Chiropractic Practice: The Functional Health Score

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Chiropractic Practice: The Functional Health Score

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Chiropractic Practice: The Functional Health Score

Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. Today, let’s discuss the functional health management score. Did you know there’s only one thing you could do to get your patients to follow through with your recommendations and then become lifetime patients?

Believe me, it’s not showing them research on how effective or how proven what you do is. There’s more research on exercise and the importance of healthy diet on longevity, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease than any research you could find about what you do. And yet only 25 percent of the population is physically fit and 90 percent of the population are on a poor, ineffective diet.

And it’s the same thing with New Year’s resolutions. Millions of people make resolutions each year, but only 9 percent of them completed according to all the research and how many people still smoke? Drink or use drugs, even though everyone knows that these things kill us believe it or not It’s not all for the same reason It comes from the same reason.

It comes from their health. In fact, it’s the same reason why people don’t save for retirement. Get this. People are only motivated by what’s visible to them and ignore everything that is invisible to them. They don’t exercise regularly because the benefits of exercise is invisible to them for the first few weeks or the first few months.

They don’t eat right because the benefits of a healthy diet are invisible to them in the beginning as well. And many don’t save money for retirement because what their life will be like in 20 or 30 or 40 years down the road is also invisible. They initially come to see you because they’re motivated by pain or a symptom, which is visible, but as soon as their pain or their symptom goes away, Anything you tell them about the benefits of continuing care is invisible.

So guess what? They ignore it and don’t listen to you. The reason anyone can guarantee you all the new patients you want is because they know that new patients have a visible problem, they have a pain, so they can easily motivate them to take action and make an appointment to come to see you. But how many can guarantee you to get patients to continue care once their pain and their symptoms are gone?

The answer, my friend, is no one. Because the benefits of continuing care is invisible no matter what you tell them. So what’s the solution? That’s the question we need to ask. What is the solution? The solution is mastering how to make the invisible visible by asking essential questions like how healthy are you and how do you know?

The truth is nobody knows, including you and me. When it comes to health, I know of nothing better. Forgetting new patients, then making the invisible visible. And the most effective way you could possibly do that is with the functional health management score, which I’ll tell you more about in just a moment.

So stay with me. Remember. We have all become experts at selling pain and pain relief. Millions of dollars have been spent promoting chiropractic as a drug free alternative to pain. And like it or not, we have to recognize and understand and know how to deal with that. As I hope you’ve come to realize that nothing you show or tell your new patient who is in pain has any importance past pain because patients have been trained to tell you anything, even lie to you to get what they want.

The challenge for you is to find ways to convince that patient that you can get them out of pain faster than anyone else. And that there are reasons why they should come to you instead of taking a drug or going to a franchise and getting a 17 adjustment. So how do you sell health to a layperson when they’ve been brainwashed to believe that health is just feeling good or just having no pain?

Remember, healthy people always feel good, but feeling good is no indication that you’re healthy. We’ve all heard way too many times and too many examples of people feeling good and having a heart attack, or feeling good and having a stroke, or feeling good and discovering they have cancer. The functional health management score is your simple but significant online test or survey that takes the average person less than three minutes to complete.

Every question has been carefully selected after months of research based on what people always relate to and based on what actually impacts their life and their health. The questions have been selected to engage your patient to complete the test. Every question about every symptom and every body system is important and weighted in a way to arrive at a score just like your credit score.

The score is calculated in nanoseconds based on a very specific logarithm to give you a grade ranging from an A through F. So it’s A, B, C, D or or F and giving you an actual numerical value. We’ve tested it over and over and most everyone is honestly shocked by their score and what this specific store score indicates.

It makes the invisible visible for them. Of the unlimited benefits of taking the functional health management score, there are three things that really are critical. There are dozens, but I want to share these three. It has so many ways you can use it to get more new patients that it’s beyond crazy. It gets people also to fully realize that they have a functional problem affecting systems in their body and that their pain is just a manifestation of their problem.

And three, it makes the invisible very visible so that your patient is motivated to continue care once their pain is gone. As you already know, most people think that they’re healthy. They believe that because they feel okay. They’re healthy in their mind. but they’re not really healthy. We have to give patients what they want, but we’re obligated to give patients what they need.

Remember that people and patients only see what’s visible. The functional health management tool allows your patients and your prospective and possible patients to see how their lifestyle choices are impacting their health by making the subclinical findings extremely visible. This is a revolutionary new tool and don’t just take my word for it.

Take the test yourself and have a few of your patients or your staff take the test and I assure you, you’ll be a blown, you’re going to be blown away. The test even asks to rate your motivation to follow a health plan to get well. from one to 10 with 10 being the highest. And a second question is to rate your willingness to follow the plan from one to 10 as well.

These quick questions quickly separate for you the serious new patients with scores of seven or higher, from those that are just looking to take up your time and willing to do anything that’s free or inexpensive. The feedback from your colleagues who have used this test has been consistently off the charts, highly effective and revolutionary in making the invisible visible and getting patients to commit to continuing care once the pain is gone.

So right now on your screen is a QR code. Take out your camera right now and aim it directly at that QR code, and it will take you right to the functional health management score so you could take that three minute test yourself or have others take it. See what your score is. See how healthy you are.

see how easy and impactful this process is. Please answer the questions honestly, and then hit submit at the end to get your score and see where you rank between A and F. If you are almost like everyone else, you could then decide if you want to use this amazing tool to grow your practice, grow your income, and grow your impact by making the invisible visible for your current patients and your future patients.

So once again, take out your camera. Go ahead, take out your cell, put it on your camera, aim it at that QR code. I’m waiting for you. Go ahead and do it. Don’t procrastinate and discover if you’re healthy or not and find out the truth about what’s going on with you. I can assure you that the functional health management score will make the invisible visible and when used properly the way we show you in your clinic, it will transform your clinic quickly and effectively.

Once and for all we’ll have another Thrive in Five for you again next week. So have a great week, but make sure to take this test.

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