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Big Pharma Gets Their Knuckles Rapped Again

April 14, 2014

Dear Doctor:


Not that we need any more evidence of the misguidedness and malice of the pharmaceutical industry, but last week two major drug companies got their knuckles rapped when a Louisiana jury ordered them to pay punitive damages of $9,000,000,000 when it was shown that they knew about and concealed cancer risks that accompany the use of diabetes medication Actos.


Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. was socked for six billion, while Eli Lilly has to pay a penalty of three billion, in the largest settlement of its kind yet.


While it’s likely that they are not thrilled with such a verdict, and surely we can anticipate the appeal process to kick into high gear, drug manufacturers are accustomed to being challenged in this way, and mostly look at it as a cost of doing business – they’ll simply tack a premium onto the next poisonous fraud they perpetrate on our citizens, and essentially emerge unscathed in the long run.

 Read the whole story here...



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