The 6 Essentials - An Immersion Workshop vs. a Chiropractic Event

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The 6 Essentials – An Immersion Workshop vs. a Chiropractic Event

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The 6 Essentials – An Immersion Workshop vs. a Chiropractic Event

Welcome to this Week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global, where legends are made in legendary practices are built. Today, I wanna discuss the significant difference between an immersion workshop or a chiropractic event. We’ve all been to many chiropractic events. In fact, there are multiple chiropractic events taking place in EV every single week, and every state and province on any and all topics. Some offer continuing ed, some don’t. Some are state conventions, some are entrepreneurial, some have exhibitors, some don’t. The problem is almost all fail to move the needle in keeping you up to date on what is currently best in class in our profession, giving you real time implementation strategies and inspiring you to refine, modify, and improve your thinking, your actions, and your results. How do you know that they failed to move the needle and help to generate rapid and sustainable growth?

Well, because nine 85% of our profession is still stuck currently taking care of neck and back pain, still taking care of the same or less visits each month, and still making the same or less money each month. An intensive 15 hour concentrated training on what corporations call an immersion workshop, where you’re immersed without the distractions of running your practice, dealing with daily distractions and challenges has significantly greater impact neurologically and with far greater long-term memory and recall and get this along with faster and better implementation. Statistics show that attending our immersion workshops have a profound effect on your consistent year after year growth, new patient attraction, collections, retention, referrals, and the list goes on and on. And we found that the best possible results occur when you attend an immersion workshop with your staff. It is beyond important to learn from experts, the changing landscape of chiropractic, how to adapt, what is best in class today, what patients are looking for, what are the new clinical gems we need to know for miracles?

What are the new revenue generating ideas, and what are the latest and most important trends we need to be aware of learning from and interacting with an amazing team of speakers, role playing, mastering your skills, and leaving with specific actionable strategies. Over 15 intense hours of training is what an immersion workshop is all about, and y you need to attend. Remember that if the doctor doesn’t make the connection, the disengaged patient won’t allow you to make the correction. It’s hard to grow and hard to succeed by continuously doing the same thing over and over again and thinking that tomorrow is gonna be better. Patients look up to you and to your team as role models of excellence, who lead by your example. They look to see how you live your life, and if you’re aging gracefully or growing old, remember to have what only 5% of what the best in class in our profession has.

You must be willing to do what 95% of our profession is unwilling to do, quite frank. Frankly, the six essentials should always be part of your daily and weekly training. If you’re really serious about making an impact and moving in the direction of becoming best in class yourself, the six essentials are a critical piece of the future of your practice. That is why we’re inviting you to learn more, and then to register yourself and your team to attend this amazing three day immersion workshop entitled Future Focus that’s coming up in October. At that event, you’ll learn how to get your share of the trillions of dollars that baby boomers, gen Xs, and Millennials plan to spend on healthcare. You’ll also understand the role that ChatGPT plays both positively and negatively in your practice and cutting edge, adjusting and healing techniques for better and faster clinical outcomes.

On your screen right now as a QR code, please take out your cell phone, open up your camera, and aim it at that code. Go ahead. It’ll take you right to the immersion workshop landing page, and you can learn everything that is going to be covered and why it’s covered and why it’s essential for you to attend. The fundamentals have changed. The focus has changed, the business model has changed, and the ability to influence your staff and your patients on how they think and behave has changed. You need to know what these refinements and changes are. If you’re a serious student, even if you’ve been to one of our immersion workshops, our SuperConference before, and you’re thinking that you don’t need to attend, think again. Do yourself a favor, please go to the landing page and check it out. Read through it. It has great value just on the landing page for you and your practice and your future. But if, again, you’re a serious player and you wanna know what is best in class and what refinements are necessary, take action and get yourself and your team registered. 

If you missed it before on the screen right now, again, as that QR code, take out your camera, aim it on that code. It’ll take you right to that landing page. I hope you’ll register. I hope to see you there. I know it will blow your mind and blow you away and make it super easy for you to be unbelievably successful.

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