The 6 Essentials- The Difference Between a $17 and $170 Office Visit

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The 6 Essentials- The Difference Between a $17 and $170 Office Visit

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The 6 Essentials- The Difference Between a $17 and $170 Office Visit

Welcome to this Week’s Thrive in five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. And today I want to discuss the six essentials and the difference between a $17 office visit at $170 office visit. Let me start out by asking this, how did you arrive at your visit fee? If you’re like the vast majority of our profession, you selected your fee based on what you heard others were charging, or you made it up based on your level of self-confidence and how much you value or how little you value the adjustment, or you decided to beat the competition by charging less than them. Well, this may sound strange to you, but one of the main keys to your practice success is knowing what to charge and how to collect your money and knowing what to charge should be based on a formula.

Every franchise has a formula if they’re going to succeed, including the joint who recently just opened up their 900th clinic. Do you know what their formula is? Well, their goal is to create lifetime patients by removing the financial issue. So they charge get this $17 a visit as stated in their latest quarterly earnings report. They believe that their $17 formula will make it easy for patients to keep coming back and now having 900 offices up and running is telling them that their formula must be working. Their formula is based on affordability. What is your formula and is your formula working? What is your formula based on, and is it reproducible? And does your formula also produce high percentage of lifetime chiropractic patients? Look at this week’s schedule of visits in your appointment book and compare it to the week of visits back in the month of March this year.

How many visits do you have in March that are still in your schedule in September? Probably precious few, if any. And if that is true for you, you have the answer that either you don’t have a formula or your formula isn’t working. On the other hand, many of our members are charging five times, eight times, 10 times or more for their visits than the joint and still creating lifetime patients and still growing their practices. And I know you could do the same if you followed our formula lifetime. Patients that stay, pay and refer not based on the lowest fee ever, and not based on fees out of the 1960s, but based on our time tested formula that creates the framework in your thinking and the framework in how you run your practice, but still allows you to adapt the formula based on your unique Skills and standards. 

The majority of our members are having their best year ever year after year after year, and even did that during a pandemic because they followed our formula. Everything at this year’s super conference immersion workshop is programmed and designed to teach you the formula and show you how to adapt it to your needs so you can have your best year ever year after year as well, and easily collect five or 10 times or even more than that than what the joint currently charges. If your goal is to have many more lifetime patients and you don’t know how to make that happen, then you have a serious floor in your practice model and no business can grow consistently and express its potential flying blind. So by registering and attending super conference along with your key staff, you could stop discounting your fees and you’ll be prepared for a future with the tools you need to get more new patients and get them to stay, pay and refer once and for all.

You need to know the formula and you need to register today for SuperConference along with your key staff. Remember to have what only 5% of what our profession has. You must be willing to do what 95% of what our profession is unwilling to do. Quite frankly, the six essentials should always be part of your daily and weekly training if you are really serious about making an impact and moving in the direction of becoming best in class. The six essentials are a critical piece of the future of your practice, especially if you aspire to growing year after year. And this is why we’re inviting you to learn more and register yourself and your team to attend our three day chiropractic immersion workshop entitled Future Focus coming up October 5, 6, and 7 in Buckhead, Georgia. At that seminar, you’ll learn how to get your share of the trillions of dollars that baby boomers, GenXs, and millennials plan to spend on healthcare.
You’ll also understand the role that ChatGPT plays both positively and negatively in your practice, and you’ll learn cutting edge, adjusting and healing techniques for better and faster and more predictable clinical results. On your screen right now is a QR code. Please do yourself a huge favor. 

Take out your camera, aim it at that QR code, and it’ll take you right to the SuperConference immersion workshop landing page where you’ll learn everything that is going to be taught and covered and why it’s going to be taught and covered, and even more important, why it’s essential for you and your team to attend. Do yourself a favor, clear your schedule right now and take action As this is an event you do not want to miss. Place your camera on that QR code and learn more and register today and make sure that you can grow your practice because you have a winning successful and time tested formula.

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