Chiropractic Coaching: Making The Invisible Visible For Your Staff

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Chiropractic Coaching: Making The Invisible Visible For Your Staff

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Chiropractic Coaching: Making The Invisible Visible For Your Staff

Hello, everybody, and welcome to Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman and I’ll be your chiropractic coach for today. This edition is called Making the Invisible Visible For Your Staff. Why do some of your staff connect with you in your practice, get the big idea and represent you beautifully in your office and in the marketplace?

And some do not. To be successful, you must be able to see the invisible. In other words, you must see your progress and achievement before it actually happens so you can move toward it. It is this kind of vision and beginning with the end in mind that guides all successful ventures. So, Why don’t more people succeed?

They cannot see the future because it is invisible to them. Your challenge is to make the invisible visible so those you lead can respond based on having all the information and perspective available instead of only part of it. One of the most important places to make the invisible visible is with your staff, the team you engage to serve your patients and help people.

They are your agents in your office to support you in conveying the message of your practice. If you don’t make the invisible visible for your staff, you’ll have trouble doing it for your patients. So, how can you make the invisible visible for your staff? It falls into four categories, training, Personal experience, pre framing and debriefing, and creative thought play.

When you train your staff, explain the philosophy behind what we do. That the body heals from inside out. That the brain runs the show. That sick people get better when their brain and body work together to heal. Help them to see stress as the real issue, not the patient’s painful problem. Shift their thinking toward causes rather than only effects.

Give them stories and anecdotes about miraculous changes you’ve seen, so they can start to understand why you are so passionate and why they will also be once they know what you know. Avoid unnecessary doctor talk, and keep training at shoulder level, talking about the magical effect of chiropractic care on quality of life, not just pain.

Show them how the chiropractic wellness lifestyle helps people sleep better, digest better, breathe better. To give your team a personal experience to make the invisible visible, start them as a patient, or at least have them sit in on several new patient procedures so they can see every detail of what a patient experiences in your office. Once they have seen the depth of your consultation history and exam, and heard a report of findings, and preferably gone through a program of care themselves, Much of the invisible nature of being a chiropractic patient will become visible and give the assistant methods to communicate better with your patients.

Use visual tools like films, HRV, and other scans to illustrate what would otherwise be invisible to them until they truly comprehend the information gathered from examining them personally. This makes the invisible visible for them. Pre framing means Telling your staff what to expect. So when you have your morning huddle, before you begin each shift, direct their attention effectively.

So they’re aware of what you want them to notice in that shift. Debriefing means reviewing the key distinctions of the day. So you can be sure your team is seeing and understanding what you see and understand. In a five minute huddle at the end of each shift, you can drive home any important events that help them to grasp the deeper meaning of what you do and reframe any confusion to keep them clear. and congruence.

Finally, guide your team to visualize the outcomes before you, like the results of patient might expect the successes of your promotions and other products of your group imagination. You can make the invisible visible by activating the law of attraction. with conversation, masterminding, affirmation, and visualization of desired outcomes and goal setting.

This is a refined version of beginning with the end in mind and will help your team to grow with you as you evolve your practice. and your message. This kind of creative thought play is a powerful way to make the invisible visible for your team. As you project your preferred future together,

as you can see, your staff will have more impact on patients and decrease friction within the team. As everyone learns to pull in the same direction for the right reasons. and using the right strategies. When you make the invisible visible for your team, they don’t have to guess what you intend. They know it because they have experienced it themselves in real time.

That’s how to build the team and the practice you really want by making the invisible visible. Make sure to visit the six essentials website by running your camera over the QR code you see on the screen. You’ll learn many tools to help make the invisible visible for your patients, staff,

Thanks for watching Thrive in Five. This is Dr. Dennis Perman for The Masters Circle Global, where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching.

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