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1. Friction: Anything that slows down, disrupts, or prevents the organic and natural growth of a business. Friction causes your patient to question or resist your care.

As the Doctor, do you experience Friction with:
New Patient Attraction and Processing*
Patient Commitment, Compliance and Retention*
Money Management and Profitability*
Staff Hiring, Training and Productivity*
Personal Emotional Stress*

From the Patients’ perspective, are these sources of Friction?
Are your clinic hours convenient for patients with a busy schedule?*
Can patients make, change or cancel appointments online without calling your office?*
Do you take walk-ins in a timely manner?*
Are patients seen promptly, or do they waste a lot of time waiting for you?*
Do you have patients schedule and pay per visit?*

2. Pricing: Your fees should be based on the value you create, the time you spend with a patient, and your clinical outcomes.

Do you base your fees on your competition?*
Do you tend to give your services away or reduce your fees to attract patients?*
Do you offer any backend services and products to generate additional income?*
Have you raised your fees in the last 6 months?*
Do you feel well-compensated for your service, and do your patients perceive your fees to be fair and reasonable?*
If you could have any fee policy you wanted, would it be different from what you currently charge?*

3. Clinic Operation and Implementation: Every successful, profitable, and growing business has a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to carry out your vision, standards and mission as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Have you ever had a crisis in your practice, like practice shut down, staff quits, doctor unable to work?*
Have you ever run into any major financial or cash flow issues?*
Do you have any problems with staff turnover?*
Do you have any other means of generating income, beyond the services you perform?*
Do you have someone who is properly trained to handle your marketing?*
Do you have someone with business skill who manages the clinic’s finances?*
Do you start but not finish projects or learn new things but fail to implement?*

4. Becoming a Passion Brand: Passion brands attract and invigorate people who are passionate about you and your services. Passion brands consistently deliver an emotional benefit.

Do you have many patients you consider “raving fans?”*
Have you become an influence key and authority in your community?*
Do you have a consistent message on social media?*
Are most of your new patients referred by your current patients?*
Are you the first person your patients call regardless of their health problem?*
Do your patients see your care as a necessity regardless of economic environment?*

5. Persuasion: The ability to effectively communicate and influence how other people think and then behave.

Have you studied persuasion and the art of advanced communication?*
Could everyone on your team do a spot interview if the local TV station visited?*
Are you consistently generating a significant number of new patient referrals?*
Do you get all new patients to accept your full care plan?*
When you train your staff, is their performance consistent with what you taught them?*

6. Getting Inside the Head of the Decision Makers: Identifying the real influencer so you can effectively communicate with them.

Does your average patient accept wellness services beyond the point of pain relief?*
When a family begins care in your office, can you usually identify the decision maker?*
Do you have a good method of converting relief-oriented patients to wellness patients?*
Have you been successful at creating multiple referrals sources in your community?*
Do you make all patients feel safe and secure on each visit?*
Do you know what all decision makers have in common?*
Are you aware of the simple but significant formula to influence the decision maker?*
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