Chiropractic Coaching: Your Pathway To $100K/Month

Chiropractic Coaching: Your Pathway To $100K/Month

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Chiropractic Coaching: Your Pathway To $100K/Month

Hello everybody and welcome to Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman, and I’ll be your chiropractic coach for today. Dr. Hoffman and I have been engaged in a series over the last several weeks talking about your pathway to a $100,000 a month. Now, I wanna point out that while a hundred thousand is a number, it’s also a metaphor. A $100,000 sounds like a gigantic number, and it is, it takes quite a bit of personal power of success and of business acumen and perseverance in order to get to that level of practice. And yet it’s really available for anybody who’s curious. Anybody who’s willing to pay the price can get to a $100,000 a month. So I wanted to spend this Thrive in Five on talking about the pathway to a hundred thousand. Now, that doesn’t mean the strategic pathway, even though that’s part of it, and we’re gonna be talking about that in the next several, several sessions, but the beginning of any pathway is the intentionality and consciousness that it takes to pursue that particular pathway.

And I wanted to spend, instead of hitting numbers hot and heavy, and talking about how many new patients you need and what kind of PVA you need, and what kind of ova you need, and we will talk about that, I promise. I want this to be useful strategically as well. But for today, I wanna concentrate on the inner part of getting to a $100,000 a month. You see, there’s a consciousness or an intentionality that it takes in order for you to play at that level, reach that level, stay at that level, and surpass that level. Now, the first time that I made a $100,000 in a month, I was like, oh my God, a $100,000 in a month. I used to think making a $100,000 in a year was a lot of money. And by the way, it is, again, this is not about numbers as much as it’s about consciousness, but I realized that the reason I was there was not only because I was a shrew business person, not only because I was strategically executing effectively, but because I had a vision, I had an idea, I had a mental picture of what it might be like and what I might need to show up as in order to accomplish at this level.

That’s what I wanna concentrate on today. You see those of us who have been studying the process of success over all these years, and for me, it’s well over four decades now, that makes me more than just old. It makes me experienced, and I know that all great accomplishments begin with an idea. They begin with a thought. Now, if you have the intention of getting to a $100,000 a month, it’s essential that you support that intention with beliefs, because if you don’t believe it’s possible to get there, then you probably won’t. Now, that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t happen upon it. I mean, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. But the key is in order for you to achieve at that level on a consistent basis, you wanna develop the consciousness, the awareness, the presence that comes along with playing at that level.

So how do you do that? Well, the first thing you want to do is examine your belief structure. Do I believe it’s possible for anybody? Leave myself outta the equation first. Do I believe it’s possible for anybody to get to this level of accomplishment? Now, clearly it is because we open the newspaper or we look online and we see evidence of people who are not only millionaires, but billionaires. Those people might make a $100,000 a week or an hour. So we have to break down any limiting beliefs that might interfere with our ability to pursue this number. And again, I want the number to just be a metaphor for you, it might be $20,000 a month. That’s the peak that you’re trying to get to. Maybe it’s a quarter of a million dollars a month. Doesn’t matter. It still takes a consciousness. It still takes a thought pattern.

It still takes a belief structure in order for you to accomplish at that level. And what I’m urging you to do is to work towards developing those beliefs. Now, what are our beliefs in the first place? Beliefs are statements that we hold as being true. Now, I could say I am presently in the state of New York, and that would be a fact. I am in the state of New York right now, or I could say New York is a beautiful place to be. Now, that’s a belief. You see, not everybody might share that Facts are immutable. Facts hold for everybody, but beliefs are individual. That’s why somebody can choose a belief structure that will support the ultimate objective that you choose. If you develop empowering beliefs, you’ve got a much better likelihood of having your strategies follow suit, and that’s the point of this particular Thrive in Five.

My challenge for you is to begin developing a series of beliefs that are going to help you get to whatever target you’re aiming at. If it’s a $100,000, bravo, you’d be amazed how much good you can do when you earn at that level, and indeed how much good you’ve already done to achieve at that level. But the bottom line is what are some of the beliefs you might need? The first one is that it’s possible to get there. The second is that it’s possible for you to get there. The third is that it’s possible to get there without cheating anybody, without doing anything wrong, without taking advantage of any side issues. The point is, there’s a completely legitimate ethical way in complete integrity for you to get to a $100,000 a month or whatever that number is for you.

And my challenge for you this week is to begin to discover what are the beliefs that I would need in order to initiate my pathway to a $100,000? Now, you can contact me, [email protected] if you have questions about this, and I will be delighted in every way to support you because the more chiropractors we have who are achieving at very high levels, the more likely it is that our profession manifests the greatness and the power that we deserve and that our marketplace needs. You are more important than you even realize. And every bit that you invest in becoming a successful practitioner not only helps you to become wealthier, but helps the world to become a much better place. I urge you to develop the beliefs that will be necessary for you to walk on the pathway toward a $100,000 a month and you will be delighted with the result. This is Dr. Dennis Perman from The Masters Circle Global signing off for Thrive in Five.

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