Chiropractic Coaching and Leadership Training

Raising the Standards and Consciousness of the Chiropractic Profession through chiropractic coaching and leadership training

The Masters Circle Global offers Chiropractic Coaching, Chiropractic Practice Management, Leadership Training and Practice Building.

Other chiropractic companies are “Strategy-Based” and teach a “system” you must conform to. The Masters Circle Global is “Identity-Based™” — all members are treated as individuals, so we help you develop systems that fit you. That way, you serve more people and have more to show for it.

As chiropractic coaches, we have trained thousands of your colleagues how to practice the way they want to, and most succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

Our philosophy is “Who you are determines how well what you do works!” We coach chiropractors to build the practices they always imagined, while helping them maintain a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle.

The Masters Circle Global offers comprehensive chiropractic practice management with a personalized “hands-on” approach, but also applies a high-tech educational model, high tech, high touch. Our chiropractic consultants give you chiropractic coaching on both professional success and personal growth, so you learn how to create the life and practice of your dreams. If you want to see how we get started, click on this link to learn more about the Practice Growth Calculator or, go to the Practice Growth Calculator and answer four simple questions right now.


To help as many Chiropractors as possible to build the practice of their dreams and the best lifestyle they can imagine.


A global, quality-of-life driven health care system featuring chiropractors and clinics in the leading role.


To help others achieve happiness, success and fulfillment, through personal growth and professional excellence.


Who you are determines your success at what you do.  Always remember, success comes from you, not to you!

You see, at The Masters Circle Global , “It’s All About You.” After all, success comes from you, not to you. So, understanding who you are is the key to unleashing the power to achieve success in your practice and personal life, by your definition.

That means our success plan is ALL ABOUT YOU. Just think about it — seminars and custom-tailored coaching that revolve around YOUR needs and YOUR desires.

The Masters Circle Global is intent on helping to raise the standards and consciousness of the Chiropractic Profession, through chiropractic coaching and chiropractic practice management.

Our chiropractic coaches focus on growing grow you and your practice, and work diligently to unify the profession around our commonalities, while you express your individuality.

Come along on our adventure, where YOU choose your techniques, your fees, your practice philosophy, and your style, and our chiropractic coaching and practice management shows you how to maximize your success.  Through chiropractic coaching and leadership training, we’ll propel you to new levels of success.

Through our blog, we supply a steady stream of ideas to help the profession in every way possible. By pulling together, we can speak to the public with one voice, while each doctor of chiropractic practices the way he or she prefers.

This professional unity is the reason we coach chiropractors to practice based on their own identity, while feeling like part of the chiropractic identity, too. As the profession grows, you grow too, and the big winners are the patients you serve.

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