Are You Ready To Be A Chiropractic Wellness Center?

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Are You Ready To Be A Chiropractic Wellness Center?

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Are You Ready To Be A Chiropractic Wellness Center?

Hello everyone. This is Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle. And today I have the distinct honor of having a conversation with someone you are gonna wanna listen to. This is, uh, Reed Davis, who was a chiropractic assistant for 10 years, decades ago, and has put together an amazing company, an organization that does functional diagnostics and functional nutrition, and could actually turn your chiropractic assistance into health hygienists inside your practice, functional health practitioners that could really increase your capacity, big time, serve your patients even better, and generate boatloads of profitability. Welcome on to today’s conversation, Reed. So nice to have you with us.

Thank you, Dr. Bob. Appreciate being here.

So just share with our, our viewers and our listeners just a little bit, um, some background about how you got involved in all this and how you’ve created this empire and this system that graduates thousands and thousands of, um, holistic health practitioners every year.

Well, thanks so much. You, I was actually in, in environmental law and saving the whole planet and decided in 1999 to turn my attention towards people rather than air birds, water, trees, bees, that kind of a thing. And boy did that open my eyes up. So I was fortunate enough to have a, uh, I was taking my son, who was a high school athlete to a chiropractic wellness center, and I got to know the owner chiropractor really well, and switching ideas and things. She hired me. She ended up just giving me a new job to run her practice, but at the same time I went to, she was getting her diplomat and nutrition, so I went to all her classes with her and she said I could work on the patients in between my lessons and oh boy, who gets an opportunity like that. So I jumped on that and found out right away that the nutrition wasn’t really working.

Chiropractic works great. I learned to talk chiropractic as well as any chiropractor trained by some of the best, and I could drop some names here, but, uh, my real secret to the fame and fortune that you just mentioned was running lab work. So I had really good mentors. I had the labs. Some were right there in my town. San Diego, one of the best functional labs ever, um, was there. And so I just started running labs and in 10 years working in a chiropractic wellness center, I ran thousands of labs on thousands of people. I was the go-to guy in the clinic, in the wellness center, uh, for anything that wasn’t chiropractic. You know, obviously I’m not adjusting people, although I was doing myofascial therapy too. I got, I don’t know, tens different certifications and stuff to help the wellness center and, but the system that I developed of investigation lab work, I systematized it.

And then of course, you know, from working in the office, it’s what people do at home, the matters at least as much as coming in the office. So I was in charge of the, the home program. What do they do at home between their chiropractic visits? And by the way, we were packaging up, I was signing people up for 40 visit, 50 visits at a time. And then here’s what you’re gonna do in between, we ran the lab work, we had them start following a better diet and rest and exercise and stress reduction supplementation and things like that. So anyway, it took me 10 years to develop this system, and then everyone said, read, you ought to be teaching. I never thought about it. I only did it to build our clinic up to make us be the best clinic and sell in California, which I think we were among the top.

And, uh, but this teaching thing just just took over my life, you know? And now we have 4,000 people. We’ve trained in 50 different countries, Bob, and it’s remarkable the growth, the community that developed out of that. So I didn’t know there would be a community. I taught my first course in functional lab work in all natural protocols to go with chiropractic, and they wouldn’t go away. That was how the community developed. No one would leave. Like, re what about this? And what about that? So I developed the whole, you know, the course grew and the, um, the alumni grew and the, uh, we have the association of FDN professionals now, and it’s quite a group. And we work some independently, some with chiropractors, some with other physicians. You know, we’re doing the lab work behind functional medicine, kinda like when I was in law, I wasn’t a lawyer, I was a paralegal. You know, the guys that get all the work, do all the research, do all the writing, hand it to the lawyer. So I did that for chiropractic for 10 years until I started teaching. And that’s just sort of long and short of it.

That’s an amazing story. And it’s so refreshing to hear how someone just follows their, their inner guide and follows their passion, and it all works out so extremely well. So Reed, let’s, let’s dig a little bit deeper. Um, so when someone is interested in this, and I certainly hope that every chiropractor and will wellness practitioner who’s listening and watching to the, this podcast who has staff members, uh, who would wanna invest in their staff, uh, so that they can become a holistic health practitioner inside the chiropractic practice, you have a whole, um, program, a a 10 module program that they go through a 10 month program where you teach them how to do the testing, how to do the diagnosing, how to do the nutrition, how to help get people well on a, on a multiple different levels, and how to turn that into a huge profit center inside the practice, how to generate referrals from it, how to generate compliance and patient retention from that. Can you just speak about that briefly?

