Chiropractic Practice: Do You Know The Best Tool For Persuasion?

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Chiropractic Practice: Do You Know The Best Tool For Persuasion?

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Chiropractic Practice: Do You Know The Best Tool For Persuasion?

Hello everybody and welcome to Thrive in Five. This is Dr. Dennis Perman and I’ll be your chiropractic coach for today. Do you know the best tool for persuasion? Are you aware that there’s something that you do every day that will help you to help people understand what they need to know about being your patient and about succeeding in your office? What if there was something you could do that would cause the person to engage and discover and become an extraordinary compliant patient? And have you noticed what I’m doing? I’m asking questions, and it turns out that questions are your very best tool for persuasion. And you might be wondering, wait a minute, when you persuade, you want to tell people what they need to know, don’t you? Well, facts are forgotten, but stories are retold and remembered. What you wanna do is you wanna ask people so that you uncover the discovery process so that they can have an experience of understanding that goes far beyond just logical information.

You see, we’ve been talking about it for weeks, that you wanna create passion and emotion. And the way you do that is by tapping into people’s own values. They’re not gonna be excited about your values, they’re gonna be excited about their own values. Now, if you ask questions that will uncover their values, so in your office, you want to ask questions like, tell me what’s important to you about getting healthier, or what is your condition preventing you from doing that you really wanna do? Or, how would being well influence your future? By asking questions like this, you uncover their own values and the discovery process causes them to engage, causes them to become enrolled in your way of doing things. Now, sometimes you have to lecture, you have to tell them information, but when you do, you can transform your comment into a question merely by adding what’s known as a tagline or a tie down.

Let me show you, today’s a nice day. Well, if I want to change that into a question, I could say, today’s a nice day, isn’t it? Or your name is Ralph, right? Or, you seem to be doing better, aren’t you? You see, the person who asks the questions is the one who controls the communication. And what you always want to do is you always wanna make sure that you question somebody in such a way that it guides them towards the outcome that you really want them to accomplish. So I talk about persuasion because it’s one of the Six Essential Strategies that you need to know in order to have a thriving business

In marketplace. In fact, we have a website that explains the six essentials, and you can go from ordinary to legendary by using these six essentials. Now, if you wanna learn more about this, we have a wonderful seminar coming up May 19th and 20th in Chicago. The details are right there on the screen. So if you wanna learn how to use questions to persuade, if you wanna learn how to reduce friction, if you wanna learn how to develop your brand into a passion brand and other of the six essentials, the very best way for you to do that would be to join us in Chicago, May 19th and 20th. You’re gonna learn a tremendous amount of incredibly valuable information. In fact, spoiler alert, I’ve written 140 page workbook that you’ll get to take home with you to be able to use as a reference to guide you through all these six essential distinctions. 

So it’s really important that chiropractors learn how to persuade because the marketplace is ripe and ready for us to be able to share our ideas. Please learn how to ask good questions, learn how to be more persuasive, learn how to reduce friction in your practice, and you too can have the practice of your dreams. This is Dr. Dennis Perman from The Masters Circle Global signing off for Thrive in Five.

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