Next Generation Healing Made Simple

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Next Generation Healing Made Simple

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Next Generation Healing Made Simple

Well, well, well, we have a delightful guest for you today that’s gonna absolutely light you up, and this is something you wanna pay absolute attention to. Today we have the pleasure of meeting with my dear friend and Rezzimax Inventor founder, an amazing tool that every chiropractor, every wellness practitioner should have in his or her office use on their patients. I use it literally every single day on myself, uh, to do things like strengthen my vagal efficiency, which is so important, or to deal with an injury or a problem. It’s such a versatile tool. If you don’t already know, Sharik Peck, you’re gonna get to know him in the next few minutes. Welcome on. She

Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be with you, Bob, today.

Always a pleasure to have you. Now, I understand you just got back literally a couple of days ago from Cuba and you were doing some, um, learning about doing some reach research trials. Tell us a little bit about that.

We’re actually starting our very first, uh, placebo controlled double blind research study into the, uh, Rezzimax, um, into some of the techniques we’re validating our protocols, if you will. And, uh, um, really excited about this. It’s gonna involve some Q E E G studies, some, uh, electromyography studies, some heart rate variability, and researching that thoroughly with a, large sample with the hopes of getting FDA clearance in, uh, this first one’s on headaches. But we intend to take that same approach to a number of conditions to go for FDA clearance over the next, uh, year or two.

That’s beautiful. I wish you all the luck with it and I would be shocked outta my skin if it didn’t come back highly effective for all of these things. Now, we were just recently together about two months ago at a KATMAN seminar, and you were debuting your new app driven, um, smaller RezziMax. Can you talk a little bit about that as well?

Oh, people are gonna love this thing. It’s the size of a hockey puck, which makes it a perfect size to be able to, um, carry with you in a pocket or in a, you know, we’re gonna have various configurations for it. But, um, one of our goals has always been to give practitioners that are really talented, the ability to dial in the frequencies that they need to dial into to be able to best help their clients. Um, this is the first step into doing that. We have to be able to control it, control it via an app, and probably version two that’ll come out a few months after the, uh, initial version. Actually, it’ll just be an upgrade in the software. Um, will, will allow the practitioner to start being able to, uh, manipulate and modulate some of these, uh, um, frequencies, um, which is gonna be really cool.
And it’s small, it’s waterproof. It’s, it’s very, very nice. The other great thing about that, Bob, is as soon as we perfect the technology going into this new one, which it does take a lot to, uh, make a smaller device and make everything work right, but as soon as we perfect that we’re taking the technology that we’re now developing and the app or non app driven, you know, some people are sensitive and can’t, uh, handle those, uh, those, uh, communications. But, um, but you can run this just as you do our current, uh, tuner as well. But we’re gonna take that technology and put it right back into our existing, uh, Tuner Pro 2. And it’s one of the fascinating things. You love those little algorithms, those patterns, we’re gonna have three levels of algorithms on our new one that are very easy to access. It’ll start in the middle range, but if you want it gentle, just push it down and it’ll go into a gentle range. You want it higher, it’ll go into the higher. And we’ve done all of that in the, uh, in the very same format to make it easier for practitioners to use our device, simple push on the phone or push a button on the device, and you’ve got access to it.

Beautiful. Now, for those that are watching and listening to this who aren’t familiar with the Rezzimax, it’s this amazing little inexpensive tool that has different settings in it, this light blue setting, and then it goes to, um, um, a darker blue, and then it goes to a green and then it goes to a red, etc, etc. All have different frequencies that you help the doctor understand. You actually have a whole manual on this, on how to use these in different ways depending on the condition. For example, I, I probably use the green 90% of the time that I’m using it because that is what is stimulating my parasympathetic nervous system primarily. And, um, I’m, I’m a big advocate for me personally to stimulate my parasympathetic nervous system. But could you speak a little bit more about that, about the customization of using your reax to really help almost anybody with almost any type of condition?

