The Back Brace that Provides the Best Patient Outcomes!

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The Back Brace that Provides the Best Patient Outcomes!

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The Back Brace that Provides the Best Patient Outcomes!

Hey, everyone, this is Dr. Bob Hoffman from The Masters Circle Global. It’s so good to connect with you today. As you know, one of my main responsibilities is to search out and vet the marketplace for the services, the technology, the products that help you build your practice, help you get even better clinical results, and help you generate profitability based on service to others. Today is no different. So let me start out by asking a question, even before I introduce our guest. Have you ever had a patient with back pain, and do you have a way for them, after you adjust them, to have self care at home, or to take better care of themselves or to get faster, better results? Well, if the answer to those questions are not sure or no, you’re going to absolutely want to listen to this interview. Today we have the pleasure to speaking to Bill, the president of the american medical Products, who has an extraordinary product line of fabulous, effective back braces that not only will help you get the best clinical results imaginable, the fastest results, and relief imaginable for your patients, but allow you to generate a ton of additional profitability. So, Bill, welcome on to today’s conversation. Thank you, Dr. Bob. It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you so much for being here. 

So, Bill, let’s first start with the foundation. How does a doctor in practice, a doctor of chiropractic, utilize your amazing medical back braces to really help patient care, clinical results relief of the patient, and generate profitability? Let’s start first with the clinical. How does it help the patient and how does it help the doctor? Well, twofold question. It helps the patient by reducing their pain by providing something that they’re going to wear by unloading the weight off the lumbar spine, reducing the weight off the discs, and giving them something that most belts and braces patients get, go home and they go in the closet, they really don’t want to wear them. our belt is so comfortable that they can put it on, and when they put it on, they don’t want to take it off. a lot of physicians around the country will use it as a post decompression belt. So if they’re doing some decompression, they’ll throw it on the patient afterwards to go home and hold the decompression a little bit. And what I always seem to like is that I always tell the physicians it’s their 03:00 a.m.. Friend. And I’ll speak from experience. My wife a few months ago was in excruciating pain at 03:00 in the morning. And she woke me up and she said to me, she grabbed my belt for her and put it on her. So no doctor wants a 03:00 a.m. Call that their patient can’t wants to come in and see them at 03:00 but it gives them an alternative to put it on and help reduce their pain and help them until they can get in and get worked on their adjustments and stuff like that. 

Beautiful. And the other side of that, that was a terrific answer and something every chiropractor should be very interested in. Tell us how this financially benefits the patient. Now, I know before you answer that question, you have braces that are for insurance purposes and braces that are for cash purposes. Could you just go through that just a little bit with us? Sure. With the cash brace. Let’s start with that. there’s two different avenues that I’ve seen physicians use. this one is if they’re getting a decompression payment let’s say x amount of dollars, some doctors will include it in their decompression price. All my products are Medicare approved. I had the first Medicare approved back brace in this country called the vlock back in 1992. And they are all extremely financially reimbursable. one will cost in the neighborhood, probably reimburse about $400 profit. One will reimburse about 800, $900 profit for those doctors that are able to build the insurance. And even not with Medicare, just the private insurances alone. A lot of these private pays, will pay the return on that brace because it’s conservative treatment. I’ve always said if you can keep a patient away from the operating table and save the insurance companies x amount of dollars why wouldn’t you put this on all your patients first? And I know we all think along the same lines. Yes. And with the cash, non insurance patient. they can really charge whatever they want. I have a lot of doctors around the country that will take that and do a payout over maybe three months where they charge the physician what he wants to charge his patient. 

Beautiful. Now, there are plenty of doctors who are going to be watching this bill and plenty of doctors who are going to get to meet you at superconference in September in Buckhead, Georgia, that they already have some back brace that they use. Maybe they use it sparingly. Maybe they use it often. What separates american medical back brace, your back brace that you’ve been utilizing for over 30 years. What makes it different or better than the competition? Well, I really think that’s a twofold question to be asking me, Dr. Bob. what separates american medical products from its competition is the people in general that work here. We are not just a manufacturer of braces that want to sell braces. We care about the patient. First, me, as the president and owner of the company, gets on the phone, and we’ll talk to any patient that calls here having questions about the brace. So we care about the patient. We don’t care about the sale. 

As far as the braces in general they’re lightweight. my history, this is the 34th or 35th brace that I’ve made over the last 30 years. I know most braces go in a closet when they go home with a patient, and I want to make sure that our brace is being worn by that patient, because I’ve always felt like, whether it’s a cash brace or an insurance related product, that if a Medicare or an insurance company pays $800 for a back brace, that patient should be getting the most use out of that product. So we make them lightweight, comfortable, they’re modular, where a patient can take a panel off and just wear it around as a belt and be active and get them out of bed, off their feet, and into any type of chiropractic adjustments that they need for the day. So really, the lightweight is what is most different than the ones that are out there. Beautiful. And I think that those are really important points that make a distinction on why amp’s products, your products, are so terrific, and every doctor should at least try yours. And I’m willing to bet that once they try yours, they’re going to stay with yours because they’re just terrific, highly effective, highly profitable, easy to just. It’s the real deal. 

So, Bill, let me ask you a question. The people watching this, the obvious question is, how do I get in touch with you, and how do I start to ask my questions? And most important, how do I proceed in placing an order? I like to make it very simple. we’re moving towards, in the future, where everybody’s going to be able to order online, where they’re going to have their own account. They can go online, they can order at 12:00 in the afternoon, they can order 12:00 at night whenever they’re thinking about what they need for their patients. And we’re probably a month or two out from that. In the meantime, you can either call my office at 732-578-1700 you can call my cell phone at 732-801-5743 you can email me at [email protected]

Very good. And again, I’m going to urge the people watching and listening to this. this is just not another brace. This is really the top of the line. Terrific. More comfortable, more effective clinically. Your patients are going to love it. They’re going to use it. It’ll become profitable to you based on helping your patients. It’s an important piece of the puzzle in a practice that has patients who are coming in with back pain, chronic issues, patients that are doing decompression patients that might need other ways of dealing with their chronic history of back problems. We all know that back problems are epidemic in society. And with all the stress that people are experiencing physically, chemically, and emotionally, that’s only going to get worse. And we’ve got to have an answer and a solution. We need to earn the patient’s trust, and we need to reestablish our reputation, and I believe that this is a terrific way to do that. Bill, before we conclude, any parting comments on your end? yeah. We stand by our unconditional guarantee. I’m not going to be able to say this forever, but I can say it right now. With this brace being on the market for three years we have not had one return, one complaint in three years. 

Now, I know that that’s not going to last forever, but to be able to say that three years into and tens of thousands of patients that have wore this brace right now with great results, happy, comfortable. we’re looking forward, and I’m willing to give anybody a trial brace if you want to send it. We’ll send you one out for nothing. If you want to try it, try it on a patient. Bill, thank you so much for today. Again, for those people who are watching and listening to this, just contact Bill. He’s the president of the company. He stands by his word. He stands by his product. I know you’re going to be overly impressed, and I know you’ll become a raving fan, as I am. Thank you, everyone, and have a great day.

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