The Wellness Pro Plus - Why you Can't Afford Not to Have One

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The Wellness Pro Plus – Why you Can’t Afford Not to Have One

For more information about The Wellness Pro PLUS or to place an order, visit or call Kathy Strand directly at (512) 917-8917 or email her at [email protected].

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The Wellness Pro Plus – Why you Can’t Afford Not to Have One

Hey, everybody, this is Dr. Bob Hoffman from The Masters Circle Global. And I want to introduce you to someone in just a moment. I have to tell you that one of my most important functions is to keep on top of the newest technology out there. There’s some amazing new technology out there that helps us get even better, even faster, even more complete healing than ever before in conjunction with the chiropractic care that you’re offering. And it’s totally congruent with the chiropractic care that you’re offering. And today I want to introduce you to Kathy Strand, who represents a company called wellness pro that a couple of my docs that I coach on a regular basis have been using in their clinic, and it has just blown them away. They’re getting miracles with patients that before they didn’t even know they can accept. 

So, Kathy, welcome onto today’s call. Thank you very much. I appreciate your letting me be on here. You get to talk about my favorite topic. Well, thank you. Thank you for your time. I know how important that is. Why don’t you share with the people watching and listening to this, the essence of what the wellness pro actually does. And I know there’s over 900 programs, and I know we can’t cover all of those, but for a practicing chiropractor, what are the two or three or five or ten most common or most important programs, and why is it important? Okay, I’m going to show you what it looks like first. Okay. So this is actually the product itself. It weighs about two pounds. You can move it from office to office. You can take it home with you. I have many, many people use it on their horses and their dogs. 

So we do a, a lot of equine therapy with it as well. So it is a medical device and it does use frequencies, but we’re not just doing a typical frequency like a muscle stimulator or a typical tens machine. This little machine has 900 preset programs. So the importance of that are the frequencies it has. So we have 1 million frequencies that are accurate to a hundredths of hertz. So that would be like, to me, that would be like getting the right radio station. On your car, you got 101.5 and 1101.8. And I’ll use the example. I’m a Texas girl. I’m going to use one’s a and and one’s University of Texas. So you can pick the garbage one or you can get the right one. You want to get the right frequency to affect the right cell. So what we’re going to do is we’re basically energizing a cell. We’re not giving you a high voltage like a typical tens or muscle stimulator does. We are vibrating. We are making electron flow around the nucleus of a cell. So what we want to do is not just block something but affect something to the point of possibly even healing. So I’m going to tell you one thing right now is everybody asks me what is different than my machine, than everybody else, and I’m going to tell you one thing. Results. I would say 90% or more of people I treat ten or twelve minutes will get some immediate results, enough that they will go, oh, my gosh, what just happened to my feet when I haven’t felt them in ten years? And you ask me what some of the favorite things are that chiropractics might use, one of them will be neuropathy. 

It is a showstopper. Now, I have some my doctors that use it with PRP and stem cell and other things as well. But neuropathy is amazing. So I have protocols for them. I have a little code book that I have used. I have maybe treated 48,000 people. So I’ve got a lot of experience with it. And use preset a nerve program for a neuropathy patient and just let the program start running by themselves. And then we do a lot of typical things, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain. But one of the things I can do that you never see is having somebody with a contracture like this, and maybe three minutes working that contracture all the way out where they do that. And it’s been like that ten years now. That sounds like hocus pocus, but I get to do it all the time. And if you were sitting by me, I just prove it to you. But it has an ability to get the right frequencies. So some of these frequencies, we name them, like inflammation or scar tissue or bone spurs and things like that. But in our programs, they rotate the program, and you will see that in some of the other type of equipment, too. But what you’re missing many times, or you’re missing the accuracy of the frequency, as I mentioned, we have a hundredth of a hertz. You’re missing the range, we go from 0.1 to 10,000, you’re missing the variability. So that rotation of waveforms and depth, everything we’re going to do is going to be cellular instead of superficial, like your typical tens and muscle stimulator does. So we’re going internal. 

