Chiropractic Coaching: The Most Important Part of Your Day

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Chiropractic Coaching: The Most Important Part of Your Day

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Chiropractic Coaching: The Most Important Part of Your Day

Hello everybody and welcome to Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman and I’ll be your chiropractic coach for today. This Thrive in Five is entitled the most important part of your day. Now, I want to remind you that this is the first week in October that we’re recording this. October 1st is goal setting day. Why? Because you want to give your subconscious mind 90 days before the start of the new year to cook your goals, your intentions, and your desires. So in goal setting week, we typically review the six Ps. That would be your purpose, your personal goals, your professional goals, your people goals, your prosperity goals, and your play goals. Now, you may have some goals that don’t fit into any of these categories, but I don’t, so if you think you need a seventh P, then please contact me. I’ll be glad to put it in.

But I’ve been doing this process for about 30 years now, and my experience is that if you establish your targets and objectives in each of these areas, then you’re going to be a lot closer to accomplishing what you set out to do. Now that takes us to the content of this particular Thrive in Five, the most important part of your day. I learned from my esteem partner, Dr. Bob Hoffman, that for every 10 minutes of planning time that you do, you save back an hour of wasted work time. And I didn’t believe that. So I tried it out. And you know what? He’s real close. So the most important part of your day is the part you spend planning the rest of your day. Because if you want to get the most achieved, if you want to get the most accomplished, if you want to do the most, well then for every 10 minutes of planning time, you save back an hour of wheel spinning.

Now, if you extrapolate that, that means if you spend some time planning every single day, then you will squander much less time, and that time is getting more and more valuable as we go forward in life. So I’m really going to recommend that you choose a planning time each day and go ahead and assign that time so that you can figure out what you’re going to do with the rest of your day, and you’ll be amazed how much more productive, efficient, and accomplished you are. Now, most people get things accomplished along the way, but you’re going to discover that the more you plan, the more efficient you become, the more conscientious you become, and the more you get done. Now, one of the reasons I’m telling you about all this right now is because this week is the culmination of a tremendous amount of planning and goal setting. You see, this is SuperConference week and super conference, which is from October 5th – 7th in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia.

This is one of the premier events, certainly in our seminar year, but we get feedback constantly. That SuperConference is one of the greatest seminars that people can ever attend. Now, if you want to, it’s already October. If you want to go, then you might have to get in your car and drive to Atlanta, but it would be worth your while because we have wonderful speakers, we have wonderful classes, but the greatest resource that we have is our amazing membership. When you come to one of our events, you get more than the people from the stage. You also get the people who are sitting next to you in class or at lunch. And these are some of the finest thinkers, some of the best thought leaders, some of the most incredible human beings you’re likely to ever experience. So if you can’t come to SuperConference this year, no problem, come to the spring seminar next year or come to SuperConference next year.

But you’ve got to rub shoulders with these amazing people. It’s going to make a huge difference for you. Now, I think it’s important for you to recognize that in order for you to accomplish anything, there’s always a price to pay, either in effort, in time, in capital, in resources. So it’s really important for you to put yourself in position to win by being willing to invest in yourself. Even at this late date, I’m an older man and I still am intense about setting goals, about making sure that I hold myself to a high standard of execution and about accomplishing as much good as I possibly can because in the final analysis, what’s in it for me at this point is not more money. Even though I love money like everybody else does, it’s not more prestige or a claim. I already have plenty of that.

Now, my intention is to do as much good as I possibly can, and I suggest that as you go forward on your journey of life, you’ll discover that doing as much good as you possibly can is one of the critical factors that makes it all worthwhile. Regardless of how much effort you have to put in, regardless of how inconvenient it may be, regardless of how expensive it may be, if you can do good, you’re going to be very pleased with the result. So why don’t each of you commit to writing your six Ps? And once you’ve done that goal setting process, commit to spending 10 or 15 minutes or 30 minutes each day doing the planning that you need to do in order for you to experience what you set out to do. Achievement is nothing more than applied energy, and when you have clarity about what it’s you’re trying to accomplish, then nothing can stop you. Thank you so much for watching. This is Thrivent five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman from The Masters Circle Global where legends are made and legendary practices are built. Thanks for watching.


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