audience.

2 New Super Bonuses

Your own Reception Room, referral generating Family Health Minute TV Channel, and your own YouTube video clip of your services.

YouTube Video for Playlist

Put yourself in charge of the videos you share customized for you

Choose from Chiropractic branded videos


Choose from both Chiropractic and BrainTap branded videos


Choose from BrainTap
branded videos


The only complete video content designed to get you all the new patients you need

Experience It Yourself