Identity-Based™ Chiropractic Coaching

Identity-Based™ Chiropractic Coaching

With Identity-Based™ Chiropractic Coaching Success Comes From You, Not To You

Benefits of Chiropractic Coaching Membership
Who you are determines how well what you do works. Understanding who you are is the key to unleashing the power to achieve successful outcomes in your practice and personal life. The Masters Circle Global’s Identity-Based™ Chiropractic Coaching program creates a custom-tailored success plan that is ALL ABOUT YOU — unlimited coaching that revolves around YOUR needs and YOUR desires.  It’s a simple fact — success comes from you, not to you!

Join the Masters Circle Global and Receive Identity-Based™
Chiropractic Coaching:

Identity-Based™ Chiropractic Coaching

Individualized One-on-One Coaching visits, weekly or more, depending on your needs and learning style, provide the education, the motivation, the inspiration you need to outperform your personal best.

Group Coaching

Interactive learning groups streamline your growth by putting you together with other doctors with similar intentions, challenges and breakthrough opportunities, tapping the power of the mastermind.

Life Coaching

You are more than a doctor – you are a person with human needs, and you will receive guidance toward better decision-making and better outcomes, even beyond your practice.

Identity-Based™ Chiropractic Coaching Strategies for Practice Building

You’ll learn the principles of ultrasuccess in practice, based on a simple formula – attract the right number of new patients, show them how to get the best results possible, and create a fair exchange so your patients and you both win.

Practical Applications of Chiropractic Philosophy

Combine the foundations of traditional chiropractic with modern Brain-Based Wellness™, to facilitate optimal neurological expression, and reduce physical, chemical, and emotional stress, applying the best of the past, present and future.

Identity-Based™ Chiropractic Coaching Leadership and Empowerment Skills

Your office is waiting for its leader to show up, and you are that leader – once you manifest your greatness and personal power, and see how to use it to optimize your staff, your resources and your opportunity.

Success Principles and Habits

Success comes from you, not to you, and that is the cornerstone of Identity-Based™ Chiropractic Coaching – receive personalized training and exercise your success muscles, so you become skillful, powerful, and effective.

Identity-Based™ Chiropractic Coaching World Class Seminars

A seminar is like chiropractic coaching to a large group of like-minded doctors, staff and family, coming together to learn and grow, culminating in our Annual SuperConference where our entire membership participates in the event of the year!

TMCtv: The Master’s Circle Seminars On Demand

Through the magic of video streaming, you can watch past seminars so you never have to miss anything presented on the Masters Circle Global stage!

If you want to see how we get started, click on this link to learn more about the Practice Growth Calculator or, go to the Practice Growth Calculator and answer four simple questions right now.

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