Chiropractic Coaching: The Future Of Patient Care Is Now

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Chiropractic Coaching: The Future Of Patient Care Is Now

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Chiropractic Coaching: The Future Of Patient Care Is Now

Hello, everybody, and welcome to Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman, and I’ll be your chiropractic coach for today. This episode is called The Future of Patient Care is Now. One of your most valuable concepts in practice is the Lifetime Patient Formula, which tells us that when you combine the optimal program of chiropractic care with optimal lifestyle habits and optimal health and wellness modalities and technology, it leads patients toward making a lifetime commitment to ongoing wellness care.

These three components are essential for the patient to receive the greatest benefit from your services. In this edition of Thrive in Five, we’ll be examining the third piece of this lifetime patient puzzle using wellness modalities and technology to take your service to your patient to a new level of excellence, thoroughness, and certainty.

If you’re feeling any resistance to the concept of modalities, believe me, I can surely relate. One of my first influences in chiropractic was my freshman philosophy professor, Dr. Thomas Leroy Whitehorn. May he rest in peace. Whitehorn was a grand old soldier for chiropractic, a 1961 Palmer grad who rubbed shoulders with

B.J. Palmer and a slew of historical figures we only get to read about. Tall and thin with a shock of graying hair, he was the straightest of the straight. I can still hear his voice saying, If you are joshed below the axis, you’re a mixer. This terminology doesn’t have the sting it once did during the straight mixer turf wars of my early career.

So, wasn’t I shocked when I was visiting him at his Brooklyn apartment, circa 1977, and he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out an acupuncture needle. Doc, what are you doing with that? He laughed and said he didn’t use it, he just kept it around to remind him that BJ, for all his dogma, was always interested in progress, and felt so strongly about the chiropractic principle that nothing could disrupt it, even curiosity about approaches outside the strictest letter of the chiropractic law.

So, as an aspiring HIO practitioner, I learned not to question the use of techniques like Logan Basic, SOT, AK, and others that seem like deviations from the purest definition of chiropractic. It grew from tolerance, to begrudging acceptance, to enthusiastic inclusion, as my toolbox swelled to embrace a variety of interventions that deepened my relationships and my results with my patients.

Expanding my viewpoint led me to an expansion of options and opportunities. Now, fast forward 45 years, that expansion of viewpoint is more relevant now than ever, and the availability of options and opportunities has skyrocketed. The artistry of providing custom tailored, personalized, functional, lifetime care for patients has grown from a few simple applications of heat, cold, electricity, and sound to a smorgasbord of space age equipment with physiological research to back it up.

Transcending mere pain relief, which of course most patients mistakenly think is the endgame of their chiropractic experience, modern day modalities and technology are designed to do more than just help the patient feel better, but also to function better, and ultimately, to live better. Here are just a few examples.

When we advise patients at the report of findings, we typically cover some foundational concepts with them. For example, it’s critical to explain the four types of stress. Physical, chemical, mental emotional, and energy stress. For years, I felt under equipped to handle the subclinical emotional stresses of patients, not being credentialed as a counselor.

And while I did study NLP and referred to mental health professionals when called for, I longed for a simple tool I could use in my office to combat the more superficial of these stressful conditions. Now we have BrainTap, the culmination of 35 years of Patrick Porter’s study of hypnosis, personal growth, and internal conflict resolution.

BrainTap is a simple headset patients can use on site at your office or purchase for home care, complete with hundreds of programs on every topic, from stress reduction to healing to peak performance and far beyond. The majority of our patients come in with some kind of inflammation and pain, and while many modalities can help, the brain based wellness practitioner looks for equipment that doesn’t only deal with pain, but offers more.

More to enhance function, more to resolve glitches in the brain body software, more to create an ongoing support for the patient well beyond the reduction of symptoms. One of the most popular modalities is the laser. And while lasers are often used for pain relief, our long term member and friend, Kelly Miller, has developed a special brain based laser for his company, Saving Your Brain.

The AVANT laser works by stimulating photobiomodulation, so light enters the tissues and interacts with the cell to enhance neurological function. And speaking of using light to heal, DNA Vibe uses regenerative light therapy, which combines red light, near infrared, magnetism, and micro vibration to inspire better genetic expression.

Most of us have not studied much about protein folding, but an innovative company called Ang three has a remarkable device called the nano V that unlocks cellular healing to amplify health and wellness. It helps in cellular repair and regeneration, improves mental and physical performance, and decelerates the aging process by streamlining your biochemistry.

You may not give a second thought to your socks once you’ve chosen the right color to match your outfit of the day, but did you know that you can wear and sell specially designed neurological socks that improve balance and stability? Our longtime friend Stan Essexson sells these brain socks through his company New Age Neuro.

One of the most versatile go to modalities is the Resimax, invented by our good friend Sharic Peck, who continues to find myriad ways to balance sympathetic and parasympathetic function with vibration. This all purpose device sells at such a low price point, you can have several of them to use in conjunction on any given patient.

This brilliantly simple instrument can be used over the area of symptoms, or applied to autonomic entry points that have a profound positive effect on the nerve system. And while we’re discussing the healing effects of vibration, consider ShiftWave, a system that uses a special chair to introduce vibration and energy to reset and regenerate the brain and body.

My dear friend Scott Donkin, who changed the field of chiropractic ergonomics over 40 years ago with his landmark book called Sitting on the Job, is researching a remarkable machine that uses sound to balance the body’s vibration painlessly and stresslessly. Name the BOD, or Bio Acoustical Utilization Device.

It is a binaural pulse modulator. In other words, it produces sound waves and other frequencies that can be used to influence brain activity, improve cognitive performance, reduce stress, and generate a profound sense of calm and well being in patients of all kinds. Or, you may be interested in the LivO2 system, which turbocharges your oxygen supply during exercise to create an ultra training environment.

It improves physical performance and cognitive function, sharpens focus and clarity, and speeds up recovery and healing. Or, you may want to use pulsed electromagnetism, or frequency specific microcurrent, like the Wellness Probe from Finally Pain Free, or some other brain based wellness energy technology.

You may want to enhance your body’s chemistry with a sea of water. You may want to melt away your stress with a relaxed sauna. Your patients may even need the advanced shockwave technology provided by Elevation Medical. Or, you may delve into the cutting edge of functional medicine with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, or US Enzymes.

Your artistry and creativity are the only limits to applying these expansive and effective modalities. There are many more cutting edge technological advances that go far beyond relief to cause massive physiological change, safely, effectively, and quickly. Clearly, the future of patient care is now, with a vast array of tools you can use to change the course of your patient’s destiny.

Welcome to the golden age of chiropractic technology, where modalities are no longer limited to instant relief, but rather are attuned to make a constant contribution to your patient’s well being, leading to the unfoldment of their ultimate potential. If you want to know more about this cutting edge material, go to the 6 Essentials landing page by scanning the QR code you see on the screen.

Or, if you like, you can leave your questions below and I’ll respond. Thanks for watching. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman from The Masters Circle Global, where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching.


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