Chiropractic Practice: The Science Behind The Functional Health Management Score

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Chiropractic Practice: The Science Behind The Functional Health Management Score

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Chiropractic Practice: The Science Behind The Functional Health Management Score

Welcome to this week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching today. I want to discuss the science behind the functional health management score. You know, it’s not your fault. It has nothing to do with how good or how bad you are at performing it, but table talk alone can possibly work well to create lifetime patients.

Table talk doesn’t even appeal to the part of the brain where all decisions on health and just about everything else are made. The emotional brain. So here are some facts for you to consider your old brain. The old primitive fight or flight part of your brain makes most of your decisions, especially the important ones.

And your old brain is primarily responsive to anything pertaining to you. And the reason is because it’s completely self centered as that is part of your survival mechanism and your old brain is not qualified to process written language, the use of words, especially complicated words, as all of that only slows down the decoding and the understanding of your message, your old brain is visual.

You are hardwired to make your decisions that are mostly based on visual input. In fact, 80 percent or more of the messages your brain responds to are visual messages. And finally, your old brain is only triggered by emotion. Scientific studies consistently show that emotions create electrochemical responses in the brain, and these reactions, these responses directly impact the way you process and remember information.

Emotions are the key that unlock your old brain, and emotions are what set you and everyone else into motion. to take action and to move forward. Table Talk is important, but its limitations are significant as it appeals to the rational brain and not the old primitive brain. Table Talk is never self focused and it uses words, not visual images.

Contrast that with the functional health management score that totally appeals to your primitive old brain, always pertains to the self scented part of your brain, and is visual in its input and triggers definite emotion. It’s pretty obvious that the functional health management score was scientifically designed to appeal to the decision making part of the brain, the primitive brain, the patient or perspective patient completes the questionnaire, which is all about them.

The results is a visual representation of their current health status. Similar to looking at your colorful and graded credit score, it then triggers an emotion that they might be vulnerable, creating an electrochemical response as their survival mechanism kicks in. In contrast, Table talk is exactly the opposite.

If you ever had a person become a lifetime patient, I can assure you that it had almost nothing to do with table talk alone. It was because they liked you and you had an emotional appeal and you created a connection so that they allow you to make the correction. Please remember that we’re in the relationship business and somehow, some way, you created a relationship with that patient.

And let’s also remember that you should be beginning every new patient with your most desired outcome for that patient to become a lifetime patient in your clinic. Create the shift from the patient feeling that they have to see you to the patient wanting to see you. If you’ve been following the functional health management score emails and the amazing feedback we continue to get, that should be telling you something important about its effectiveness.

The feedback about the Functional Health Management Score has been beyond terrific, and I can assure you it will transform your practice, increase patient compliance, generate more new patients, but only if you consistently use it, and properly implemented. We see the functional health management score as the only interactive tool you need to create lifetime patients.

And we all want lifetime patients. When you sign up, you will get your own specific QR code and short link for you and your practice. You’ll use that QR code and short link for all of your marketing on social media. And you can In your emails, on the videos you create, in your SMS texting, any office newsletter, your blog that you publish, and the list goes on and on.

You’ll be using your QR code in all your marketing and on everything you do. In addition, you can create posters and slides with your QR code that you could use at lectures, presentations, your local BNI chapter, your ads, billboards, you name it. Believe me, this is super easy to get up and crazy effective to get current patients, inactive patients, and potential new patients to use your short link or QR code to take the functional health management score test themselves.

Everyone who takes this simple and practical three minute online text. will be surprised by their score and their grade. And one of the many benefits is that those who take the test learn what they may or may not be doing right or wrong that will help them get healthy or stop them from being sick. It creates self awareness.

It makes the invisible visible for them. The beauty of the Functional Health Management score is that it lets you know right up front if the patient is someone who you want in your office and who’s serious about getting well or someone who’s just wasting your time. The one simple question you have to learn to ask everyone and take to complete this online Functional Health Management score is this question.

Are you healthy? And how do you know? Remember that the only thing that makes lifetime patients is making the invisible visible. And that’s exactly what the functional health management score does. Remember that people and patients and you only see what’s visible. Hopefully, and ideally, you and your team have great energy and endurance.

You guys eat healthy and clean, take your supplements, exercise regularly, get your restorative sleep, find effective ways to neutralize your stress, including, of course, getting adjusted specifically and regularly, frequently, and often. It’s so important to realize that your patients are only willing to do what they see.

And if they don’t see consistent signs of health and vitality in your office, you could tell them all day until you’re blue in the face about the marvels of chiropractic, but ultimately They will yes you to death and not believe a word you have to say. And unfortunately this is way too common and a serious point of friction sabotaging your ability to grow your practice.

Many of my clients have million dollar plus practices and have had them for years because they fully understand this important concept and are in fact role models of health and excellence inside their practice and they hire and maintain staff that also take their health seriously. It’s hard to grow a million dollar plus practice by doing the same things over and over and over again without ever adapting, refining or improving.

And they know that selling health is hard enough. But it’s almost impossible if they and their team are not models of health excellence themselves. And they also know that selling health is close to impossible without using the functional health management score, registering and enrolling to have the functional health management score work for you and work for your practice to create better engagement.

better compliance. More new patients create more commitment to generate more growth is like having an amazing Swiss army knife to create far more patients that shoes and want lifetime care on your screen right now is a QR code. Take out your camera. Take out the phone and aim it right on that code right now.

Go ahead. Do it. I’ll wait for you because it will take you right to the online functional health management score for yourself and you’ll learn yourself. You’ll see how easy this is, how quick this is and how impactful and visually impactful it is. I want to remind you that fundamentals have changed.

The focus and practice has changed. The business model has changed and the ability to influence how your staff and your patients think and behave have changed. You need to know what these refinements and changes are and how to implement them properly and effectively and consistently. If you expect the overcome the dilemma of selling health.

The functional health management score dramatically helps you do just that. So if you missed out, go ahead, take out your cell phone, put it on your camera, aim it on that code right now. Go ahead, do it and complete the simple but essential questions asked and see for yourself how profound this is. Hope you have a great week.

We’ll see you again next week with another Thrive in Five.


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