This program is all about changing, improving and upgrading the chiropractic story. It is about Brain Based Chiropractic …The New Gold Standard for our profession’s growth and success.

Here is a list of everything you will find in the Practice Transformation Boot Camp:

1. 10 hour-long video interviews with doctors of chiropractic currently in practice, sharing their secrets about this new practice model that is less stressful, more fulfilling and

2. Transcripts of each interview – allowing you the freedom to access the content from the interviews at any given moment.

3. 30 shocking articles discussing brain function and stress that will make your confidence, certainty and communication unshakeable and world class.

4. Hundreds of pages of transcripts, notes, forms and surveys that have been used and tested in successful Brain Based Wellness practices. These forms will make your new practice super easy
to transform and implement.

5. A 260-page e-book – “Awaken Your Flourishing Brain,” for you to learn how to reboot your brain and live your best life now.

6. Four hand selected videos from the most sought after experts and speakers in the Brain Based Wellness movement!

7. The New Chiropractic Manifesto Boot Camp – Featuring 8 of the most distinguished neurologically based chiropractors, these 10 modules explore how to overcome sympathetic survival syndrome
as well as how to stimulate the parasympathetics to drive healing through chiropractic adjustments to create a new gold standard for practice.

8. The New Rules of Chiropractic Mastery – This 9-hour library covers the brain based wellness questions to ask new patients to shift the trajectory of this new relationship, how to master
the day one exam for superior conversion and compliance, the day two report of findings, the essential keys to PVA mastery, understanding the secrets of certainty, brain wellness
communication that truly moves people, how to create endless new patients, the new rules for re-exams, the new rules of profitability along with specific action steps to create your ideal

9. The Reinvention of Chiropractic Practice – This 9-hour training program is designed to help expand your skill set on mastering communication, significantly improving new patient
conversion, taking your patient compliance to all-time highs and discussing patient finances in a way that will generate rapid and sustainable growth.

10.Three personal one-on-one coaching calls to help you implement and succeed with your practice transformation. Dr. Bob Hoffman will personally guide you to successfully implement each
step to ultra-success.

You receive 14 hours of video training and an additional 28 hours of audio training along with everything else including 90 minutes of personal coaching to ensure a smooth, easy and effective transformation in your thinking and in your practice.