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five star reviews

“Since joining The Masters Circle Global 7 years ago, I’ve had increased clinical results, increased patient volume and increased income each year. More importantly, after 30 plus years, practice is more fun than ever before. I wish I had joined The Masters Circle Global years ago, where chiropractic is kept alive and well. The Masters Circle Global is a wonderful home for both new and established practitioners.”
Tom Salmon, DC – New Jersey

“Their unique approach of identity-based coaching has enabled my practice to sustain consistent growth and profitability since joining 6 years ago. My practice has more than doubled. However, the biggest benefit of my membership has been the improvements in my relationships with my family, my team and my patients.”
Aaron Collins, DC – Washington

“I joined The Masters Circle Global nine years ago, directly out of Chiropractic College. I went to a TMC seminar and was blown away with the congruency and the passion. In addition, the concept of coaching resonated with me. I then put into motion all of the wonderful things my Masters Circle Global coach told me to do when starting my practice. The systems and strategies that I learned gave me a wonderful foundation for growth and they are still in place today. The Masters Circle Global has changed my life for the better in every way possible as well as my practice growth and continued success.”
 Jared Leon, DC – New York

“I joined The Masters Circle Global after 20 years in practice. I have a great practice that is busy and very fulfilling in that it allowed me to have a very nice lifestyle while helping a lot of folks experience the benefits of chiropractic. Over the past year I have grown as a person, hired two new associate doctors and together our team cares for far more patients than ever before by allowing them to express far more of their inner greatness. My coaching experience has been marvelous and rich and I cannot wait to see what the future brings. In a “down economy” I am more successful and having more fun in practice than ever before. I truly love and appreciate everyone at The Masters Circle Global.”
Mike Bennett, DC – Florida

“I just wanted to tell you that I love you and appreciate everything that you do for this profession that I care so deeply about. You are a hero to me. I serve better because you are in my life and because you coach me so well. Your generous support and belief in me, sometimes when I didn’t believe in myself, has been a huge factor in my success. You don’t mind following the leader when you know the direction will lead to the best views in life.”
Dane Donohue, D.C. – Pennsylvania

“The Masters Circle Global means more to me than I could ever put into words. I met my wife at a TMC seminar and we now raise our children with The Masters Circle Global culture and values which is one of the best gifts we feel we could ever give them. I have met some incredible people that are now friends for life. The Masters Circle Global gave me the values I live by each day, the confidence to go out on my own, run an amazing practice and live the lifestyle of my dreams. I am truly humbled and grateful for everything The Masters Circle Global has taught me and continues to challenge me with to become a better doctor, father, husband, community leader and advanced citizen.”
Kurt Price, DC – Tennessee

“Since I’ve joined The Masters Circle Global my life has had an incredible boost. My patient flow and income doubled in the last few years and is still growing. I am now able to manage my time better and spend more time with my family. I really feel a part of The Masters Circle Global family and love them all.”
Manuel Mazzini, DC – Italy

“My experience with TMCG coaching has been phenomenal. I appreciate everything my coaches have helped me with. Knowing what I know now, I would have had a coach even before graduating from Chiropractic College. It has changed my life in an extremely positive direction. I trust myself more with building the resources needed to handle every situation. Thank you for all your work in helping me paint my masterpiece.”
Alecia Arn, DC – Illinois

“I really love the “new” chiropractic story you presented. So much clearer for both the doctor and patient.”
Josh Stevens, DC

“Dr. Bob is a very passionate and motivational speaker that ignites the flames of success in all of us.”
Danita Caskey, DC

“Your presentation was incredibly informative and a game changer”
David Harrigan, DC

“Your integration of humor, high energy and movement kept me engaged. The best presentation I have heard in years.”
Eva El-Khatib

“What you shared with us today is what we need to take our profession to the next level.”
Allen Kowarski, DC

“Your presentation was the most influential of the entire weekend.”
Eric Doyle, DC 

“Your presentation was on target, highly practical and full of invaluable information.”
Jordan Bray, DC

“You are one of the most impressive, engaging, intelligent, prepared, competent presenters I have had the blessing to listen too.”
David Heath

“Today’s presentation made us all aware of a necessary transformation for our profession.”
Evan Mladenoff, DC

“You have great energy and a true gift. It was a pleasure to hear you speak.”
Heather Wias, DC

“It took me 14 years to finally choose a chiropractic coach. I was always hesitant because I had this gut feeling that most chiropractic consultants were more driven by numbers and finances than patient care and taking care of people. I know it’s a business…and…I am more driven by patient care than the finances. Bob and Dennis have their priorities in that order and it’s reflected in how they speak, their procedures and all their advice.”

