The Brain-Based Wellness Revolution- Twelve Experts Share How to Change The Conversation

The Best of Brain-Based Wellness – For the last nine years, a movement has been growing and developing in chiropractic – the Brain-Based Wellness Revolution


Hear twelve of our profession’s thought leaders offer their visionary perspective on the role of chiropractic care in relieving brain stress and promoting Brain-Based Wellness. Trace the evolution of this vital message from 2009 to date.

  • Joe Dispenza – “The Neurobiology of Change” 2009
  • Dan Murphy – “The Effect of Sustained Sympathetic Tone” 2010
  • Richard Barwell – “Neurologically Based Chiropractic” 2010
  • Dick Versendaal – “Where Inspirations Come From” 2011
  • Rob Melillo – “The Neurology of Change“ 2014
  • Rob Demartino – “The Neuro-Metabolic Cascade” 2014
  • Dennis Perman – “Speaking the Language of Brain-Based Wellness” 2014
  • Patrick Porter – “The Power of Brain Wave Entrainment“ 2015
  • George Gonzales – “How To Activate Innate’s Healing Power” 2016
  • Heidi Haavik – “Adjusting the Spine Changes Brain Function” 2016
  • Bob Hoffman – “The Magic of Brain-Based Wellness” 2016
  • Carolyn McMakin – “The Resonance Effect” 2017 SuperConference


Nowhere else will you find a compendium of Brain-Based Wellness like this – listen, learn and enjoy.