There’s something in this big word called deep pulse technology. It’s just a matter of the way that the waveforms were put in. Stop this machine with a type of frequency to make it go to the core, to make it energize a cell. That’s beautiful. Beautiful. And it doesn’t amaze me. It makes all the sense in the world, because we know that there’s only a few ways to really impact the brain and the nervous system. vibration is one, light is one. Sound is another, touch is another. the wellness pro seems to do a lot of that, and it’s creating great, great results. so many people have mitochondrial disease where the power that made the body can’t heal the body because there’s just not enough energy there. So having an ability to really recharge the mitochondria in every cell to hit the right frequency for the right problem, to me, makes all the sense in the world. Tell me a little bit about most patients. Is it one visit? Is it one visit a day for a month? What’s the protocol generally? 

So one of the things I mentioned is that most of the time, you’re going to get some immediate results. But say you get this much, the next time you’re going to get it, and you’ll be this much, and the relief will last longer, then you’ll get this much, and relief lasts longer. I have some really cool pictures that I can share at any time anybody wants to see them. say I have a 26 year old girl, I mean, a 36 year old girl with 26 pins in her elbow. And in seven days, they take all the staples out of that. It made her fracture heal faster. So therefore we did that bone growth stimulation. Well, I’m not looking just for pain relief, although we could give that to her. I wanted to heal bone, so we go back to that bone growth stimulator. So, in my office, I choose to have patients, if they can, three days in a row or three times in a week, if the patient owns this at home, by the way, they can own at home. And I have many of my doctors prescribe them through their patients. And if they own it at home, I even like to have them two or three times a day to get started. According to what we’re working with, kind of the more the better. 

There’s no real and negative side effects, except that we detox by. Since we’re cellular, we detox probably more than anything you see on the market. So I might have somebody come in and they’re really dehydrated. And say they have Lyme disease or something like that, and I give them a treatment, and they may be throwing up in the floor, I mean, really quickly. So it can do major detox. But, of course, you know, detox is great for you, but it doesn’t feel so great for you. So we want those effects, but we can control that when we want to, with what frequency we give and the range. But I like to choose those three days in a row. Here’s what’s really fun about what I do, is when normally you have a patient and they have, and I’m not putting down other things because I love it. 

Lasers and all kinds of stuff, too. I just work with one thing, and I’ve done it for 14 years. This is all I’ve done. And so what I like to do is I like to get the immediate results where when patients walk out of the office, they’re saying, when should I come back? I’m not saying I wish you would come back. I’m They’re going to ask me, oh, my gosh, that was so great. When should I come back? And most of the time, they’re going to tell somebody and maybe even send them back. I do some little specials, like all chiropractic kind of people do as well. But mine’s official pain clinic, and I will say, well, bring your friend or bring your spouse or something next time, and I will work with you. At the same time, we’ll work with them, and they get a free treatment kind of thing at the same time. And it introduces the machine, because when they. When my patient get to see it didn’t just help my migraine headache, which, by the way, we treat through your hands for your thalamus and your hypothalamus, you hold these little stainless steel cylinders in your hands, and when they get pain relief, they’re going, oh, my gosh. But then their spouse has a horrible back, right? And so now I get to show them it didn’t just work on your headache, it also worked on your back. 

Beautiful. And when. When doctors purchase this from you to use in their clinic, to use on their patients, how easy is it for them to learn what protocols to use, how to apply it? How does that work? Okay, so I have the manufacturer. We’re FDA regulated, and the manufacturer has a pain relief codebook, but I have a codebook that I pass because I’ve used it in my office, and all my customers want it to. And so I share that anybody that buys a machine from that not only gets my codebook, they get my training. And I probably got 50 videos or something out, and I’ve got some little short ones that tell you how to treat a shoulder and short ones to how you treat, turn it on and how to plug it in and all those things. And then I have some longer ones that’ll give a more description of it, but I sent it in one massive email. 

You get invited to a Facebook page, if you would like to. And I think there’s close to 700 people on it right now. They’re all machines that I have sold. There will be doctors on it, there will be patients on it, there will be people treating their horses on it. You get to see it, you get to ask them questions. It’s kind of a support group. Nobody gets into that unless they own a machine. And that is really just another avenue for you to get another opinion other than mine. And sometimes I will help you go to those places, but we have lots of references, so you can talk to other doctors if you want to, especially if you have something specific. But you can get an email and with all the training and all the questions, a bunch of Zoom calls like we’re doing now, and then you can replay them. I did one back in about 2 hours in January. A lot of people were on it and they asked questions, you know, what would I do for this patient? Gave me a chance to respond, but some of the others did as well. So it gives me some real avenue to approach them. But that’s just when the training begins, because you get my personal phone number, you can call me anytime I pick up the phone. I really do all the time. 