Absolutely. One of the things that’s absolutely fascinating with this is, is when you, uh, when you put it into the red mode, a lot of our practitioners don’t understand what that’s for, but that red mode will kick the nervous system almost immediately into a sympathetically driven state. Now, you might ask, why in the world would we want to fire up the sympathetics? We’re always trying to calm ’em down, aren’t we? There are some conditions such as autoimmunity, or let’s say a person has, uh, Guillain-Barre syndrome or has some of these outlying ones or, or maybe they have multiple sclerosis and their nervous system is such, is in such a lowered state of function that you actually want to rev it up and then put it into balance. So we’ll do that by putting it on the red one, running these frequencies through the nervous system that actually fires it up, and then we’ll turn it onto the green to put it into balance.
You already run at a fairly high level, so just putting it into that wave form of the, uh, green waves, it’s like sitting down at the beach and watching those waves come in after one, after another. But there are times when we need to wake the body up, wake the brain up, and the, the central nervous system, the immune functions, and then put it back into a balanced state. This works extremely well on stomach and digestive issues and, and a lot of chronic diseases. So I think people are gonna enjoy much more being able to play with using red, alternating it with blue, using red with green. The white, the white, uh, mode is what I call white noise, and it’s just kind of meandering all over the place. But this is extremely important. If you want your brain always focusing on a particular part of the body, stick it on white mode, stick it in that area of the, uh, body and let it, um, let it send those messaging up to the brain to keep paying attention better to that part.

Beautiful. Just beautiful. I get, I’m being absolutely frank and honest with you. I literally use it every day and some days I might only use it for 30 seconds, and some days I might use it for 15 minutes, but I’m using it in some shape, manner, or form every single day. I, I just, I travel with it. I don’t know how people don’t have one or don’t use it. And you know, so many of my members that I personally coach, they’re using it all the time in their office. They’re getting great results with it. They’re selling them all the time. Um, again, relatively inexpensive, easy to, to resell. Patients don’t have an issue purchasing them, profitable to the doctor. To me this is a win-win everywhere. Now, one of the things I like to switch our conversation to is I know you will not be able to attend our Chicago seminar because you have a conflict, which nothing we could do about that. But you’re gonna be speaking at SuperConference and I am so excited for that to happen. Um, you’ve never spoken for us at SuperConference before. You always have this huge line of people watching you work and waiting on line to be treated by you. But, um, I’m super excited about you presenting there. So, uh, could you just share a little bit on your end? You’ve now been to multiple SuperConferences, your thoughts about this?

Well, I’m really excited to share with you, with our, our participants a lot more about the recipes we’ve been writing up and figuring out how to, uh, how to help people dial in their techniques to be able to get the most out of them. So we have, uh, we’ve been putting together a recipe manual for dogs and cats and horses and one for humans on all kinds of conditions to help our practitioners out. We should have that all perfected by then. We’ll have our new device, um, it should be ready in August. Um, we’ve just got a lot of new things that, uh, we’re excited to be able to share. And if all goes well, we will have at least one published study in a tier one or tier two, uh, journal that is ready to share with the world. Uh, by the time we roll around to SuperConference, we’ll probably have our second research study, uh, underway by then as well.

That’s beautiful. Beautiful. I think the doctors in the audience are gonna love hearing and seeing a demo of some of the best ways of treating some of the most common problems in conjunction with chiropractic care to accelerate the results to get even faster, even better, even longer lasting clinical results. And you are just a whizz at that. I mean, that, that is your calling and, and your claim to fame and I can’t wait for the doctors in the audience to hear and see that kind of a demonstration. I think it’ll be just awesome.

It is going to be a blast. Can’t wait to be there and, and to, uh, share all kinds of new things with everybody

In the interim. Sharik, if someone watching this is not going to be in Chicago and doesn’t wanna wait until October, if they need to get in touch with you or Rezzimaz, is there a simple, easy way for them to reach out to you?

Absolutely. They can get ahold of me straight off the website or just simply Sharik, [email protected]. And I do answer all my own emails, so I’d love to visit with anybody that has questions.

And the website is Might be nice to, uh, share that. Uh, we’re gonna be highlighting our affiliate program and the details or access from the front page of our website right now. They can go on and take a look at that.

Beautiful, beautiful. And for those watching this, I’m gonna urge you to, if you’re not already familiar, to please check this out. It is a phenomenal tool, a great advance in technology for what we do in Chiropractic Cherokee. You are such a gem and a dear friend, and I’m super excited to have you be part of our family and to be part of our family. Thank you so much for your precious time today.

You bet. Thank you Bob. And thanks for sharing so much with all the world.

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