Sure. I mean, if you’re a chiropractic wellness center and, and you, you want to be a community service and, uh, have people come to you for something besides neck and back pain, uh, and those kind of things. I mean, everyone knows chiropractors do headaches and lots of stuff. Fibromyalgia was big in our office. We’re huge on all this kind of stuff, wellness. So if you’re a wellness chiropractor, why not expand? Why not have some staff that knows how to talk to Mrs. Smith and Mr. Jones who don’t just have neck and back, you know, they’ve, they’re tired, they’re fatigued, they’re overweight, they’re depressed, they’re, um, you know, low sex drive and you name all the things, anything chronic stress related, downward spiraling. That’s what we help people fix. And you remember this evolved in a chiropractic setting where I wasn’t the doctor, I didn’t do any diagnosing or treatment of anything specifically because I’m not licensed to, I just found out what was really wrong and taught Mrs. Smith how to fix it, you know, how to take control. And along with her regular visits for adjustments and the other modalities we had in the office, it got people better. They were ama it was just, we, our reputation grew and soaking yours too. So, and obviously the, you know, the money’s there because people are willing to invest in their health. They have no better investment, especially with certain demographics. Um, you know, and, and so I just can’t think of something if you, if you wanna help people, uh, and you wanna expand cuz you will expand you, you’re gonna need staff and you’re gonna, um, need all the, the machinations logistics, all the stuff we’ve done for 25 years. I mean, it’s, you don’t have to invent anything, just follow the plan and start doing wellness at a really high level. So I think we could take every chiropractic office that isn’t already doing it to a higher level. Matter of fact, my early, some of my earlier students were chiropractors who all of a sudden were doing more of this than even adjusting, you know, they’re getting tired of adjusting and the physical toll that that could take. And so even the chiropractors themselves, not just their staff, have taken the course and expanded whole new worlds.

Beautiful. That, that was a, a terrific brief explanation. And the reason I asked for a brief explanation is because you are one of our guest speakers at our SuperConference coming up October 5, 6 & 7 in Buckhead, Georgia. And, uh, it, it’s, it’s themed future focus and it’s all about the trends coming up, the new things in the profession, what’s now best class, um, how to deal with people differently and how to expand our reach and our impact. And as a result, our income and Reed, we are so super excited that you’re gonna be presenting and you’re gonna be there all weekend with us, uh, with some of your staff, um, to answer questions that help. But clearly our goal is to help for doctors who are interested to have them turn their chiropractic assistants or some of their chiropractic assistants to get them through your program, to be certified as a holistic health practitioner.

Um, a higher level of a health coach inside the chiropractic practice that can be generating four, $5,000 per client in addition to their chiropractic services by themselves. Um, highly profitable, highly successful, but also highly impactful to get people even healthier even faster than ever before. So, um, again, I’m so honored to have you be part of the program and I’m so excited to hear what you are gonna be presenting in much more detail. And I hope the people watching and listening to this will register for SuperConference. Um, contact us, uh, we’ll put up on this information, um, links to our landing page and how to register and what it’s all about. But Reed, I’m super excited for you to be there. I’m sure you have some parting and closing comment.

Well, thanks Dr. Bob. I feel like this, uh, SuperConference is a coming home party cuz you know, I worked in a chiropractic wellness center for 10 years. I developed what I do in those 10 years and now I can teach my students in 10 months what it took me those 10 years to learn. And of course, everything we’ve learned and and grown since, and it’s just a remarkable, uh, opportunity. I think chiropractic is still way underrated. It was underrated 25 years ago and it’s still underrated today. I really think that chiropractors have been on the cutting edge all these years. They are actually as responsible for functional medicine, so to speak, as anyone. Uh, because we’ve always been the alternative. We’ve always been the alternative, the complimentary, the integrative that other people are just now getting on the bandwagon about. So chiropractic wellness centers can really be, uh, help, help change and maintain that. Um, you know, the center of power for people, you know, we gotta put it back in their hands. And that’s what we’re here for.

Beautiful, beautiful, and well said. Reed. Again, thank you for your time. I know you were extraordinarily busy and I can’t wait to see you in October, in Georgia, October 5, 6 & 7 at SuperConference.

Can’t wait. Looking forward to it. Thanks again for the opportunity.


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