I text, we do a lot of text messages. Some of the doctors that you’ll meet that have my equipment already will say, just let’s call her. We got patient in the office that’s got Parkinson’s. Let’s let the patient and the doctor and me talk all at the time about your Parkinson’s. So you get a lot of support. I’m hands on. This is all I do anymore. You know, in my research, there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not learning about some new technology. some of them sound great. Some of them are a redundancy of stuff that’s already out there. Some are priced very affordable, some are outrageously priced. One of the many things that attracted me to the wellness pro is not just my conversation with you when I called your cell phone for the first time, and not only the feedback from members who are outstanding, members with great practices, who are using the wellness pro every day in their office with great results. But I think your unit was very, very fairly priced. it’s very affordable for anyone. 

That’s why so many patients are also buying it. if someone watching this is interested, and I can’t imagine anybody watching this wouldn’t be interested to learn more and find out more. Kathy, how do they reach out to you? How do they get in touch with you? How do they order? So first of all, they know you and they can always ask you if they forget my name and number. But my name is kathy strand, I’m a texas girl and my number is 512-917-8917 and my company is called finally pain free. So you can find me under if you just google finally pain free texas. And my website is but my email is finally dot. So I’m really easy to find. And pretty much if you were to get on and start doing anything with wellness pro, my name and some of my videos and stuff are going to come up, so I’m really easy to find. But doctor Bauer might give me, you know, you contact him, you already know him and say, how do I reach her? 

And he tell you that as well. Happy to help. When somebody orders a unit, a wellness pro from you, about how long does it take for them to get it and get it up and running? So it comes from the manufacturer, which by the way is a wonderful company, obviously I’ve worked with now for 14 years. And it’s changed my life because it changed my mom’s life. That’s how I got involved with it. And and they’re in Phoenix, Arizona. And so we order it from Phoenix. Sometimes I overnight some that I might have in the stock myself, but it comes from Phoenix. It is coming from FedEx. And so it’s usually three to five business days. since they’re in Phoenix, you know, if you’re in California, you might get it day after tomorrow. If you’re across in New York or somewhere, it might take it an extra day, but usually say three to five business days. The machine is, it runs right at $4,000 44,060 with maybe some shipping to get it there. And it is tracked and insured, so that makes shipping a little bit more. But then we add a few extra supplies. Most of the time, I tell you, you’re going to put out $4,200 for, if you’re going to use it in a practice. But that’s just some extra pads and the stainless steel cylinders I talked about and my code book. And then we don’t have any extra training cost or anything else you have to buy. 

I mean, you’re in it. And then just call me if you need, you know, if you need something replaced, it has a three year warranty and it’s fully a replacement warranty. So if you’ve got a problem, the company’s going to take it back and send you a brand new one. Beautiful. I got to tell you again, I come in contact with products all the time, technology all the time. I fully recommend that endorse this. It’s an awesome tool. It’s a great adjunct to your practice. It’s a great way to dramatically expand the reach of the type of new patients you want to attract. It’s a great way to get more and more new patients because of the great results you get. It’s a great way to have better patient compliance. It will enhance your reputation. And all for about four grand. 

I mean, it’s just. It’s crazy. And then you have Kathy on your team that you could reach out to her and text her and email her or whatever you need to do if you’ve got a difficult case and you don’t know what to do. to me, this is an absolute no brainer. And if you’re watching and listening to this, I’m going to urge you to reach out to Kathy or reach out directly to me. I’d love you to get a wellness pro. And I can’t wait to hear the miracles that you generate on a daily basis in your practice. Kathy, thank you for your time. I’ll let you get back to work. Really, really appreciate you. And I can’t wait to get to spend some time with you at super conference in September in Buckhead, Georgia. Yay. We’ll be there. Thank you so much. Nice to meet all you guys. Give me a call.

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