Chiropractic Practice: How To Get The Most Out Of Live Events

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Chiropractic Practice: How To Get The Most Out Of Live Events

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Chiropractic Practice: How To Get The Most Out Of Live Events

Hi everybody. This is Dr. Dennis Perman for The Masters Circle Global. Welcome to Thrive in Five. The title of this Thrive in Five is How to Get the Most Out of Live Events. Now, of course, I’ve got live events on the mind now because we’re preparing for our super conference. I’ll talk to you about that a little later, but I thought it would be useful to let you in on the way that I prepare for my live events. When I go to a seminar, the very first thing that I do is I plan my outcomes. I want to know what I’m going to be trading this event in for. What can I reasonably expect to happen? So the first thing I do is I make a mental plan about what I expect to happen, what I expect to go down. Then I make sure that I’m well rested and properly fed.

There’s nothing worse than being at a seminar and dreaming about food. So I always do my best to be well rested. Yes, I’m the guy who usually falls asleep in the back of the room, so I have to make sure that I’m well rested in order for me to get the most out of the seminar. I always get there early and I want to be in my seat five to 10 minutes before the event will begin. And the reason for that is just vibrationally. I want to get the lay of the land. I want to figure out if there’s anything I might need to know. I’m not paranoid enough to think, oh, I got to check where the exits are in case the place blows up. But still, I like to know what’s going to happen in the room, so I scope it out before I get there.

It’s a basic core ideology of The Masters Circle Global that if you’re not early late, so I make it my business to be there earlier or at least on time for everything. I also make sure to drink water. I find it’s really important to stay hydrated because it keeps my mind sharp, and again, I’m not thinking about where’s the next drink of water coming from. I’m a great note taker. I know some people record events, but I’ve never found that to be productive because I record it and then I never go back and listen to it or watch it. So I’m going to recommend that you have some kind of note taking apparatus in place. It could be as simple as just the pen that they offer you at the hotel and the pen that they give you. Or if you use a success journal or some other kind of way of accumulating your wisdom, then this is something that you can pay attention to as well.

As I said, I sometimes get tired in these events, and what I discovered is that if I get up and walk around, then quickly I get myself back on point, and I recommend that if you are in a live event and you feel yourself starting to slip and be tired, get up and move. Stand up, move around, do something in order to stimulate your physiology. Now, once the event is complete, it’s also important to debrief immediately after. Now, you can debrief with your team if everybody is there, or you can just do a debrief yourself by taking a pad and a pen and just down with your laptop and writing down what were the key points that I gathered from this particular event? What did I learn? What do I think is important? What are the values that I have that are met by the event?

What are some of the distinctions that I made? And then ultimately, you’re going to want to mastermind with others about this, either other people who attended the event or your team when you get home, if they were not at the event with you, you may want to mastermind with them, debrief them, go through the key points that you accumulated right after the event, and then go ahead and mastermind with them about how all these different things can be utilized in the context of your particular practice. Now, some of this may seem like common sense to you, and it is, but many people do not prepare for their events properly. They don’t put the pieces of the puzzle in place before they get there. I find as a professional seminar giver and getter, I find that the smallest amount of preparation is going to go a long way towards helping you to get the most out of your event.

Now, that brings me to SuperConference. SuperConference is the number one most important event of our seminar year. It’s the time when we bring all of our membership together. It’s the time we bring in the absolute top guest speakers to be able to share insights, distinctions, philosophies and techniques to be able to help you to learn what you need to know to make your practice a masterpiece. Now, this year, our event is October 5-7 in Buckhead, Atlanta, and it’s at a beautiful hotel. Atlanta is great. I’m sure most of you have been there. We’ve done everything possible to make sure that this is going to be not just a successful event, but a rewarding, fulfilling, and satisfying event. SuperConference is the highlight of our seminar year, and we certainly hope that you’ll join us. You’ll see a QR code that will give you instant access to our registration, but you got to act on it quickly because the hotel rooms are going very fast and we only have so much room.

So please make sure if you have not yet registered and you’re planning on being at the event, then please join us at SuperConference. Go ahead and click on the, or run your scanner over the QR code, and it will take you exactly where you need to be in order to get the registration process complete. As always, it’s a tremendous pleasure for me to be here with you, especially talking about how to succeed at live events because as I said, I’m a seminar guy. It’s my pleasure to serve you. As always, I’m Dr. Dennis Perman from The Masters Circle Global signing off for Thrive in Five. Please make your life and your practice a masterpiece because The Masters Circle Global is where legends are built and where legendary practices are also made. Great to be with you. Bye now.

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