Chiropractic Coaching: Future Focus - The 6 Essentials- Overcoming Resistance

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Chiropractic Coaching: Future Focus – The 6 Essentials- Overcoming Resistance

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Chiropractic Coaching: Future Focus – The 6 Essentials- Overcoming Resistance

Hello everybody and welcome to Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman and I’ll be your chiropractic coach for the day. Well, there are two broad concepts that we’ve been expanding upon over the last couple of years. One of them is the six essential strategies, which helps us to understand where our attention and energy are best invested. And the second is future focus, which was the theme of this super conference that we did in Buckhead over this last week. Why are these things important? Well, the six essentials are important because they give us specific guidelines on where we can work on ourselves and on our practices in order to make ’em better. And future focus is important because we have to develop double vision. 

We have to keep one eye on the present moment and one eye down the road seeing what’s coming so that we can be prepared and have a focus on the future. Now, that doesn’t mean leave the present moment behind. It means you must be in the present moment, but with an attitude of positive expectancy and of guidance so that you can move yourself in the direction you really want to go in. By combining the six essentials with the future focus, you can develop a game plan that helps you accomplish something. 

That is the important piece of today’s Thrivent five. We’re going to talk about overcoming resistance because you see, in order to put the six essentials into play, you’re going to have to overcome the resistance that is built in to every aspect of what we do. Friction is a natural necessary part of life. We couldn’t walk without it because your foot would slip on the floor. We wouldn’t be able to move forward. So friction is not a bad thing, but when we talk about friction, it sounds kind of like a science project.
That’s why I want to talk about resistance. Resistance and friction are close cousins, but you see, in order to diminish the resistance to your forward thrust, whatever it is, we have to be aware that such a resistance exists. Now, we can blast through it with personal power and with strength, or we can find a way to lubricate our path so that we can glide. 

But what most usually happens is we just make distinctions and we push our way into our future by overcoming the resistance that is natural in the process itself. Now, if you’re having trouble overcoming resistance, you might discover that good communication and good education is a critical way to eliminate this. If a patient is resisting your recommendations, for example, then it’s critically important for you to explain this in a language and in a method that that patient can actually do something with. You see, they don’t really want to push back on you. They just are accustomed to being where they are doing what they’re doing, and in order to make a change and change is difficult, then we have to exert some

Influence, and that’s the resistance that we need to overcome with your staff. For example, there may be certain tasks that your staff resists doing. Doing recall is a famous one that I hear all the time, so we need to frame the recall in terms of service, in terms of helping people, not in terms of the drudgery of doing telephone work. Rather, we need to make sure that the people who are doing this work for us overcome the resistance by recognizing how important the strategy is by what good it does. The more good we do, the more fulfilled we feel, the better the planet and the better we experience our own successes. These ideas are covered in great detail through the six essential strategies. You’ll find that if you go to our six essential strategies website, there’s a QR code that you can just flash on right here, and it will take you to the six Essentials website so that you can begin to develop your own awareness of what having a legendary practice is really about.

The beauty of this is that everyone’s definition of it is somewhat different, and you can select from amongst the many different ways of having a legendary practice, which legend suits your needs best. Now, this is one of the reasons why we feel so strongly about instituting the Six essentials, to overcome the resistance and to keep focused on the future so that you can develop the practice and the life that you really want and deserve. This is not beyond you, but you may discover that with some coaching or with some guidance. It makes it that much easier for you to overcome the resistances in the various areas of your life. 

So if you want to contact us, it’s very simple to do so. Hit this QR code and you can easily find us through the website, or you can just look at As always, it’s my pleasure to be here with you today. Look for the resistances in your life and in your practice and work at overcoming them because on the other side of that resistance is everything you really wanted. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman for The Masters Circle Global, where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. Thanks for watching.


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