Chiropractic Practice: What to Ask Yourself if You Are Not Collecting 100K a Month

Chiropractic Practice: What to Ask Yourself if You Are Not Collecting 100K a Month

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Chiropractic Practice: What to Ask Yourself if You Are Not Collecting 100K a Month

Welcome to this Week’s Thrive in Five. I’m Dr. Bob Hoffman for The Masters Circle Global where legends are made and legendary practices are built through chiropractic coaching. Today I wanna discuss the number one thing you should ask yourself if you’re not collecting a $100,000 or more each and every month. So many of our coaching clients collect a $100,000 or more each month, and you can do that as well. First, we must recognize that people are far sicker today than ever before. Their stress level is off the charts. Mental health and neurological problems and neurological diseases are plaguing most everyone. Anxiety, depression, autoimmune, insomnia, exhaustion, digestive issues, compromised immunity, panic attacks, food sensitivity, and the list just goes on and on. Here is the bottom line. People and patients need you more than ever, and these same people need to be monitored and managed for the rest of their lives.

You must get that there has never been a better time to be a chiropractor and making a $100,000 or more month after month is easier and more common than ever before. There’s one critical question you must ask yourself, but first, let’s look at some of the things that likely have blocked your ability to grow and expand your practice, your income, and your impact. The biggest issue is the failure to adapt to an ever changing world. The odds are you’re still recommending the same schedule of visits to a much, much sicker population. You’re still charging a low fee because of your own insecurities, and you’re still failing at properly educating and engaging your patients to choose care, to start care, and to continue with care. Perhaps you’re not earning a $100,000 a month if you failed to adapt or even understand what it takes to attract enough new patients or your patient retention and compliance is limited and weak and ineffective, or that you don’t know what it takes to charge a professional fee and how to properly collect it.

Maybe what’s blocking you is just not being very good at communication, persuasion, and influence. Perhaps you still think that because your mouth is moving that you’re communicating, but I can assure you that’s not enough to consistently influence the other person in any and all of your conversations. Maybe your practice has way too many points of friction blocking your success or not enough capacity to take on more patience, more visits, and provide more services. Or maybe you just move too slow to expand. Perhaps it’s your limiting beliefs in your mindset that has interfered and blocked your success. I can assure you though, that practices have never been easy and never been easier to serve as many patients as you want, and as a result, make as much money as you can imagine. So here is the one question you must ask yourself. Can you consistently collect a hundred thousand dollars or more each and every month without expert help?

For the overwhelming majority of you, the answer is a resounding no. And I could be confident in responding and saying that the answer is no. Because if you knew how to consistently collect a $100,000 or more month after month, the odds are you probably would’ve done it. So if increasing your impact and your income is important to you, or if learning what the top achievers and the top earners in our profession do and what they have in common, please stay with me and stay laser focused. What is best in class? How should you adapt to an ever changing time? How do you become more persuasive? Where are your points of friction and how do you eliminate them? What’s the mindset you must have if you really want to grow? It comes from someone with a track record of helping many others just like you reach that a 100K level and above.

And this is what expert coaching, mentoring, and having a chief operating office or can do for any practice, regardless of you’re barely getting by or seeing hundreds of visits a day. Expert Chiropractic Coaching focuses you on what is the best and the easiest way to get from where you are at this moment to where you want your practice to be. It locates and customizes the fastest and the easiest path, the growth and expansion for you, and it removes and corrects the subluxation in your thinking. And this is why The Masters Circle Global has such an amazing and time tested track record of rapidly growing any type of chiropractic practice, run by any type of personality, regardless of the doctor’s philosophy or clinical skill or business skill or even location. If you would love to collect a $100,000 or more month after month, then tap into The Practice Growth Calculator yourself today to discover how easy it is to significantly grow your practice.

All you need to do is answer four simple questions and then schedule your private consultation. Have a review of what the calculator results reveal about you and your practice. If you haven’t completed the calculator, please do so today, and if you’ve completed it but haven’t scheduled your private consult, well that’s a must and get that schedule today. It’s at the private consultation where the true magic will happen right now on your screen as a QR code. So please take out your phone right now, take out the camera, aim it at that QR code. Go ahead. You could do it. It will take you directly to The Practice Growth Calculator, and once you an answer four simple questions and complete it as a gift, we will send you a brand new 40 page journal with some of our newest distinctions, our newest book, and we want you to learn how to connect with patients better. We want you to understand what it takes to get inside the head of the decision maker to start care, to continue care, and to refer others. We’ll be back next week with another Thrive in Five just for you.


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