New Age Neuro To Explode Your Practice

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New Age Neuro To Explode Your Practice

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New Age Neuro To Explode Your Practice

Hey everyone, this is Dr. Bob Hoffman of The Masters Circle Global once again, and we have another fascinating interview for you coming up, a short, powerful information rich interview, something you’re definitely gonna want to pay attention to. So please give me your undivided attention and please help me welcome Stan Esecson, who’s a dear friend. He’s been at many, many Masters Circle events. Our members rave about him and Stan, what is it that you really want to talk about today?

Bob, it’s always great to see you and Dennis and Sharon and Stephanie and everybody. So doing it today is great. So we’ve, as a result of what we’ve been doing, we’ve created a new program that we call New Age Neuro, and your viewers can learn about it by just going to new age Bottom line, this is a treatment protocol for peripheral neuropathy. And as you know, no pun intended, but the diabetic population keeps growing and there’s never an end in sight for people that suffer with neuropathy. And unfortunately, to date, there haven’t been a lot of good treatments. A lot of times they’ll go to their endocrinologist or they’ll go to their doctor, they end up getting pharmaceuticals, they’ll be on Gabapentin, they’ll be on Lyrica. Sometimes that helps with some of the symptoms, but it’s really not doing anything to help the underlying cause of the neuropathy.

We’ve got a, an FDA cleared protocol that actually helps with the nerves that actually helps stimulate nerve growth. And doctors can do, you know, the gold standard is a punch biopsy. They will actually see after our treatments, they will see growth in the five nerve fibers. And so it’s a program that patient, we like to say, our little slogan is, your patients will be grateful, your CPA will be amazed because we’ve put together a package that’s incredibly profitable for you and it’s very, very effective for your patients. And that’s what we’re gonna be talking about. That’s what your doctors can go to the website check out and learn more about because especially if they’re already working with that neuropathy population or if they’re looking to expand their horizons to a very, very profitable niche of patient population, this is a way that you’re gonna see patients. Typical new patient is gonna come in twice a week for 12 weeks. And if you have an integrated practice and you’ve got an MD there, you can actually build this to insurance Medicare reimburses for this protocol and the average value of each of these new patients somewhere in the three to $5,000 range just for that initial 12 week cycle. Then you reevaluate and based on that new reevaluation, you can continue if it’s warranted.

Beautiful, beautiful. And uh, how do doctors either learn more or what are their next action steps?

Yeah, it’s really simple. If you just go to new age, and I don’t know if, can you show the web?

Perfect. Yeah, just pulled it up

Here. Here it is. So yeah, if you just go to and then you scroll down a little bit, it’s gonna show you, you know, a little introduction to the story. And we actually have a pretty bold guarantee on there. As a matter of fact, as you see, we guarantee that following our protocol and our marketing campaign, if you don’t bring in an additional $500,000 in the first 12 months, we’re gonna buy back our equipment. That’s how sure we are, that this is gonna be very, very well received in your community. And then if you just click on that green button, you’re just gonna put in your name, your contact info, that’ll open up even more information for you. And then we just say, Hey, schedule a 15 minute call. And in that 15 minute call, we’ll be able to answer all of your questions. We’ll be able to give you more of the technical, we can get into the marketing. We’ve got great financing available for doctors. And the bottom line is it’s a program. The time has come for people to really try to find answers. The population that’s in pain is a huge population and we can really help them drug free. We’re not prescribing any medication for any of them. It’s a beautiful program that patients really thrive on. No pain, non-invasive. They like coming in for their appointments.

Beautiful, beautiful. Stan, you’re also gonna be with us in Chicago. Will doctors get a chance to learn about that? Um, may, um, eight, 19th and 20th. Is that the date? Yes,

Yes, yes. I’m absolutely looking forward to being there and I look forward to seeing you guys and look forward to seeing some of the old docs and seeing some of the new people that you’re gonna have there as well. It’s always, it’s always great to be at any of The Masters Circle events.

Very good. I have to tell you, you know, I speak to chiropractors every day, lots of them. Uh, neuropathy is a big problem. It’s getting bigger and bigger. Um, some of my doctors have gotten involved and are getting amazing, amazing results of these people. And it’s very profitable. And again, if you have a, an MD that you’re associated with, or sometimes even just a nurse practitioner, um, this is reimbursable. But even if it’s not, when someone is, has neuropathy and they’re in constant pain and nothing has helped, they’re highly motivated to pay for the care themselves if they have to. So, um, this is something to look into. Of course, these people all need to get adjusted, adjusted regularly, but this is a neurological specific problem that has neurological specific solutions. And, um, I love that it’s kind of turnkey and organized. I even love your marketing.

You know, what a great statement. Your patients will be grateful and your CPA will be amazed. Uh, I, I’m very impressed about that, about the website, about the information it offers, and it all leads to a personal human having a human conversation, which in today’s world, we all crave and appreciate. Get your questions answered, find out how to get involved, find out what it costs, find out what it pays, find out about the clinical results, et cetera, et cetera. I love that there’s a guarantee, Stan, I think that’s a really powerful thing. And, um, I gotta tell you, you know, we’ve known each other quite a while. You keep evolving what you are promoting and teaching and sharing keeps evolving, but every step of the way, it’s always a rock solid product or program. And the re the feedback that I get from my members who get engaged with you and use your services are always just absolutely thrilled. I’m sure you have a closing comment. Yeah,

Just, I’ve always appreciated, you know, you and Dennis and Stephanie and everybody being there, because even though usually the vendors are outside, so I don’t get to hear a lot of the actual training that you do, the times that I have, I know you guys are really every day striving to make your doctors more successful and have them enjoy what they’re doing. Cuz unfortunately, we live in a day and age where people are working more, not necessarily making more money, they’ve got more hassle, more stress. If they can find some things that can help reduce their stress, that helps improve patient outcomes, it makes everybody happier. And you guys really helped teach that and I appreciate being able to be associated with you.

Thank you. Just a, a quick little tidbit before we end. Um, this morning I was talking to a long-term member and he was just a bit frustrated about what’s been going on in his practice over the last two or three weeks. And he says to me, out of frustration, oh my god, practice is so different today than it was 10 years ago. And first, that’s of course true, but I tried to clarify it for him. That practice is so different to today than it was 10 months ago. Uh, practice keeps changing, the world keeps changing. And my big concept is this, if the rate of change outside your practice is greater than the rate of change inside your practice, at best, your practice is not gonna grow. And at worst, you’re not gonna have a practice. So please get in touch with Stan. Please go to the website one more time. It’s and find out more about it. Or come to Chicago and meet Stan and talk to him directly. Have a great day. Stan, thanks. you so much for your time, for your expertise, and for always bringing chiropractors these amazing tools and techniques.

Thanks Bob. Always a pleasure.

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