Chiropractic Coaching: Who Do The Decision Makers Trust More TikTok or Their Friends?

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Chiropractic Coaching: Who Do The Decision Makers Trust More TikTok or Their Friends?

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Chiropractic Coaching: Who Do The Decision Makers Trust More TikTok or Their Friends?

Welcome to this Week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. Today, I want to ask, who do the decision makers trust more TikTok or their friends? You know, change is scary when people don’t know their options or don’t understand their options. They always default to the status quo. This is true for your patients and it’s true for you. We all have this inner conflict because in your genetic makeup is a never ending desire to be better, do better, to become more masterful, to grow and expand. But unfortunately, the majority of us also default to the status quo to seek comfort. It’s easier to continue to do the same things over and over again to have the same thoughts and take the same actions. And yet we have to remember that all growth occurs on the other side of your comfort zone.

So here’s the problem. If the rate of change outside of your practice is greater than the rate of change inside your practice, you’ll be skating on thin ice for sure. You become that frog in tepid water that is getting a little hotter each and every day until you’re boiled alive. The innovators don’t live this way. The decision makers surely don’t live this way. The top one or 2% of our profession don’t live this way. It’s so very important for you to get that the world has changed, and it’s now essential to become far more persuasive and communicative and more effective in how you influence how people think and behave than ever before. Studies have documented that greater social media use also correlates with more social isolation, and that the more time you spend online, the less we all feel connected. In fact, the studies show that high social media use substantially increases the odds of experiencing anxiety and depression.

It’s so important to build rapport with a decision maker, to earn their trust, to develop a relationship, to have certainty and clarity and confidence. Think about it. Do you ask for a referral from someone you know and trust? Or do you ask for a referral from TikTok or Instagram? If you’re looking for a new restaurant or to purchase a new car or to find a new doctor? Do you ask a trusted friend or relative or do you go to social media and check it out on TikTok, spend more of your time building relationships, earning trust, and branding yourself as the go-to person on health and wellness. What I like to call the CWO, the Chief Wellness Officer. You are the expert, and I can assure you that TikTok is not now prove that with every decision maker we gave you access to completing the discovery form we created, just to help you to understand how the new six essentials for today’s practice to flourish and thrive are so important today.

These are the six essentials that create what is best in class right now to help you realize what you need to focus on and what you need to do to become best in class, to help you realize that it’s easier to change than it is the stay the same, so you can move in the direction of joy and fulfillment, super growth, and becoming a proud member of the Million Dollar Plus Club has defaulting to the status quo, be best served you. Has using social media been your best option to generate referrals of the kinds of patients that you want your office? I think not. And I think you know that to be true too. So let me tell you exactly what will happen. If you are brave enough to learn what it takes to connect with the decision makers, please complete that discovery form and pay attention and be open-minded.

You’ll be able to see that making just a few key distinctions that will shine a bright light on the simple refinements and modifications in your thinking and actions every day in practice will give you instant traction for more growth, far more growth. You don’t have to throw out your current practice, you just have to update it. In today’s fast changing, best in class model, the fundamentals have changed. The focus has changed, the business model has changed, and the ability on how you influence your staff and your patients have changed. You need to know what these changes are. I can assure you the rewards will easily generate a dramatic shift in your practice, your income, and your impact. 

As you know, The Masters Circle Global has tremendous experience helping doctors just like you have their best year, year after year after year by acting as their Chief Operating officer and helping them become masterful communicators and keeping up with the changes in practice and what is best in class.
Having a Chief Operating Officer who has a deep understanding of any and all types of chiropractic practices, doing it with remarkable results for decades, and doing it at a fraction of the cost chief operating officers usually earn. So my suggestion is take out your camera right now, aim it at that QR code, learn more about those six essentials, get more familiar with them because this is what’s best in class today. And it will also then take you to the discovery form that is nothing more than a series of well-planned, well thought out questions, with nothing more than yes or no answers. That will give you tremendous insight to how well you’re playing the game in today’s marketplace. 

So once again, if you haven’t done it, take out your phone, put on your camera, aim it at that QR code right now. Don’t do it for me. Do it for yourself and the people you serve. Do it to become the best version of yourself. Do it to update to today’s business model, today’s chiropractic model so that you can have the practice of your dreams. Have a great day.


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