Chiropractic Practice: Making The Invisible Visible

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Chiropractic Practice: Making The Invisible Visible

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Chiropractic Practice: Making The Invisible Visible

Welcome to this Week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. And today I want to discuss the six essentials and how to make the invisible visible. So let me ask, how do you currently make the invisible visible in your practice? If you’re like the vast majority of our profession, you don’t, and that’s a huge problem my friend. What is visible for almost all new patients is they have a pain or a problem and they’re hoping against hope that you have a solution. Their pain or problem is very visible to them, but here is where this works against you. Pain is visible and it motivates them to come and see you. But when you’re successful and you begin to decrease or eliminate their pain at the same moment, you’re eliminating their reason to come back.

You succeeded in making the visible their pain invisible by eliminating their pain. So get this patients only respond to what’s visible to them. Allow me to give you a couple of very simple examples like exercise. Everyone knows they should exercise. Everyone intends to exercise, but the majority of people stop very early in the process because they don’t see results soon enough. It’s not visible. Everyone knows they should eat clean and eat healthy, but the majority don’t because depriving themselves doesn’t work. But even more important is that the ice cream sundae is very visible and they can’t resist it while they resist the benefits of eating properly because eating properly is invisible to them. We all know that we need to save money for the future to save money for retirement, but the majority cannot resist the temptation of buying things, things they might not even need because what they’re buying is very visible and saving for the future isn’t.

So. Get this critical point where the only healthcare professionals that takes the visible, the patient’s pain and makes it invisible, which then creates all sorts of problems getting patients to continue to care, to be compliant, which then creates another long list of challenges to grow your practice. So your main job becomes making the invisible their health and finding ways to make it visible so they choose to continue care. There are endless ways to successfully do this, including things like x-ray, MRI, blood lab, posture, photos, pulse oximetry, balance trackers, and my favorite heart rate variability. People need to see the problems below the surface, what you and I would call subclinical, and to understand the significance and the damaging effects that can occur so that you could properly monitor and manage that patient with ongoing care. Properly monitored and managed these patients and having them understand the invisible that you made visible are often the key ingredients to create lifetime patients that stay, pay and refer.
The majority of our members have their best year ever year after year, even during the pandemic because they succeeded in making the invisible visible. And because they’re effective at monitoring and managing their patient even when the patient has no pain. 

Everything at this year’s Super conference immersion workshop is programmed and designed to teach you how to make the invisible visible and how to properly monitor and manage your patients, and as a side effect, create more and more lifetime patients who choose care. If your goal is to have many more lifetime patients and you don’t know how to make that happen, then you have a serious floor in your practice model and no business can grow to express its full potential flying blind. By registering and attending super conference along with your key staff, you could stop discounting your fees and you’ll be prepared for the future with all the tools you need to get as many new patients as you want, but even more important to get them to stay and refer and get paid what you’re worth once and for all.

You need to register for SuperConference along with your key staff and get it done today. Remember to have what only 5% of what the best in class in our profession has. You have to be willing to do what the 95% of our profession has been unwilling to do, and this is why we’re inviting you to learn more. And then register yourself and your team to attend the three-day Chiropractic Immersion workshop in entitled Future Focus. Coming up next week, October 5th – 7th in Atlanta, Georgia. On the screen right now is a QR code. Please take out your phone, go to your camera and aim it at that code. Go ahead and do it. I’ll wait for you because once you put it onto that code, it’ll take you right to the conference immersion workshop, landing page where you’ll learn everything that is going to be covered, why it’s going to be covered, and why it’s essential for you and your team to attend. 

Please do yourself a big favor. Clear your schedule. Get your airline tickets, get ready to drive whatever is necessary, and take action today to take you and your team to this event. Again, that QR code is on the screen. Aim your camera at it and read all about SuperConference. Get yourself registered. It’ll be the best decision you made this entire year.


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