SuperConference 2018- Own The Future!

Video recordings of some of the profession’s key leaders teaching the latest cutting edge material will leave you feeling like you truly have the power to make a difference in your patients’ lives.

  • Dr. Bob Hoffman-Changing the Conversation … Again!
  • Dr. Patrick Porter-Heart Rate Variability and Chiropractic Miracles
  • Dr. Krista Burns-Healing the Posture-Brain Axis
  • Dr. Dennis Perman-Owning Brain-Based Prosperity-How to Grow a Brain-Based Wellness Practice
  • Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer-Practical Breathwork: Self Healing, Self Mastery and Self Discovery
  • Dr. Guy Riekeman-How Agile are Your Neurons? The Vitalistic Vision That Empowers Us
  • Dr. Howard Cohn-Understanding, Identifying and Correcting The Emotional Subluxation
  • Dr. Dennis Perman-Owning Your Cultural Authority-The Ethics of Brain-Based Wellness
  • Inside The Masters Studio-Brain-Based Case Studies
  • Dr. Ryan Cedermark-Executive Brain Performance
  • Dr. Bob Hoffman– Taking You and Chiropractic Higher