Chiropractic Coaching: The Most Important Person in Your Contacts

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Chiropractic Coaching: The Most Important Person in Your Contacts

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Chiropractic Coaching: The Most Important Person in Your Contacts

Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. And today I want to discuss the most important person in your context. Today’s most successful business model is based primarily on the Six Essential Concepts, and yet 99% of our profession is unaware of any of these concepts or how they support or more likely interfere with your ability to run and grow your practice. 

To quickly remind you, the six essentials are friction pricing with your fees based on value, clinic, operations and implementation, becoming a passion brand persuasion, and getting inside the head of the decision maker. Today we’re gonna discuss the most important person in your contacts as we begin to consider your clinic operations, your systems, and your implementation. The vast majority of you listening either have no effective systems or poor and inconsistent systems running your office.

Most of you struggle with building a team, unsure who to hire, how to train, what to pay, and how to inspire them into massive productivity. Way too many of you don’t even realize that you failed to adapt to the changing times. And as an example, are still recommending the same care plans for a much sicker population. And the overwhelming majority of you have projects you wanna work on, know you need to make changes and occasionally learn new things, but somehow never implement or execute any of these. Please remember that you are the CEO, the chief executive officer or the chief energy officer or the Chief Excellence Officer, and you have a vision for growing your practice. But that vision for many of you is as far as it gets because you’re stuck working in your practice, but fail to work on your practice.
So please get this, if the rate of change outside your practice is greater than the rate of change inside your practice, you’ll be unable to grow your practice at best and won’t have a practice. At worst, you need to hire a chief operating officer, an experienced COO, who gets you and also gets chiropractic, who understands the changing times, knows how to build. A winning team, knows what to charge, is competent, running a successful business and so much more someone who you could rely on and trust and turn your vision into a reality. 

Having a competent chief operating officer multiplies your effectiveness and your productivity exponentially. So the most important person in your contacts is discovering who you know, who’s crushing it in practice because they were smart enough to hire a talented COO so you could speak with him or her. And who in the profession operates and functions as a COO for you and your practice to schedule a long overdue consultation with.

All of our clients have this most important person, the COO, helping them adapt, grow, increase productivity, getting things done, and boosting profitability. These are just some examples of the benefits and the reasons why it’s so important for you to hire a COO. And I’m certain that if you’re honest with yourself, you know I’m talking about you. The most important question is this. Is it possible for you to succeed or to express your potential or to feel the joy and fulfillment you are meant to feel every single day in practice? If you’re not even aware of any of these essential concepts or you had the wrong answer to who is the most important contact person, The Masters Circle Global has tremendous experience helping doctors have their best year ever year after year by acting as their Chief operating officer and doing it with a deep understanding of any type of chiropractic practice, doing it with remarkable results for decades and doing it at a fraction of the cost of what Chief Operating Officers normally earn in the marketplace.

This is what expert coaching, mentoring, and having a chief operator officer can do for any practice including yours. Expert Chiropractic Coaching focuses you on what is the best and the easiest way to get from where you are currently to where you wanna be. So here is my suggestion. If you wanna reclaim your passion and your purpose to reclaim your joy and your happiness, if you’re finally serious and realize you need to adapt to grow your practice like never before. And if you wanna learn more of the benefits of having a world-class COO work with you and what it takes to find and hire one right now on your screen is a QR code. Please take a moment, take out your camera right now and aim the camera and your cell phone right at that QR code. It will take you directly to a special site where you could learn more about the Six Essential Concepts and find out how well or how poorly you and your practice complies of these concepts. 

I’m urging you to get off that merry-go-round of continuing to do the same things over and over again and just hoping and praying that magically it’s all going to come together and get much better this year simply because the calendar changed. I’m urging you to end the misery of the I have another deal for you. Buy my program and I’ll get you 30 new patients in the next 30 days, which we both know never works.

I’m urging you to pay attention to the franchises in our profession that are growing by leaps and bounds, by eliminating friction, but end up devaluing what we do with embarrassing low, low fees. So my friend, please take action, not for me, but for yourself. Get your camera out and place it on that QR code. It’s your last chance today, and I want you to learn about the Six Essentials and how to master them and why it’s so important for you to have a Chief Operating Officer to really, truly grow your practice like never before. Have yourself a great day and we’ll see you again next week with another Thrive in Five.

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