What Should You Walk Away With From Every Chiropractic Event?

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What Should You Walk Away With From Every Chiropractic Event?

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What Should You Walk Away With From Every Chiropractic Event?

Welcome to this Week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. Today I want to discuss the six essentials and what you should walk away with from every chiropractic event. We’ve all attended far too many chiropractic events. Recently I shared with you the enormous difference between a chiropractic event and an immersion workshop. The challenges we’ve all experienced with chiropractic events have ranged from boring speakers, non-relevant material, non-specific strategies, and little or no interaction taking place between the presenter and the audience to name just a few. However, the real problem is almost all chiropractic events fail to move the needle in keeping you up to date on what is currently best in class in our profession, or giving you real time implementation strategies and inspiring you to refine, modify, and improve your thinking, action, and results.

How do I know that they fail to move the needle to help us generate rapid and sustainable results? Because 95% of our profession is still seeking neck and back pain. Patients still taking care of the same or less visits per month and making same or less money each year. Here’s what should happen at all chiropractic events. You should be exposed to inspirational thinkers and presenters that cause you to think and act differently. Who build a case for growth and improvement, who teach you what’s practical and implementable, not just share the same old material you’ve heard many, many times before with a new row, uh, ribbon or bow on it. You should hear about super specific strategies and exact action steps you could take home Monday morning into the practice strategies that have predictive re results and improve your clinical outcome, and as a result, your personal income.

Recognize that some of us learn because we’re auditory. Some are more visual and many are kinesthetic, which means that hearing and seeing may be somewhat helpful, but doing something is really how they learn and build confidence. As a result, chiropractic events should have role playing interaction or tutorials. The ME materials being presented should also be up to date world class and be focusing on distinctions and trends so you could be more future focused and better prepared. This is your best guarantee if you’re interested in having your best year ever in practice year after year after year. Please get that. In my 45 years in chiropractic, our profession hasn’t evolved and neither has our market share, perhaps stagnation in who we are and what we do and stagnation in engaging A larger percentage of the population under regular chiropractic care are connected. Remember that if the doctor doesn’t make a connection with the patient, that disengaged patient won’t allow the doctor to make a correction. 

Patients look to you and your team is role models of excellence, who lead by your own example. They look to see how you live your life, and if you are aging gracefully instead of just growing old, remember to have what only 5% of what our profession has. You must be willing to do what 95% of our profession is unwilling to do. Quite frankly, the six essentials should always be part of your daily weekly training, and if you’re really serious about making an impact and moving in the direction of becoming best in class, you must master these six essentials. The six essentials are a critical piece of the future of your practice.

That is why we’re inviting you to learn more and then to register yourself and your team to attend a three day chiropractic event entitled Future Focus Coming up in October. At that seminar, you’ll learn how to get your share of the trillions of dollars that baby boomers, GenZ, and millennials plan to spend on healthcare. You’ll learn how to understand the role that things like ChatGPT play both positively and negatively on your practice, and you’ll learn cutting edge, adjusting and healing techniques for better and faster clinical outcomes. On your screen is a QR code. Please take out your camera right now, take it out, open it up to your camera and aim it on that code. It’ll take you right to the SuperConference landing page where you can learn everything that is going to be covered and why it’s going to be covered and why it’s essential for you.

The fundamentals have changed. The focus has changed, the business model has changed, and the ability to influence how your staff and patients think and behave have changed. You need to know what these refinements and changes are if, if you are interested in being more and more successful, even if you’ve been to a SuperConference before, right now, you’re thinking you may not need to attend. I’m gonna disagree with you. Please do yourself a favor. Again, aim it at that QR code. Find out more, get you and your team registered, and let’s make sure that you end this year strong and guarantee that 2024 is your best year ever.

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