Chiropractic Coaching: 3 Things You Must Do To Join the $100,000 Monthly Collection Club

Chiropractic Coaching: 3 Things You Must Do To Join the $100,000 Monthly Collection Club

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Chiropractic Coaching: 3 Things You Must Do To Join the $100,000 Monthly Collection Club

Hello everybody and welcome to Thrive in five. I’m Dr. Dennis Perman and I’ll be your chiropractic coach for today. You know, there’s a magic level of practice that many doctors aspire to the a $100,000 a month category. Now, you may already be playing at that level, or you may be aspiring to it now, or you may be nowhere near that, but I wanna assure you that what we’re gonna talk about here now is gonna have something for everybody. Now, even if you’re starting at a much smaller level for now, the principles we’re gonna be discussing will be completely relevant to you. And if you’re moving toward a $100,000 a month, they’re gonna be golden. And if you’re already there, this will show you how to grow even more. So we’re gonna begin by thinking about a mainstream method on this first slide I’m gonna show you.

Now many doctors find it reasonable to charge and collect $80 for a visit. Many doctors find that their patients will tend to respond by coming in about 25 times. Well, if you are in the 25 PVA times 80 ova category, that means that a typical patient is going to pay you $2,000. Well, if you want to get to a $100,000 a month, that means that you would need 50 new patients in order to accomplish that. Now, I warned you, if you are nowhere near this for right now, don’t worry about it. You gotta start someplace. Use the principles we’re talking about and what we’re saying now is if you have a relatively mainstream PVA and OVA, in other words, the amount you collect per visit times the amount that number of visits that a typical patient comes in, then operating at something like 12 new patients a month or something like three a day in a typical week, well that’s gonna get you to the $100,000 level, but it’s not the only way.

Let’s look at the second slide and see the way that specialty doctors do this. Now, a doctor who practices decompression or a doctor who uses functional medicine is gonna have a different fee structure. Those doctors typically collect about $200 for a visit, not the 80 of the mainstream doctor. So at $200 a visit, a typical patient will come in for decompression or for functional medicine or some other specialty, typically about 20 times. Again, this gets us to about a $4,000 case. Average PVA times to OVA and means that in a specialty practice you may only need 25 new patients a month. Now you’ve gotta be able to deliver a specialty service and you’ve gotta be able to charge this fee and say it with a straight face. But it also means you only need half as many new patients in order to get there. Now let’s take a look at the third possibility.

And this is the doctor that uses the high volume method of building a $100,000 a month practice. This doctor might charge only $50 a visit. This doctor might have people coming in twice as often coming in about 50 times. So that a typical patient generates about $2,500. That’s PVA times ova. So if your case average is 2,500, then you only need 40 new patients a month in order to be able to create this, uh, this level of practice. Now the truth of the matter is most doctors are not going to be purely any of these three. You’re going to be exactly the way you are and you’re gonna have to learn how to manage your statistics so that you figure out how you need to get to a $100,000 a month if that’s important to you. Now the principles hold, even if your target is 50,000 a month or 40,000 a month or $10,000 a month, the principles are the same.

Your number of new patients times your PVA, times your OVA tells you what your income is. So what’s important about this is wherever you are, no matter what your current level of any of those three, uh, three elements are, you can find a way to grow your practice. And in fact, that’s the reason why we develop the Practice Growth Calculator. The Practice Growth Calculator is your way to be able to figure out what these numbers are and interpret them amazingly. You also have access to Dr. Bob Hoffman and myself. Once you fill out this Practice Growth Calculator, we’ll be glad to get on the phone with you for a half an hour or so, explain the findings and show you exactly where you need to put your attention in order to be able to grow your practice to the level you want to grow it to.

It doesn’t have to be a $100,000. Whatever you’re aiming at, it’s gonna be worth it for you to do. So this Practice Growth calculator, let’s have that slide one more time. Um, use this QR code to take you right to the calculator. You’ll be asked to fill out four very simple questions on the order of magnitude of how many days a week do you work and how many people do you see a day. I mean, very simple stuff that you already know. Nothing you even have to look up. And what’ll happen as a result of this is by feeding these numbers into the Practice Growth Calculator, it’ll give you back a readout that shows you exactly where you are in PVA, OVA, new patients, etc. Now you can first take the Practice Growth Calculator and put it to work for you. Cause if you wanna grow your practice, then you can experiment with what would it be like if I saw 10 more new patients a month, or what would it be be like if I added 10 visits to my PVA or what would it be like if I added $20 to my ova?

You can figure this all out. So instead of poking around trying to trust the luck, you can use the Science of Practice Growth and Practice Management to be able to help you understand these statistics. And Bob and I will be there to help you just in case you need that kind of support. This is the way we as a profession need to work together. The public is desperate for what we have to offer and we have such an amazing opportunity to be able to influence people and also make a crazy amount of money. There’s no reason on Earth that we shouldn’t be doing this on a regular basis. So I urge you to connect. I urge you to use the Practice Growth Calculator. I urge you to contact The Masters Circle Global if you have questions about this because we are here to serve you and we’re gonna do everything we possibly can to move you and our profession forward a $100,000 a month. It’s not as crazy as it seems. There’s all different ways to get there and we can help. Thank you so much for watching. This is Dr. Dennis Perman from The Masters Circle Global signing off for Thrive in Five. Thank You.


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