“My PVA has increased from 14 to 18 in just a few months and I have confidence that it’s going to continue to grow exponentially. They are coming from a brain based wellness model. This is the future of chiropractic care as well as health care in general. Get on the train.”
Matt Green, DC

“I have been to many of his member meetings. In my opinion Bob Hoffman and his team are very ethical and teach good practices. In the general practice of medicine, his members are among the least likely to do any harm and most likely to produce good results for a wide range of health problems.”

Jack Butler

“The thing that I tell everyone is that I wish I would have joined sooner. I shouldn’t have tried to figure it all out on my own. The Master’s Circle has introduced me to the skills, and perhaps more importantly the peers, that have put me in a position to excel. I have changed astronomically as a practitioner, as a businessman, and as a person since joining and I highly recommend anyone looking to up their game look at becoming a member. See the difference that is The Master’s Circle.”
Jeff Cumro

“I have been a member of the master’s circle for several years, and I couldn’t be happier. This isn’t a practice management company – it is an identity-based coaching system that works, no matter how large or small your practice. My chiropractic clinic has doubled since beginning with them, but more importantly, I am a better doctor, employer, and human. I highly recommend them!”
Kellie Hoover

“I’m continually grateful that I chose to join TMC family a few years ago. There is a rich amount of love, encouragement and inspiration all directed towards personal and professional growth not only for your benefit but more so to serve the masses so they can live a more adundant life with chiropractic care.”
Michael Jorgensen

“Master’s Circle not only has allowed me create the practice of my dreams but the life of my dreams. The identity based concept helped me clarify the ideal and realize it.”
Julia Keiser

“I should have joined 20 years ago. TMC has made me a better doctor and a better person. More importantly they practice what they preach and treat me like I’m family. Dr. Bob and Dr. Dennis and staff are amazing, amazing people.”
Chris Boss

“This is an identity based practice group; I have grown as a person, as a businesswoman, as a Chiropractor. Seminars are full of Chiropractic, evidence based research, and presented so that we can apply it in practice.”
Beth Reddy, DC

“The Masters Circle has truly been a home away from home for me. They have help me grow exponentially and develop into the leader I am today. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for this organization.”
Eric Nepute

“Excellent! Tripled my practice in the 3 first months!”
Sindre Daugstad

“Excellent coaching group. Information is always relevant and helpful!”
Brian Arn

“Drs Bob and Dennis truly care about the chiropractors and families they serve. The speakers they were able to attract from all around the world speaks volumes to their knowledge and attention to our evolving profession. I enjoyed my first super conference and continue to benefit from my Master Circle experience.”
Jennifer A

“I’ve been a member of the masters circle for over 10 years. I can definitely say without a doubt that without their coaching I would not have the awesome practice I have today! Everyone needs a coach and these guys will hold you accountable to create the practice of your dreams!”
Diane G

“I am a CA in a Masters Circle practice. Prior to joining this practice I was seen at a “regular” chiropractic clinic and felt pretty successfully treated, but I am blown away by the info I’ve learned and ability of what chiropractic can do. I’d heard it can do so much more than fix back pain, but now I get the how and why. I don’t just have to take it in faith and trust and that helps me share it with everyone I meet!”
Lisa K

“So glad we came to the Masters Circle 2017. We look forward to a lasting relationship with the many wonderful people we have met!”
Barbara S

“This experience was so uplifting and informative. This being my first time being a part of thid seminar. I enjoy and look forward to doing thid again next year!”
Tay R

“Being at the Masters Circle is so invigorating and uplifting. The energy is amazing! The teaching techniques is phenomenal!”
Victoria F

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