Chiropractic Practice: Can You Build a $Million + Practice In This Economic Environment?

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Chiropractic Practice: Can You Build a $Million + Practice In This Economic Environment?

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Chiropractic Practice: Can You Build a $Million + Practice In This Economic Environment?

Welcome to this Week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global where legends are made in legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. Today, I want to ask, can you build a million dollar plus practice in today’s economic environment? Well, the answer to this important question is yes, you can. Yes, others are doing it right now, and yes, it is far more accomplishable than many of you may think. Remember that as important as money is, your collections are always a byproduct of services rendered. It’s a byproduct of creating value and a byproduct of running a smart business building and maintaining a million dollar plus practice occurs for those who know what to do in any economic environment because people are always willing to pay for care that they believe are essential and from someone who they trust. Many of my clients have million dollar plus practices and have had them for many years, even during covid.

Here are some of the common denominators from all of their flourishing and highly profitable practices. They are consistently taking great care in making the invisible visible for their patients, not just managing, reducing or eliminating their patient’s pain, but showing their patients the subclinical findings and explaining what each of these findings means and their significance so that they can monitor and manage the patient’s health effectively now and in the future. They follow a formula of functional chiropractic care, plus functional lifestyle intervention plus functional modalities or technologies for healing. For most functional chiropractic is some form or some variation of brain-based chiropractic, which we’ve been teaching and advocating for almost 15 years. And functional lifestyle intervention is helping their patients with things like stress management, dietary and nutritional recommendations, how to achieve restorative sleep, customize exercises and brain balancing interventions and functional modalities is accomplished with amazing technology like specific lasers, frequency specific microcurrent, PEMF, heart rate variability, and the potential list goes on and on and on. They also all spend an enormous amount of their time, energy, and resources finding training and holding accountable their team to consistently perform with excellence and to be service focused. 

They also have trained themselves to become master communicators to consistently influence how Others think and then behave. They get that persuasion is the most important skill and they work on it all the time. They’re also committed to constant never ending improvement. They engage, they read, they mastermind, they attend seminars, they participate in Zoom masterminds. They take chances and they get that the status quo is their greatest competition and their biggest enemy. They all charge a fee at the most common fee levels or usually above. And this is related to their self-confidence, their self-respect and their self-worth, and they don’t negotiate or give away services, and they recommend what the patient needs and continually customize their recommendations for each individual patient, for each individual visit to help each patient get the best, the fastest, and the longest lasting clinical outcomes they get. That the patients won’t allow the doctor to make the correction if the doctor hasn’t already made a connection.

And it’s hard to grow and have a million dollar plus practice by just doing the same things over and over again without evolving, adapting, refining, or improvement. Patients look to you and your team as role models of excellence, who lead by your own example. They look to see how you live your life and how you are aging gracefully or growing old. They look to you to see how you run your business and how successful you are. Remember to have what only 5% of what the best in class have. You must be willing to do what the other 95% are unwilling to do. And quite frankly, the six essentials should always be part of your daily and weekly training if you’re really serious about making a great impact and income and moving in the direction of becoming best in class yourself. The six essentials are a critical piece of the future of your practice, especially if you aspire to a million dollars practice.

And that is why we’re inviting you to complete our discovery form, which is a series of yes or no responses to each of the six essentials to see which may be your stronger skills and which are your weaker areas for improvement. By completing this simple but significant online evaluation that will take you less than three minutes, it will make the invisible blind spots in how you think and how your practice become visible so you know what you must improve. As you could see right now on your screen is a QR code that will take you right to the discovery form. So please, right now as we’re talking, take out your camera and aim it right at that QR code. It again will take you less than three minutes to that code for you to see the blind spots to show you how you could rapidly improve your practice or what you’re supposed to focus on To generate a million dollar plus practice.

You could just schedule a no cost and no obligation consultation with us if you choose, the fundamentals have changed, the focus has changed, the business model has changed, and the ability to influence how you and your staff believe, think and persuade have changed. You need to know what these refinements are and how to properly implement them quickly, effectively, and consistently. So please do yourself a favor and go to the discovery form because there is so much great value there for your practice now and in the future. Take action my friend, not for me, but for yourself and for the people you serve. Place your camera on that QR code. Go to the discovery form and get yourself clear right now. So if you haven’t already, you could generate that million dollar plus practice. Have a great day and we’ll be back with another Thrive in Five next week.


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