Chiropractic Coaching: How To Use The 6 Essentials

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Chiropractic Coaching: How To Use The 6 Essentials

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Chiropractic Coaching: How To Use The 6 Essentials

Hello, everybody, and welcome to Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman, and I’ll be your chiropractic coach for today. The subject matter of today’s Thrive in Five is really important. It’s how to use the six essentials. Now, what are the six essentials? The six essentials are finding and eliminating friction in your office.

Establishing an effective fee policy to have someone overseeing operations in your office, functioning as a COO or chief operating officer, passion, branding, persuasion, and getting inside the head of the decision maker. So you can see that these six essential strategies. are going to be enormously helpful for you to be able to create the practice you really like.

So let’s jump into it. Let’s talk about friction. What is friction? Friction is resistance that prevents normal function, normal expression. So It’s incumbent on you to decide and discover where there’s friction in your office and what to do about it. Now think about it for a second. The companies that are the most successful in our culture have found a way to reduce or eliminate friction.

Take Amazon, for example. I don’t know about you, but I ordered a lot of gifts for this holiday season. And how easy could they make it? They show you pictures, you click on them, they already have your financial information, and the next day, sometimes the same day, there it is, what you’ve ordered. That’s expert reducing friction.

You need to do it in your office as well, because making it easy for people to make appointments, making sure that people don’t have to wait a long time in your reception area, getting your adjustment to the point that it’s smooth and efficient, Having your patient education be smooth and efficient.

These are all ways of reducing and eliminating friction. And the most successful offices are the ones that have cracked this code and eliminated the friction that can be reduced or eliminated. Now, how about fee policy? Well, you know, chiropractic is a passion and it’s a, a wonderful thing, but it’s also a business.

Your practice has to adhere to normal business strategies. And that means that you have to have a fee policy. You have to know what you charge, you have to charge it and make sure that you collect it from everybody. Every patient is a source of income for you as long as you conduct your fee policies effectively.

So let’s make sure that you choose a good fee policy so that you can have every single service that you do in your office be charged for, billed appropriately and collected on. Now, how about. An overseer of all the different operations in your office. You as the CEO are the visionary leader. And of course, ultimately the responsibility falls to you, but most smart leaders have a first mate or a second in command that can help you to be able to convert on your promise to your people.

In our situation, The Masters Circle Global functions as a coaching organization, which can accept some of the responsibilities that you would ordinarily direct towards a COO. We can be like your chief operating officer. And what this does is it streamlines your process so that you can devote your attention to the most important things, setting a course for your practice, a vision for your practice and following through on it to help as many people as possible and make as much money as possible.

Let’s talk about passion branding. What is passion in the first place? It’s excitement. It’s enthusiasm. It’s engagement. Now, being excited about your practice is easy for us. Passion branding is about recruiting raving fans, bird dogs, patients who are just as excited about their experience in your office as you are, and they go out and spread the word so that your practice is filled with people who are equally passionate because they’ve recruit, they’ve been recruited by passionate people, passion, branding.

is the reason why people get up at 4:30 in the morning to go wait online at the Apple store to be the first one to get a new Apple phone. Why does the iPhone have that pull? It’s because of passion branding. So if you can get your people to be passionate about you, then they will also be willing to go out of their way to support you, to use your services and to recommend you.

Now, what about persuasion? Persuasion simply means getting people to engage. It means using skillful language constructions to cause people to respond in the way you want them to. Now, um, most people will respond to a message that either moves them toward the pleasurable benefits of what you have to offer or away from the painful consequences of what you have to offer.

So if you structure your persuasion so that you either move people toward pleasure or away from pain, then you’ll have very good success with your persuasion. And then finally, getting inside the head of the decision maker, you’ll find that in every family, in every group, in every company, in every movement, there’s somebody who’s responsible for driving people toward whatever that outcome is.

In your case, you’re trying to create a compelling future for people so that they want to be part of your practice. And they want to tell other people that they should be part of your practice as well. This is best done by getting inside the head of the decision maker. Figuring out who is the one who establishes policy?

Who is the one who sets the stage for action? Who is the one who causes other people to respond? It could be an employer, it could be a team captain, it could be a matriarch or patriarch of a family. But one way or another, you want to get inside the head of the decision maker to make sure that you influence the people who will be most likely to fill your office with high quality patients.

Now, these six essential strategies can be used in a variety of ways. We just did a very cursory overview of them so you would understand what they are. Each of you is probably already expert at some of these essentials, not as good at others. Do an analysis of these six essential strategies to figure out where your investment is best is best, um, utilized.

And that way you can continue on your ongoing quest to help as many people as possible to become as healthy as possible. Now, if you want more detail about the six essential strategies, you’ll see a QR code on the screen, which will. Um, direct you specifically to the Six Essentials website. All you need to do is pass your camera over that.

A link will pop up. Click on that link and you’ll be able to digest all of this wonderful material that will help you create the practice of your dreams. The Six Essential Strategies is a critical component of your success. So it’s important for you to pay attention to it and develop it where it needs to be developed.

Thanks for watching. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman from The Masters Circle Global where Legendary practices are built and legends are made. Thanks for watching.


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