Chiropractic Practice: The Functional Health Management Score and Practice Reality

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Chiropractic Practice: The Functional Health Management Score and Practice Reality

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Chiropractic Practice: The Functional Health Management Score and Practice Reality

Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. I want to discuss the Functional Health Management score and practice reality. One of my favorite quotes is, Ultra successful people are uncommonly skilled at execution and implementation.

The feedback from the functional health management score has been beyond terrific and it will transform your practice, increase patient compliance, generate more new patients, but only if you consistently use it and implement it properly. We see the functional health management tool is the only interactive tool that will create lifelong patients.

When you sign up, you’ll get your specific QR code and a link for you and your practice. You’ll use your QR code and your short link for all of your marketing on social media, in your emails, on the videos you create, your SMS texting, Any office newsletter, your blog that you publish, and the list goes on and on.

So you may ask, what’s a short link? Well, a short link shortens the long URL code in the address bar of the page, where your functional health management score is living, and condenses it down to a minimum number of characters, so people can click it, remember it, and type it into their browser. It also allows you to send out a link to your functional health management score via a text and be able to fit the characters of your short link into the character limit SMS.

A QR code is that strange looking square consisting of black and white lines and other squares that you could scan with your camera on your smartphone. Once again, you’ll be using your QR code in all of your marketing and on everything you do. In addition, you can create posters and slides with your QR code to use at lectures, presentations, your local BNI chapter, your ads, billboards, you name it.

Believe me, this is super easy to set up and crazy effective to get current patients, inactive patients and potential new patients to use your short link or your QR code to take the functional health management score themselves. Everyone who takes this simple and practical three minute online. test will be surprised by their score and their grade.

One of the many benefits is that those who take the test learn what they may not be doing right or not enough to be as healthy as they can be. It creates self awareness. Quite frankly, It makes the invisible visible for them. As long as the test is generated by your QR code or your short link, you get an email of who took the test, what the answers were to each and every question, what their score was, and perhaps most important, who took the test.

What their willingness and motivation to get healthier and to live better is on the functional health management score. There are two questions asking the patient or prospective patient to grade their motivation to follow a health building program. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest and to follow the same grading system for their willingness to follow a health building system.

We have found that 7 is your magic number. When they answer both of these questions on willingness and motivation as 7 or higher, there is an excellent chance this is or will be a committed and compliant patient. But if their scores are six or less, you either have a lot of work to do to raise their score or not to waste too much of your precious time with these people.

The beauty of the Functional Health Management Score is that it lets you know up front if the patient is someone you want in your office or there’s someone to dedicate your time to. The one simple question to ask to get everyone to take and complete the Online Functional Health Management Score is this.

Are you healthy? And how do you know? Let me repeat that. Are you healthy? And how do you know? Remember that the only thing that makes lifetime patients is making the invisible visible. And that is exactly what the functional health management score does. How do you sell health to a lay person when they’ve been brainwashed to believe that health is just feeling good or just having no pain?

Remember that healthy people always feel good, but feeling good is no indication they’re healthy. We’ve all heard way too many examples of people feeling good And suddenly dying of a heart attack or stroke or discovering that they have cancer And now that your patient is out of pain and unfortunately also out of motivation Because you made the only thing that was visible their pain Invisible, what are you selling and how could you sell it more effectively?

If you’re selling a healthier lifestyle or what many of us refer to as a chiropractic lifestyle What do you see when you look in the mirror? And what do you see when you look at your staff? I’ve been begging colleagues for years to take better care of themselves, to stop trading their patient’s subluxations for their subluxations, to lead by example, to exercise more, take their supplements, get better and longer restorative sleep, to lower their stress load, to improve their brain function, and of course, to get adjusted far more specifically and far more often.

Does your staff get adjusted? Do they get adjusted regularly? Are they fit and energized? Are they role models of health that your patients respect and admire? We have to remember that people and patients only see what’s visible. Hopefully, and ideally, you and your team have amazing energy and endurance.

You eat healthy and clean. Take your top of line healing supplements, exercise regularly, get hours of restorative sleep, find effective ways to neutralize your stress, including, of course, again, getting adjusted regularly and specifically. It’s so important to realize that That your patients are only willing to do what they see, and if they don’t see consistent signs of health and vitality in your office, you could tell them all day every day about the marvels of chiropractic, but ultimately they will yes you to death and not believe a word you have to say.

This is way too common and a serious friction. Sabotaging your ability to grow your practice and grow your impact. Many of my clients have million dollar practices and have had them for years because they fully understand this important concept aren’t and are in fact role models of health excellence inside their practice and hire and maintain staff.

who also take their health very seriously. They understand that the patient won’t allow the doctor to make a correction. If the doctor fails to make the connection and it’s hard to grow a million dollar plus practice by just doing the same things over and over again, without ever adapting, refining, improving, and growing.

They know that selling health is hard enough, but it’s close to impossible if they and their team are not role models of health excellence. And they also know that selling health is close to impossible without using the functional health management score, registering and enrolling to have the functional health management score work for you and work for your practice to create better engagement, better compliance, More new patients create more commitment to generate more growth is like having your own Swiss army knife to create far more patients that choose lifetime care on your screen right now is our Qr code, please.

Take out your camera. Take out your cell phone put it in the camera and aiming at that code. It’ll take you right to the online test yourself the functional health management score and you could actually test yourself and see how healthy or unhealthy you are. Make decisions and discover things you could be doing better and see how easy this is.

But how impactful this is, the fundamentals have changed, the focus has changed, the business model has changed and the ability to influence your staff and how your patients think have changed. You need to know what these refinements are and how to implement them properly and effectively. If you expect to overcome the dilemma of selling health, The functional health management score dramatically helps you do just that.

So again, take out your phone, take out the camera part and aim it right at that QR code and complete this simple but sophisticated and significant test yourself today. You’ll be very surprised and you’ll see instantly how to grow your practice using it.


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