Building The $100K+ Practice Internally- Sharing Your Success with Your Patients

Chiropractic Practice: Building The $100k+ Practice Internally - Sharing Your Success with Your Patients

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Chiropractic Practice: Building The $100k+ Practice Internally – Sharing Your Success with Your Patients

Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global, where legends are made in legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. Today I want to discuss how to build a hundred thousand or more practice internally and how to share your success with your patients. Many of our coaching clients collect a hundred thousand or more each and every month, and you can as well. But first, let’s discuss the mindset, the beliefs, and the dream that manifests and generates your ideal practice of a 100K plus month after month. Let’s begin with the inner work that all successful people utilize to manifest their dreams. I want you to see it happen. To visualize your your ultra successful practice, I want you to first create the dream in your mind and in your brain and in your nervous system because we believe that your thoughts create your reality.

So be super specific so that your dream appeals real and emotional, and then lock it into your innate consciousness. Does your vision allow you to believe in your heart of hearts that you can expect to grow and continue to grow your business model up to, and then wave past the hundred thousand a month in collections? Does your identity see a bigger view of what’s possible in service to others and the rewards that come from that? When you’re consistently collecting a 100K or more each month, how does that make you feel and how does it make your life better? And how does that further lift and expand your confidence and certainty? How does that make you and your family proud? Remember that abundance and profitability are always a byproduct of services rendered to others and rendered well. I strongly recommend that you spend a few minutes each and every day visualizing your accomplishment of your a 100K or more practice.

Make it real, make it emotional, and begin to own it as if it has already happened. Start thinking what has to change? What has to happen to manifest this type of amazing practice? And more importantly, how do you have to show up every single day consistently to make that happen? You need to develop your dream of what’s in it for you as a result of helping others live their best life, of being subluxation free from optimizing their neurological expression, and from healing from the inside out. So my friend, please get super specific. What would your beautiful and modern office look like? How amazing and how productive is your team? Who is working in the clinic and how are they dressed? What are they doing and what is their energy like? See, I want you to feel it and see it as if it’s already happened.

Then visualize the rewards you’ll receive from helping others, so many people in so many ways as a result of helping them become better and healthier versions of themselves. Visualize it in color and in motion of your beautiful, busy, and healing practice. The home you live in, the vacations you take, the experiences that you have. Visualize all of that and more happening right now, right this moment. Use your cash flow, your wealth and your abundance to purchase the latest and the best technology to help patients get even better, even faster, and more dynamic clinical results technology that your amazing and well-trained team could utilize to assess and then help your patients first feel better, then function better, and finally, to live better. This is the inner work needed to experience the rewards of your dream practice, and this is a part of what expert coaching, mentoring, and having a chief operating officer could do for any practice.

Regardless of your belly getting by or seeing hundreds of people each and every day. Expert Chiropractic Coaching focuses you on what is the best and the easiest way to get from where you are currently to where you want your practice to be. So here is my first suggestion. If you would love to collect a hundred thousand or more each and every month, tap into the practice growth calculator and discover how easy it is to significantly grow your practice and tap into it. Today. All you need to do is to answer four simple questions and then schedule your private consultation to review what the calculator results reveal about you and your practice. If you’ve already completed the calculator but haven’t scheduled your private consultation to review it and learn from it, we’ll get that done today. Also, it’s at the private consultation where the true magic will happen.

Right now on your screen is a QR code. Please take out your phone right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Set up the camera and scan that QR code. Go ahead and do it. It will take you directly to the Practice Growth Calculator, and once you answer those four simple questions and completed as a gift, you’ll get a 40 page journal that we’ve put together. It’s our latest book on getting inside the head of the decision makers and learning how to connect better with your patients. It is a great information to help you become more persuasive and more influential. We want you to be super successful, another shining star for chiropractic, so that you can share your success with your patients and your community. We’ll see you next week with another Thrive in Five.

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