Chiropractic Practice: New Beginnings, Old Wisdom

Chiropractic Practice: New Beginnings, Old Wisdom

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Chiropractic Practice: New Beginnings, Old Wisdom

Hello everybody and welcome to Thrive in Five. This is Dr. Dennis Perman, and I’ll be your host for today. This Thrive in Five session is called New Beginnings, Old Wisdom. And the reason it’s so important from my point of view is because we’ve got this beautiful blank canvas of a year to write on, we’ve got this marvelous opportunity to be able to create all kinds of new amazing things in our lives and our practices. And yet, without the foundation of old wisdom, the distinctions that we’ve made about what has happened up until this time, well then it’s just too haphazard, too chaotic, and not easily handled. So we wanna find the right interface between the newness of the year and the establishment of the, uh, common wisdom that we’ve all built, our practices and our lives upon, they say will begun as half one. So I think it’s important as we begin this new year to take stock of what the most important aspects are.

I talk about the SIX Ps, having a sense of purpose, establishing personal goals, establishing professional goals, setting people goals, or is it not goals for other people that goals for you in the context of your relationship with other people, prosperity goals. And of course, that needs no explanation and play goals. Oddly, it seems like everybody has a different orientation as to which of these goals are easiest to set and which of them are hardest to manifest. So I think it’s important for you to sit back and think about what the most important elements are for you so that you can be investing your time, energy, capital, and resources in the things that are going, going to take you in the direction you really want to go. Now, um, everybody has a different style of setting goals, but you just have to choose one that works for you.

And the fact of the matter is, you can’t do this wrong. You know, they say the best day to set goals is October 1st, but the second best day is today. Because after all, if you didn’t catch the wave on October 1st to be able to create a 90 day window for your mind to cook and work on the goals, well, there’s nothing we can do about that. You can’t go back only forward. So let’s concentrate from now on. If you haven’t already done this, on creating the goals, that will be the guidelines for your work during each of your days. Now, personal goals are important because each individual may have different, aspects of their life that they may need to work on. You may need to sleep more, you may need to read more, you may need to eat better or differently, exercise better or differently, meditate or pray better or differently.

These are elements that should be included in your goal setting because even though they’re not about achieving a certain measurable statistical outcome, they’re very much a part of the intentionality that you create in moving forward in your life. Professional goals are simple enough. I mean, after all, uh, if you don’t keep statistics in your practice, perhaps this is a good time for you to start because your practice statistics will sing to you. They will tell you where your attention is best invested and what kinds of things you might need to do differently, what kinds of things you may need to maintain, and what kinds of things you may need to amplify. Now, if you are great at getting new patients, then typically we wanna work on getting new patients. If you’re great at retaining patients, then typically we wanna work on PVA and new patients.

We spend less time thinking about. This is why it’s so important in consideration of your goals to look at your weaker areas, not just the things that you like working on that you’re strong at, but look at your weaker areas, the things that if you were to work on them, they would have the most profound difference. For many people, this is business stuff, prosperity elements of, generating, accumulating and, investing wealth. It’s important for you to be able to learn about this because you’re going to be making a lot of money as you go forward. Chiropractors are very successful, especially when they understand the new beginnings, old wisdom’s format. So you wanna have advisors to help you know where your money is safe, where it’s best invested, where it can be protected, and where it can work the most for you.

Now, people goals, I think, is obvious enough. We all know that we can’t do this alone. We have to have others to help us. But are you already giving the feedback to the people in your life that you need to in order for them to support you and for them to feel your support as well? Now, ultimately, using a SIX P’s goal setting format or any format that you choose is only as good as what you decide to do after you’ve established the intentions. So my suggestion is establish your intentions, decide what the targets are, prioritize them so you know which ones are the most important ones for you to work on, and then take massive action. Because it’s the action that effectuates these goals. It’s the action that causes them to come into reality. So we wanna make sure that not only do you do the legwork of creating the new beginning, but you fall back on the old wisdom that says that when you take action, you’ve got a much better likelihood of creating what it is that you wanna accomplish. It’s my delight to be here with you, as it always is. Happy New Year to everybody and this is Dr. Dennis Perman from The Masters Circle Global signing off for Thrive in Five.

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