The Winners Circle

An Exclusive Inner Circle of Elite Practitioners

The Winners Circle is a small, prestigious and powerful group of sensational chiropractors who are truly committed to personal growth and form the profession’s most effective mastermind. It is a human laboratory designed to help each individual express greater levels of happiness, success and fulfillment.

The Winners Circle is an ongoing program in identity expansion and peak living. It is a golden opportunity and platform for a small band of big thinkers to pool their resources and co-create a forum for explosive growth, both personally and professionally.

Membership is by invitation only, and one must have the qualities, characteristics and traits that not only would fit perfectly into the group, but would also help the doctor flourish and thrive from the experiences and relationships inside of this elite group.

Benefits of Chiropractic Coaching Membership

Benefits Include…

Venues are carefully selected to be unique and stimulating, and the programs are lovingly constructed to give opportunities to grow that one might not otherwise be exposed to. More than just information, Winners Circle weekends provide the perspective on key elements of life and practice – such as wellness, advanced citizenry, leadership, personal development, relationship building and prosperity.

The conditions at all Winners Circle weekends are ideal for shared insight and applied wisdom, as some of the brightest and best people in our profession come together to mastermind and push the envelope to explore new and better ways to make a difference and to have fun doing it.

All Winners Circle members enjoy extra coaching benefits in order to focus on leadership skills, advanced citizenry and how to truly take themselves to the next level – both personally and professionally.

These special one-day intensives are about breaking through limitations, self-sabotaging beliefs and self-defeating patterns to achieve practice mastery and success. Winners Circle doctors are typically broken up into groups and asked to present on relevant topics in practice, such as New Patients, OVA and PVA. Team work, leadership skills and organizational skills are put to the test, and as a result, growth occurs in leaps and bounds. Doctors walk away with a binder full of notes and handouts, and a wealth of information that always results in success.

As the profession’s most effective mastermind, this is where the magic happens in between Winners Circle seminars and trips. Facilitated through a conference line and hosted by Drs. Bob Hoffman and Dennis Perman, members of The Winners Circle come together to discuss relevant topics of personal and professional growth. Doctors walk away with clear insight, ideas, motivation, inspiration and specific action steps to help take them to their next level of success.

Winners Circle membership has its privileges and this is just another bonus to add to the mix. Any Winners Circle doctor attending a Masters Circle Global seminar gets their Hotel Delegate Rate waived – which includes seminar amenities such as coffee refreshments, wifi, speaker’s notes, and when offered, a working lunch.

2021 Winners Circle Seminars

Winners Circle Miami :: March 11 – 14
Winners Circle Weekend :: November 11 – 13

Advanced Citizenry in Miami, Florida

The Winners Circle doctors whose focus is advanced citizenry gave back recently by working with the Mayor of Miami and participating in Feeding South Florida.

They packaged thousands of bags of organic vegetables and distributed them to approximately 600 cars who has been waiting for the assistance for 5 hours.

Giving back is always important and what makes the Winners Circle so special and important.

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